The Walking Dead, What Lies Ahead

So last night was the premier of Season 4 of The Walking Dead… and I have to say… for a premier, it was a good episode BUT kind of felt like filler, except for a few key points, that I’ll address in this blog.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1: 30 Days Without an Accident

But first here’s part of why it felt like filler:

Walking-Dead-Daryl-Merle-DixonThere was actually very little excitement. The most exciting part of the episode at the “Big Spot!”, which I’ll admit elicited some gasps and exclamations of surprise at our TWD viewing party, in retrospect felt kind of underwhelming, as at no point was I worried about any main characters dying. Not to mention the episode opening with Carl naming the pig just felt slow. Though it was actually kind of cute.. Carl-Ages-By-Seasondespite the fact that I feel like he’s growing up right before our eyes… I mean look at how he’s progressed from Seasons 1-4 … though I guess if nothing but growing veggies and repaired relationships have occurred, then why waste screen time on it. And even Hershel teased Rick that The Council (can’t wait to learn more about them!) was making jokes about him behaving like a farmer. Also as a side note, I’m once again perfectly fine with the fact that they’ve jumped (as the EP Scott Gimple on Talking Dead pointed out) about 6-7 months in the future, because it would feel silly to make it seem like only about a month had passed and Chandler Riggs had gotten older, as show above.

The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCSpeaking of character growth and development… I’m pretty much in what I’ll refer to as “Beth-Mode”, and by this, I mean I’m not getting attached to any new characters. Beth’s reaction to what’s-his-name’s demise on a run was pretty typical, she wasn’t even that emotional when he left. I suspect Daryl is more her type, especially after that hug, but who can blame her, he’s the-walking-dead-glenn-maggiekind of a leader now, and he’s one of the few people in her short life who has lasted. I think it’s sad that Beth like Carl is adapting to this new world in a cold way, and I think it will definitely bring about some tension between her and Maggie. This is important considering the fact that Maggie wants some level of living, not just “breathing” to be a part of their lives, even if it means bringing a child into this world, instead of spending all of their time in fear, which is, at least in part how Beth is living. It’s a practical, yet fear driven outlook to not get attached to people that may not be there tomorrow.


Now on to those characters that we may not see much of, and let’s face it tonight’s casualties won’t be the only ones, during the Season 3 finale, as I saw the Woodbury folks arriving, all I could think was “gee, there’s a bunch of walker food”.

tyrese-the-walking-dead-539x720Anyway, Tyrese’s group will be around for awhile, and while I may sound merciless, I’m totally fine to have one of them go, instead of one of our favorites, but if the writers could weave Hershel in and Dale out as well as they did, and as Beth and Maggie look to be taking on some of the female drama story lines that were once reserved for Michonne and Andrea (shutting down vs. holding out hope for a better life) , well I suppose the writers would be able to work in Tyrese’s group. Though Tyrese complaining about the tasks that have to be done was disappointing, and I look forward to what Executive Producer Scott Gimple pofepbb0o4said about this season, it will have a lot to do with children, adults, and what it means to “grow up”… oh and in case you’re wondering, growing up in a zombie apocalypse DEFINITELY means providing BOTH story time, AND Weaponry 101!

SweetWater-Walking-Dead-Season-4I am a bit interested in the army medic who seems, based on his actions with the wine, to be a recovering alcoholic, and I applaud his action at putting the wine back… after all how could he know after crashing the shelf the roof would cave and it’d start raining men?!?! I figured though that when we saw him make that hard choice with the alcohol that we’d get more information on him… which means that he wouldn’t be going anywhere for awhile.

Episode-4-Amy-Walker-2-350I’m not trying to sound like a know-it-all, but to be completely honest the last time I remember being completely shocked that a character died, it was Amy, Andrea’s sister all the way back in season one, other deaths were sad or perhaps unexpected, but none caught me so off guard as that first one.

walking-dead-season-4-vincent-martellaI was a bit surprised though by the village nerd dying the way that he did, and I was a bit offended… they finally get someone on the show that likely would have attended SDCC, and he only lasts one episode… Though, I guess if the did away with BOTH the strapping young lad all ready to take on the world and go on supply runs AND the nerd… well I guess I shouldn’t be too offended… plus it looks like we’re going to get a revenge of the nerds as soon as the next episode opens… which probably also means that … (Skip Past Spoiler Warning at the bottom to finish section)

What’s also something to ponder is what made him sick… was it a scratch from a walker, or maybe something in the water supply, Violet the pig also got sick and died and the camera focused quite deliberately on the shower faucet.

walking-dead-season-4Now the sections of the episode with sweet Clara in the woods (thank goodness Hershel told Rick to take his gun!)… that’s where the episode felt like filler BUT as I put down my thoughts I do think about the fact that all stories have to start somewhere, and if the pointless stuff (like growing veggies and feeding pigs) is left out then the better for watching.This episode showed us where our characters were at and Rick’s experience with Clara (who, I’ll admit, I went back and forth the whole time trying to figure her out.. half of me kept thinking “No Rick, don’t trust her!” and the other half kept thinking “Aww this poor lady”) was definitely a catalyst and brought s to the surface the question of can you come back from the person you’ve had to become to survive in this world? Again I think of the kids, who may never come back, simply because this is the only life they’ve known. I also think of Rick’s three questions, “How many walkers have you killed”, “How many people have you killed?” and the 3rd, which mattered most “Why?”, after all it doesn’t even take a zombie apocalypse to draw a line between murder and self defense, it’s just all the more of a pressing issue.

So, after putting down all my thoughts, I take it back (but I won’t delete my previous notions.. because this, like surviving, is a process) this episode wasn’t filler. It gave us all the information we needed, slow though it may have seemed, and it pointed us towards what ever may lie ahead, and I can’t wait to watch it.

Thanks for reading, happy watching, and leave a comment about how you felt about the episode!


SPOILERS from the Talking Dead Sneak Peak

We will probably, for a while NOT find out who’s feeding rats to the walkers at the gates, or it may be that we the viewers find out, but our survivors won’t learn about it for a bit, because they’ll be too distracted by the walkers in the cell block. My money is on one of the adorable twerps that thought naming walkers was a good idea… ugh kids these days.



Sweet Dreams, Sleepy Hollow S1e3

Sweet Dreams:

So originally I was going to treat this blog as a place for recaps, but more and more, friends and other bloggers have encouraged me to take a more subjective approach to my blogs as most people that are coming across them will have likely seen the episode I’m reviewing, so in a step further in that direction, here’s my (late) review of last week’s Sleepy Hollow (review of ep 4 to be up tomorrow).

Sleepy Hollow: S1e3 The Triumph of Evil

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E03_For_the_Triumph_of_Evil_720p_SCREENCAPS_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1107So this episode further cemented the monster-of-the-week format that several fans were expecting, and while in my last blog I wrote about the fact that I think they tried to offer too much exposition regarding the overall direction of the show (see blogs on episode 1 and episode 2) but I always give a show some latitude when it’s getting it’s start and so did FOX apparently as they already greenlit a second season.

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E03_For_the_Triumph_of_Evil_720p_SCREENCAPS_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1134My gut reaction to this past week’s episode is I appreciate how they balanced political correctness, history, and humor when it came to the native American aspect, much in the same way that I think they handled the fact that Ichabod was understandably surprised by black (am I allowed to say black on my own blog?) woman in a position of authority.  Anyway the point being, Ichabod’s experience as a man out of time is still tons of fun, even if it feels like his presence at this point is to be a walking encyclopedia.

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E03_For_the_Triumph_of_Evil_720p_SCREENCAPS_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1385What I felt like wasn’t handled well though was the skin shown… now don’t get me wrong I’m not squeamish about violence or nudity, if it serves a purpose in a show, however I feel like Sleepy Hollow was just going for the “flesh factor” when Ichabod and Abbie had to be stung by the scorpions to be able to control what occurred as they were dreaming, ( I know most people are just complaining that scorpion venom can’t help someone control their dreams, and it’s illogical and all… but it’s a supernatural show, I can suspend disbelief for scorpion venom= dream control) anyway, the point it, showing the skin was pointless, they could have just rolled up their shirts and still been stung on the belly button.

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E03_For_the_Triumph_of_Evil_720p_SCREENCAPS_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0799I also appreciated the scare factor of the monster, The Sandman, and how they presented him/it, and the concept of guilt and how the theme of the episode pushed forward the need for action, and transparency from the characters, but again it makes me wonder, are they doing too much too soon? At first I thought so, and I might have liked it if the sandman stuck around for a couple of episodes, maybe that makes me seem a bit merciless in regards to minor characters dying (thought the direction towards death could be something that was intensified over time), Sleepy_Hollow_S01E03_For_the_Triumph_of_Evil_720p_SCREENCAPS_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0193but that sandy eye thing, was pretty creepy,I definitely jumped when it happened (and I LOVE that the show brings the *jump* factor… in ways that American Horror Story sadly did not last season). But hey if they can keep coming up with new takes on creepy monsters then hey bring them on!

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E03_For_the_Triumph_of_Evil_720p_SCREENCAPS_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1629I guess my main complaint is things seem too easy for Abbie and Ichabod to keep solving things, I kept thinking back to other shows with a Supernatural element… like Supernatural, and Buffy before it. But then I remembered Buffy always had Giles, and what Giles didn’t know Willow could research, and she’d get help from Spike too as needed. And when we look at Sam and Dean (who if they watched this show would probably get in the impala, and handle everything in Sleepy Hollow… without turning it into a crater… the way Sunnydale ended up) they always had their father’s journal to refer to for anything they weren’t already experienced in, and later would go to, if not travel with Bobby.

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E03_For_the_Triumph_of_Evil_720p_SCREENCAPS_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1074I think again I ponder the balance that they’re trying to strike between the story arc and the weekly episodes, maybe I’m expecting too much. And as I’ve said in the previous two posts, just watching Ichabod adapt (to even red bull) is entertaining, and it will keep me watching the show, but will that wear thin after a while? I mean he can only be astonished by various foods, and confused by buttons for so long, especially because he’s written as an intelligent character (his dialogue alone is still a big reason while I’m watching).

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E03_For_the_Triumph_of_Evil_720p_SCREENCAPS_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0809The story arc I am primarily interested in though is between Abbie and her sister, because while a show can certainly begin with a concept in mind, if it doesn’t have quality characters and somewhere to take them developmentally then you don’t really have a quality show. And to that end it also makes me wonder what others are looking for this show, considering Den of Geek’s reviewer that posted the review for ep 3 referred to the episode as filler, which I actually disagree with. I think the only filler in this ep was spending any times on Abbie’s ex and the pranks he pulls.

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E03_For_the_Triumph_of_Evil_720p_SCREENCAPS_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0500You see Abbie’s sister, isn’t just on the run, which will definitely create conflict and a short story arc, she’s a true believer like Ichabod with no reservations, and while that can produce quality conflict between her and Abbie, in 3 episodes we’ve already gotten Abbie to believe in herself and begin (through that belief) trusting her now missing sister, Sleepy_Hollow_S01E03_For_the_Triumph_of_Evil_720p_SCREENCAPS_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0642so when she finds her there will be little conflict left, unless Abbie backtracks again, which would just feel like a poor direction to take the character in. Granted they will have their trust issues based on what we learned this episode, but it was character development and information worth learning.

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E03_For_the_Triumph_of_Evil_720p_SCREENCAPS_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1662Now by the end of the episode, by having Captain Irving more on board and by making Crane and Mills a more official team, it did two things, one it eliminated the story arc going in most directions for Mills and Crane to keep what they investigate and the way they investigate things as secretive, and two, it also opened things up perhaps (if you know they save the world) to begin moving out of Sleepy Hollow as time goes on. Fringe ended up not staying in the same region… heck it didn’t even stay in the same universe.

So I look forward to seeing this show develop as it can, I just hope the writers don’t write themselves into a box by running through monsters too quickly and too easily before the apocalypse has to be fought and is over with.

Thanks for reading, on to ep 4! 🙂

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. take your own advice

everyeyeNow I was apprehensive to start Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a few reasons, one is I spend WAY too much time watching TV as it is, and adding another show that I wasn’t super stoked about just didn’t feel worth it, which may be shocking to some considering I’m a MARVEL fan (there may in fact be pictures of me in Ms. Marvel cosplay…). One main reason is after the first episode aired I got a lot of negative comments, with one friend and fellow blogger referring to it as “a trainwreck” and I said to him, (in so many words) surely it can’t be that bad… right?!?! Well I watched the first two episodes (I give any new show up to 3 to grab my attention, and have yet to watch the 3rd) and I have to say to my friend, and to others out there that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is in a “position to do some good” and “your frown will be on record”. However if ABC, MARVEL, and/or the show runners don’t take their viewers seriously, and learn to address their concerns, in the same way that these new different characters have to learn to get along, .. well new shows know no Fury (see what I did there.. if not you will) like that of scorned fans, and the stakes for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. were pretty high, but lets take a look at the complaints and how they stack up against those first two episodes, and characters.

entertainment-weekly-joss-whedon-shieldProbably the biggest complaint is that people saw Joss Whedon’s name and photo splashed all over the place, and didn’t look any further, and it was in fact his brother Jed Whedon really running things. Now for me (at least in the pilot… though Joss wrote it…) I really don’t mind that much with the exception that I think it was a poor marketing strategy in the long run. Most MARVEL fans didn’t see Avengers because Whedon was on board, I found it extra thrilling that he was, but I’d enjoyed the other MARVEL flicks, and I feel like I could dedicate a whole blog just praising their long term game plan, any way, samuelljacksonI think they over hyped Whedon, only to let viewers down, it’s a stunt viewers don’t easily forgive, and it’s not one that can be fixed by an appearance of Samuel L. Jackson. Therefore any drop in ratings tied to an expectation like that not being met, is their own fault.

Also in the realm of expectations not being met, one of the loudest complaints I’d heard when it came to this is the fact that the only other adaptation to so recklessly abandon source material was World War Z – which is peachy actually, if you went into the film already knowing the only bit of the source material really left (of what I considered a dang fine book by Max Brooks) was the title… and it seems we have something of the same thing going on here.

Now creating completely new characters and story lines though, is both good and bad. It’s good in that it leaves bigger and better characters (*cough* Carol Danvers *cough*) for the big screen, and it immediately gives ABC and MARVEL an opportunity for less criticism, instead of fans nitpicking about character details their complaint is simple: new characters, it simplifies the range of disappointment. It’s basically the same kind of thing ABC already did with Disney characters through Once Upon A Time. 2shield13When it comes to Coulson, I think it’s fine that they’re giving him some kind of back story, as long as it keeps making sense.

shield_1-2Regarding new characters specifically, I really don’t have any main complaints YET, I mean I’m not really attached to the new characters but that’s part of what they’re getting an opportunity to build. Also, let’s not forget as annoying as Fitzsimmons is/are, the fact that they were taking a selfie on the steps of an Incan pyramid that S.H.I.E.L.D. isn’t ever officially at, is definitely adorable.tumblr_mu1h66qL1z1qms9jto1_500









I loved this scene btw, there was something that reminded me of Mal Reynolds when Coulson gave WARD, not Skye the truth serum

Maybe the writers and the viewers just got off on the wrong foot. I think a lot of them were expecting awesome when awesome wasn’t really an option. Don’t get me wrong, as soon as I heard that there was going to be a show from Marvel coming called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I was stoked, but I never said “SQUEE!”… at least I don’t think I did, and if I did it was short lived. I think that this is because as much of MARVEL fan that I am I’m primarily a TV fan… a fairly devout TV fan at that, and I know that if someone had told me that Game of Thrones, or Darkly Dreaming Dexter was going to be done on network TV, and on ABC at that I would have rolled my eyes… and probably whined about it with the same gripiness as my reaction to Affleck being cast as Batman (but I digress) the point is as soon as I had some details about the show, the material, the actual show runners and the network Screen-Shot-2013-10-02-at-1.31.36-PMI felt like I knew what I was getting, and thus, no disappointment. I mean if other shows tried something like this that makes me (someone who honestly knows little about physics), question the physics of something, I’d likely ask someone on a message board if this were possible, 102ebut this is a show set in a comic book environment, so in addition to believing in weird tesserect-ish technology, emergency rafts can keep a plane from crashing in my book.

it_s_a_magical_place__by_engelha5t-d6nxhpiYou see by the end of the second episode, I’m actually hoping for a magical place… and by that I mean an excellent story arc for Coulson and less of Lola… or at least less of Lola flying… though hey, I guess with Lola the flying car they did keep more of the source material than just the title.SHIELD Lola

Anyway, it means with the mystery surrounding Coulson, and the fact that Skye is currently trying position herself on the most convenient side of the fence, “I’m in”. And that’s all a show really needs to do by episode two, so good for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I’ll be tuning in at least as long at they meet my expectations.

On to episode three, thanks for reading, happy watching and as always feel free to comment below!

My thoughts on Felina

So it was with some deep breaths, and a few tears that I was able to get down my recap for the finale of Breaking Bad, somehow putting certain scenes down in words brought emotions that hadn’t surfaced as I watched the first or second time. A fellow blogger and podcaster recommended that I put down my commentary as well, so here it is, along with an analysis of the title, which the recap got too long for.

So starting with the title, there’d been four main theories about the meaning listed in the International Business Times. Though one wasn’t so much a theory as a reflection on Vince GIlligan’s “clue” about “woodworking” (which I’ll address below). Of the three name related theories one was spot on, one was a bit of a leap, and the other was a bit of both.

breaking-bad-felina-song-300x225The theory which was spot on was the character Felina, in the Marty Robbin’s song “El Paso”, as the article referenced above explains the tragic character of the song falls  in love with Felina, kills her lover, flees to New Mexico, then (as the song played when Walt started the Volvo he stole) has to go back because “maybe tomorrow a bullet will find me but tonight there’s nothing worse than the pain in my heart”. The song’s anti-hero dies of a gunshot wound to his side, in the arms of his beloved Felina. The Marty Robbins cassette case, as well as the song playing in the episode confirm the connection to the title, and the song’s foreshadowing.

Now of the other two theories I think they still deserve a mention, and you’ll see why. The “bit of both” theory ties into the fact that (again credit to the article above) “Felina is a homonym for “Felinae,” the scientific classification for small cats, and Schrodinger’s is the most scientific famous feline of all”. Now his experiment was actually geared to discredit Heisenberg’s theory of physics, and (without going into an explanation of cat/box theory) his goal was to prove that while the cat in theory could be both dead and alive, it can’t really be both.  bbf4And the thoughts on this episode were that Walt could not be BOTH the family man AND Heisenberg simultaneously.  I think that by the end of the episode though, he was a bit of both, he protected, and provided for his family in ways only Heisenberg could.

LLOn to the last theory, which was a stretch but feels oddly coincidental, which is the “Blood, Meth and Tears” theory, which this show has been about. Now, the hole in the blood meth and tears as listed in the article is that Walt didn’t use the lithium methods, because of how volatile they are, but he himself was always volatile, so in a way it still fits.

I also brought up these theories as a reminder of the kind of intelligent show, for intelligent viewers that BrBa always was.  The types of fans that loved Breaking Bad are the types of people who want to seek answers instead of being spoon fed, and they appreciate a show that has a sense of mutual high expectations, as though there’s a kind of relationship between the fans and the writers, because the writers understand the trust that the fans have in them.

Now on to the episode itself.  While some complained that it tied things up TOO well (guess you can’t please everyone *sigh*), and some felt this and the previous episode, Granite State had too little action compared to Ozymandias it felt in my opinion that Granite State set everything up for this to be all about closure and tying things up.  Walter White’s story has always had a beginning middle and an end, and ends (generally) tie things up, and while this finale will be compared to other finales (like Dexter, The Sopranos and LOST) it’s goal and challenge were for things to be finished, and complete, it surpassed that challenge and neatly met its goal, and here’s how:

This finale really felt like, after two viewings and what I feel is a quality recap (see link at top of blog) while Vince Gilligan (and I’m sure everyone in the writers room) didn’t waste time on minutia, they really left no stone unturned in terms on making sure that things were wrapped up, and not only did they focus on the things that needed to be said, but on things that didn’t need to be said, letting the cameras, and the actors take care of some heavy lifting. This is not to say by the way that the writers weren’t awesome, because believe me as I reviewed some thoughts, I was literally in awe at what they (and everyone on the show) produced.

The first example (and these are in no particular order) is when Walt visited Skyler, and then left. The dialogue was simple, and honest, just like the characters at this point. Walter finally owning up to the reasons for everything when he says “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And, I was really… I was alive” wasn’t just beautiful for Walt and Skyler, but it ties into the very end scene. 516-bb-5-weliruwe59823oigu2e4981w-rfu2eitweoityowityweoitryeoityrpWhen Walt then left, the cinematography was so perfect. In the room Walt was casting a shadow on Skyer, as he turned to face her for that last look, he was completely in shadow while she still had some light shining, and as he left, he took his shadow with him.

felina-1-300x200Regarding Gretchen and Elliot, I found it amazing that even though he was threatening, manipulative, and was crystal clear on how the money his family would get would be through what he earned, and not them, Walt still had to end up including and getting help from the people he literally said “F#ck you” to,  in season one, and if he’d accepted their help, none of this would have transpired.

Walt Gun FinaleAnother moment in this episode that seemed to remind of us of earlier, simpler times, was when Walt was in the desert building the robot that would operate the gun at the compound.  It reminded me of “4 Days Out” in season 2, and Walt had to use his knowledge to get he and Jesse home. I wish that Jesse had been there to cheer him on, and I felt his absence.  It was also a reminder of how Walt could have done anything he wanted to with his talent. This of course ties back to Gray Matter.  We may have never gotten the full story on why Walt left the company, but he was a Nobel prize recipient, he could have done anything, but he became a bitter and underrated high school chemistry teacher.  His cancer was unfortunate, and may have been a catalyst, but he made several choices in his life that made cooking meth and running an empire the things that made him feel “alive”.

jesseboxMoving on to Jesse, and woodworking (which connected back to one of his times in his support group, where he talked about loving his time in shop class and building a box which he sold for weed). We know that he was day dreaming, which was a form of delusion. It’s only through delusions that Walt and Jesse were able to go through what they did. Walt’s delusion was that he did everything for his own family, while Jesse simply wanted to lose himself.

breaking-bad-finale-02The only other brief time we see Jesse in this episode (which I wish we had more, but as integral as he was, this is Walt’s story, so I’m ok with it) is at the compound, beginning when he and Walt make eye contact. I think that here Jesse is first thinking that Walt is the cause of all his suffering, but seeing some level of sorrow in Walt’s face, Jesse seems, in my opinion, to soften, knowing that Walt never would have treated him like this (Walt never would have beaten him, and while he wasn’t beyond poisoning Brock, he wouldn’t have killed him or Andrea).

ustv-breaking-bad-s05-e16-finale-25However, while each Jesse and Walt suffered from their own delusions, and blamed each other for various sufferings, one theme of this episode that reinforced the overall sense of closure is that each character’s consequences were due to their own actions. Take for example Todd and Lydia.  For Todd he was strangled by his prisoner’s own chains. It took the second watch for me to pick up on that look on Jesse’s face as he looks over at Todd, before lunging at him to recognize that his excitement wasn’t for his freedom, it was for sweet revenge, and I won’t lie I loved it.

516-21-23oigwyepor834-5983y0t9273402etweotiuwdprou3ry7t2e5-3ertFor Lydia, her need to control, specifically regarding how schedule oriented she is, is what brought about her downfall. Also I loved the camera shot of Lydia putting the stevia in her tea, and then the confirmation from Walt, along with her being shown as suffering the poison’s effects.  I’ve lost count of the people I’ve had to correct about minor details on shows (I may be a tad obsessive), but here I’ll never have to debate with anyone who Walt used the ricin on, if they ingested it, or if affected them, it was Lydia, and it’s killed her.









516-13-welkwyew59183towdit2-348h3469wer85e2pigoy43-508we6ter6The only main character who was an innocent victim in this whole mess was Marie. She may not have been perfect, in fact she may have been a bit OCD, a kleptomaniac, and she may have liked purple a bit too much, but even as Hank could have asked for help pre-Ozymandias, she never hurt anyone in all this, and her whole world crashed down around her.  It reminded me of the other innocent victims who probably won’t be thought of much, like Lydia’s daughter and Brock.

imagesFinally, looking at this finale there was something so sweet at seeing Walt, reflected in his work, as he walked through the lab before dying. He’s in that place that made him feel so “alive”, it took the threat of death to begin the process that took him there, and I’m reminded of a quote (don’t recall who said it) “People live two lives, and the second begins, when we realize that there’s only one.” This in a lot of ways summed up this finale, and the show overall for me.

index1On a lighter note, because I’d mentioned that this finale would be compared to others, LOST is perhaps my favorite show of all time, and while this may be a bit punny, just like Jack, Walt dies with a lab.


So thank you everyone that made Breaking Bad the amazing show it was… I’ll say no thanks though, because along with Walt, my hopes for another show living up to my expectations for quite a while, died at the end of this finale.



Breaking Bad, The Finale

Hi readers,

So here’s my recap of the finale, I’ll also be doing one last blog on BrBa to wrap up my final thoughts on the series, because let’s face it, it was an amazing series, and last night was a quality finale.

So, without further rambling, here’s the recap.

Breaking Bad, Season 5 Episode 16: Felina.

breaking-bad-felina-song-300x225The episode opened with Walt getting into an old Volvo. He sets down the box of money he’d intended to send to Jr.  He realizes there aren’t keys in the ignition, as he begins to search the glove compartment he tosses out a Marty Robbins cassette tape case. Now to digress for a moment, there was a great deal of speculation regarding the title, so the tape will be addressed at the bottom of this blog. As he finds a screwdriver he tries to start the car with it, and then, reflected in the frosted windshield and in Walter’s glasses we see the the lights of a police car, alternating through red and blue.  Walt freezes, not moving, he looks up saying “just get me home, just get me home”. The lights pass, and as he continues looking up he uses the screwdriver to lower the visor, and providentially, down falls the key to the Volvo.

breaking-bad-finale-walter-bryan-cranstonWe catch up with him after the commercial break stopping for gas.  He then uses a payphone calling as if he’s from the New York Times, he’s apparently getting a fix on where Gretchen and Elliot Swartz are, and when they’ll be home from their appearance on the Charlie Rose show in the previous episode. To be completely honest, I was stunned he was even that interested in the Swartz’s, and was certain his plan was to eliminate them.

imagesdoorWe then see the Swartz’s returning home, talking as they walk in their front door.  They don’t notice Walt sitting on a bench in a shadow.  They walk into the house and Gretchen turns off the alarm.  At this point Walt gets up, closes their outer doors, and walks right into their front door. His very calm and collected demeanor as he walks through their front hall observing their home, as we hear Elliot and Gretchen’s voices echo (highlighting their luxurious and expansive home), is unnerving, especially as one of the camera angles is of Walt around the corner from Gretchen and Elliott in their kitchen, still completely oblivious.

article-2438422-18638E6A00000578-988_634x497Gretchen steps into the living room to turn on the fireplace, and as she turns to go back she sees Walt and lets out a small scream. Walt (still on a level of Gus Fring calmness) says: “Hello Gretchen, Elliot, I really like your new house”. Gretchen asks what he’s doing there he asks them to go down to his car with him (as he couldn’t bring it in through their gate, again highlighting their privilege and distance). Elliot holds a paring knife, standing between Walt and Gretchen.  Walt just sighs and (almost channeling Mike) says: “Elliot, if we’re gonna go that way, you’ll need a bigger knife”.

felina-1-300x200When we see them back in the house they’re piling up the remainder of Walt’s money, which comes to 9,720,000.00. He tells them that it’s all to go to his son, in the form of a trust when he turns 18.  They ask him why they would instead of him.  He tells them that his family wouldn’t take it from him, and even if they would anything he would give them would be seized. He adds though that from them a couple that’s wealthy, charitable and knew Walt once long ago. He also tells them that any taxes that have to be paid must be paid out of his money, and that nothing his family gets comes from them.

When Elliott then asks “What happens next?” Walt replies “I guess we shake on it,  and I leave”.  Elliott shakes and as Walt reaches for Gretchen’s hand Elliott has to nudge it forward, she seems to be searching for the man she once knew. After she shakes though, Walt then turns to their large window, signals, and two sniper’s lasers are trained on Elliott and Gretchen.

a_560x0Walt then tells them that out there are the two best hitmen west of the Mississippi, and that “What ever happens to me tomorrow, they’ll still be out there… and if for any reason my children don’t get this money…” it may not happen right away, but as soon as they don’t have a care in the world they’ll hear something and “before you can even turn around darkness, cheer up beautiful people, this is where you get to make it right.” and then he leaves

imageWe then see him stop his Volvo on the side of the road and he flashes his lights. Two figures, all in black with masks run out of the brush, across the road and into the car. The masks come off and it’s Badger and Skinny Pete! I loved seeing that it was them! They mention feeling a bit bad about what they did, that it was kinda “shady” he hands them ten grand each and asks “how about now?” and Badger, adding a bit of comic relief (which Saul usually provided) says “better”.

He asks them what they know about the blue meth, if it’s still being produced. They tell him that it is, but that they thought it was still him running things. He mentions Jesse, and they’re shocked because they thought that Jesse had left town.

jesseboxThe next scene, is of Jesse working with wood. He’s showing care and enjoys making this box. When he goes to turn with it though, he realizes he’s caught, and we see that it was just a daydream, he’s still chained in the lab, and instead of holding the box, he’s holding some aluminum.

We then cut to the diner scene, which had been at the beginning of this season, then the view of the gun in the trunk, followed by the scene of him taking the ricin out of the outlet, and as he steps into his destroyed living room, and remembers his birthday there, with everyone, and Hank talking about the meth bust on the TV. Everything is coming full circle.

516-bb-4-qelkghwe2-35y2340951-13to2ei42hf2o3tiyw4oyugo2ei5tCut to Lydia, rolling a suitcase into a diner, she sits places her order for tea, and rummages for a stevia packet. Todd sits down with her, and compliments her on her shirt. Before she can really say anything, Walt sits down (he’d been waiting seated at the counter). Lydia asks how he knew they’d be there. He reminds her that every Tuesday at 10 am would be when they always met, and that she’s so schedule oriented. He asks her to just hear him out, he says they must be running out of the methylamine, Walt says he has new method without it, and offers to train Todd on it. He’s asking for a million to do it since he’s run out of money. Lydia tells him they’re not interested, and dismisses him as the waiter brings her tea. After he leaves Lydia tells Todd she’d prefer to have him handled the way she likes most of her problems handled, and that in killing him they’d be “doing him  a favor”. The camera then focuses on Lydia’s “stevia” as she pours and then stirs it into her tea.


the next scene we see is Walter out in the desert, it’s the middle of nowhere near a rundown house.  He’s tinkering, and building.  We see the machine gun from the trunk, a car battery, and what looks like the parts from a garage door opener.  All of this harkens back to the episode “Four days out”. I felt sad that Jesse wasn’t there to cheer him on, but reminded that when he puts his mind to it, Walter White can do just about anything.

516-13-welkwyew59183towdit2-348h3469wer85e2pigoy43-508we6ter6We cut to Skyler’s place. The phone rings, and goes to voicemail.  It’s Marie. We hear her ask Skyler for a truce, saying she has something to tell her about Walt. Sklyer picks up and Marie tells her that a car stolen from New Hampshire showed up in town, and that people have been calling in saying that they’re Walt (though that’s just spreading the police and agencies thin… which may have been planned) and that there have been a few sitings in town, including the one by Walt’s neighbor “Betty or Carol”, Skyler corrects her, that it was Carol.  Marie is very concerned for her sister, and lets her know that they’re watching Walt Jr’s high school, and they’ll be watching Skyler’s place to make sure that they’re safe. screen_shot_2013-09-30_at_12.00.14_amAfter they hang up, Skyler says “Five minutes”, the camera angle changes, and we see that Walt’s been there for the entire phone call.  He replies “Five minutes”. Skyler asks him if he hurt anyone getting back. And he tells her no, that he “didn’t have to”. She tells him he looks terrible, and wants to know why he’s there.  He tells her that “It’s over and I needed a proper goodbye… not like our last phone call”. When Skyler asks about if he’s turning himself in, he tells her that the police will be coming for him. Skyler’s concerned that his coming back will bring another visit from the men who came before and threatened her, who asked her not to talk about the lady that came to the car wash (Lydia). Walt assures her that they won’t be “coming back, not after tonight”. felina-3Walt then takes out his wallet and when she says that she doesn’t want any money, he tells her he doesn’t have any left to give, and then pulls out and gives her the lotto ticket.  He explains that the numbers are GPS coordinates and when she asks what for, he tells her that Hank is buried there, and that he wants her to use this to get a deal with the prosecutor. She tearfully accepts.

Walt then begins to tell her why he did everything, and when she interrupts him angrily saying “If I have to hear one more time that you did this for the family – ” But Walt cuts her off, and in the most honest moment of the show, and perhaps the series says “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And, I was really… I was alive” 

516-bb-5-weliruwe59823oigu2e4981w-rfu2eitweoityowityweoitryeoityrp Skyler reminds him that Flynn’ll be home soon, and he asks before he leaves if he can see Holly one last time.  He touches her head, and I’ll admit I teared up during this scene as he says goodbye to the little girl that will never know her father, and at least for a long, long time will only know of him as a criminal and a monster. Walt turns and he and Skyler look at each other one last time, and (here’s a moment where the cinematography is spectacular) as he leaves the shadow he casts on her leaves with him.

414155Walt then watches from afar, through a laundry room as his son gets off of the school bus and walks into his home. You really see the pain on Walt’s face, in a way that wasn’t there for Holly, because while Holly doesn’t know him, Walt Jr. hates him, and so Walt must live with the fact that this is as close as he’ll ever get to his son again.

The next scene is after night has fallen, and Walt is pulling up to a chain link fence out side of the neo-nazi compound.  Jack’s right hand man, Kenny is there to greet him, and while he tries to make small talk about Walt’s car Walt isn’t saying much and so Kenny gets in, and they drive over to the “clubhouse” where Jack and the other guys are. Walt pulls up parallel to the clubhouse, and before he goes in they check to make sure he’s not armed, or wearing a wire. All they find is his wallet, and the keys (which have a bright orange keychain for automatic locks and a garage door).

When they go in, and Walt offers his new method, Jack isn’t interested, and when Walt asks Todd to explain what his method would mean, all Todd can say is “You really shouldn’tve come here Mr. White”. Kenny puts a gun to Walt’s head and Jack asks them to do it outside, when Walt starts shouting about how low it is that Jack never did right by his deal to off Jesse, and instead partnered with him. Jack, offended at Walt’s insinuation that he’d partner with a “rat” like Pinkman insists that Todd go and get Jesse, so that Walt can be clear on what’s been going on.

breaking-bad-finale-02We see Jesse, in chains brought in, and he and Walt share eye contact for the first time in about two months. Jack says “this look like a partner to you?”

1380523269000-AP-TV-Breaking-Bad-FinaleWalt then tackle’s Jesse and pushes the button on the keychain. (which he’d retrieved while Jesse was being brought in) For what seems like an eternity, Jack and the boys laugh as they tell Todd to separate them, and then the trunk to his car flips open, the mechanism he’d built in the desert begins working, and bullets start flying from the machine gun rigged up in the trunk.

516-17-23thg30425982twoe5832-4224thewqwr3h3retpj3rtpuyweptu3rptu6The bullets go flying, and everyone, except for Todd, who was down on the ground, trying to get Walt off Jesse  is hit. At one point we even see Walt gasp and wince, as we know he took a bullet.

ustv-breaking-bad-s05-e16-finale-25When it ends Todd sits up, and peeks out the window.  He softly says “Mr. White?”, and Jesse who looked up with an intensity after it ended is suddenly behind Todd strangling him with his chains. Walt simply watches for a moment as Jesse gets his revenge, (his sweet, sweet revenge), and then he turns to Uncle Jack who though hit in the stomach and chest is still living.  Jack puts a cigarette in his mouth, and tries to bargain for his life (as Hank never did) offering to tell Walt where his money is, but his words are cut short by the bullet Walt sends through his brain.  When Walt turns back to Jesse (who successfully snapped Todd’s neck, and used the key to get out of his chains) is standing.  Jesse seems about to run, and then Walt passes him the gun on the floor.

breakingbadfinalejessegunJesse picks it up and points it at Walt, who tells him softly, “Do it, you want this”. Jesse shouts back at him “Say the words! YOU WANT THIS! Nothing happens until you say it!”, Walt quietly replies “I want this”. Jesse looks at him, he sees the blood from the shot spreading on his shirt, and in a final act of defiance drops the gun and tells Walt to do it himself.

516-21-23oigwyepor834-5983y0t9273402etweotiuwdprou3ry7t2e5-3ertThen as Jesse is walking out, Walt hears a phone ring in Todd’s pocket.  It’s Lydia, when Walt answers she asks if he’s “dead”, Walt tells her “they’re all dead”, when she asks who she’s speaking to Walt tells her, and then he asks how she’s feeling, perhaps “a little under the weather?”, before she can respond he lets her know that it’s the ricin that he slipped into her stevia packet, and that it’s killing her. Our last shot of her is of shock and fear. Walt ends the call by simply saying “Goodbye Lydia” and hanging up.

516-22-235lu2e05983r5oiyu3e95813tg25-2et5-2ef24tiuwe52435y2452yBy now Walt has also stepped outside, and before Jesse gets into a car, they exchange the slightest of nods. It’s the last time they’ll ever see each other. We see Jesse drive off, breaking through the chain link fence and down the road, as fast as that car will take him, letting out a yell of emotion and release as he realizes he’s completely free.

breaking-bad-finale-felinaWalt, now all alone, walks over to the lab where Jesse had been cooking. the song Baby Blue starts to be played. He picks up a mask, and takes a few moments touching and admiring the equipment. He pauses, and literally (or as literally as possible) stops to look at himself, seeing that he was reflected in his own work.  From one of the camera angles we see police lights on cruisers driving in .  The police arrive and Walt’s now bled out lying on the ground, mask at his side, where he felt most alive.

d6d1ebcb-e319-bdc5-be0b-2c7ebd68eca1_BB_516_UC_0401_07771And that’s it.

For my thoughts on the finale (including the title, which this blog got too long for), and the quality of the series over all I’ll be posting a link to a separate blog here.

Thanks for reading!

Sleepy Hollow, “Some Latitude” S1e2

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0067Hi Readers,

So this past week we got the second episode of the new show Sleepy Hollow, and in an effort to offer more of a review than a recap, you’ll get a bit more of my opinion than a simple retelling. So, on to the episode!

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0069We open with Crane running in the woods from all four horsemen, now I like that the horsemen will be different, and each one being unique, but in general I feel like this show is going too big too soon, and I’ll address that further, by the end of the review. Any way Crane is dreaming, and just before the horsemen can get him he’s pulled into an underground tunnel, where Katrina is waiting with some vital information about how before the horsemen there will be an “army of evil [that] will make way for them”. Now I actually like the concept of this dream reality, and since the next episode will, based on the monster-of-the-week, likely center on it, I’m happy to explore it, but I feel like Katrina will become too convenient over time.

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0202Mills is having a rough morning, as two officers who had corroborated her story last week recanted, and there’s the issue now of how exactly Dunn snapped his neck. Footage of the cell he was in shows him getting up, and running head first at the mirror… which I’m pretty sure would only cause a concussion, and maybe require a trip or two to the chiropractor… but this is a show where supernatural events take place, and I honestly expected them to look at the recording of the CCTV and just see it go all fuzzy, and being unable to prove what exactly happened to Dunn. Captain Irving will be leaving for a bit, so he’ll be giving Mills “some latitude”, but warns her not to “embarrass” him (that’s a bit how I felt about the show at the end of this episode, but I’m getting ahead of myself).

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0239Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0240Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0242During this conversation , they addressed Ichabod and the fact that while Irving certainly believes that Ichabod fully believes that he’s a man out of time, that he couldn’t be, because that would be crazy. All of this was inter-spaced with scenes of Ichabod following the instructions on labels for various things in the hotel room he’s being kept in. Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0244 I love watching him learn new things, it adds humor to the show, and supports it’s premise, that Ichabod, while being very intelligent, and having a unique source of information, is finding himself in a world he doesn’t understand, in a way complimentary to Mills. Speaking of Mills, when she goes to pick up Ichabod, it’s like they’re back at square one. While I understand her doubts, Ichabod is frustrated at her backtracking when he tries to explain his dream, and she just doesn’t buy it. What she did buy though, was a a bag of doughnut holes for Ichabod, something he initially refuses, and then is astounded by how delicious they are. I enjoyed that in this scene. x_filesWhat I didn’t like about this scene though (and apologies for this tangent) is how Crane and Mills seemed like they may become this generation’s Mulder and Scully, in that Crane like Mulder went into everything already accepting things Scully considered impossible. Here’s where the Scully and Mulder comparison starts to breakdown though. In X-Files, which was mostly a case-of-the-week show, it made sense that even if on some episodes Scully would give in to Mulder’s theories, each week brought something new for them to debate. However when it came to certain story arcs, while Scully was always a true skeptic,  at a certain point, she’d go along with what was happening, and she wouldn’t backtrack unless there was some new evidence to support her skepticism. With Mills, there’s nothing to support this new skepticism, because even though Sleepy Hollow is going with this monster-of-the-week format, like Buffy and Supernatural have before it, they’re already establishing a serialized story arc.

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0522Which brings us to the next scene with them in the car and Mills is skeptical of not only Katrina having been a witch, but that she was able to hide it from Ichabod. What Mills believes even less, is that in addition to trying to save her own life by keeping her witchcraft secret, but that Katrina (according to Ichabod’s assumptions) was also doing it because she was helping to protect Sleepy Hollow, and again the fate of the world. Now  it reminds me of this interview with Damon Lindelof, Lindelof (whether you love him or hate him) points out that these days saving a town, or even the state of California, isn’t enough anymore. And while he was talking about films, I think the same thing applies to TV. You see in Buffy, for the longest time, she was just protecting Sunnydale and its residents, and in Supernatural, there were hints at a bigger picture, but mostly until about season 4, it was just Sam and Dean going on “hunting trips”. Saving the world came later, not first, and so I’ll say again, I think Sleepy Hollow is getting too deep with the mythology too quickly, because after they save the world… what’s next?

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0415Anyway, back to the episode. The demon isn’t done with Dunn, and revives him in the morgue and gives him instructions, and causes him to choke up a pendant of some sort.  Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0408Now I’m fine with Dunn sticking around, and I could even argue that the demon only killed him to keep him out of suspicion as he did the dirty work, but two things about Dunn felt a tad ridiculous. And one was this awful scene with Dunn’s snapped neck… Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0535it was just poorly done, I don’t even know why they over did it.  I also dislike the fact that (just like in season 8 of Dexter) NO ONE seems to notice that Dunn took a police car.  What, do cops no longer keep tabs on their vehicles?!?!?!

What I did  like about this episode though was the scare factor.  The “monster” this week was a witch who’s revitalization from a walking charred corpse hinged on the consumption of the ashes of the ancestors of those who burned her at the stake.

There were definitely a couple of times that I jumped in these scenes with the charred witch, and I love that about semi-scary shows like this.

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1737But the fact that when she was whole again she magically had a skimpy corset and skirt felt silly.  I get that this is FOX, not HBO, and she has to have clothes on, but then the skeleton that Dunn dug up for her, should have had clothes with it or something. Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1224Also, in these tunnels under the police station, I think they’re great, and I’m fine if they were boarded up and undiscovered, but that concept is lost when said “secret” tunnels have metal walkways and railings. Finally, Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1766when they blow up the gun powder down there,  (that again would have been discovered if the tunnels were maintained)destroying the witch, you really think that no one at the police station heard that? Who am I kidding, the cops don’t notice missing cars, so I guess they won’t notice an explosion below their building.

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1824I do think that getting more personal information on Mills was nice, regarding her relationship with Corbin. And I like that out of that relationship, we get him as her “guide” if you will. I didn’t really care for her dating history in the episode, but what I also like is the chance to see her sister, Sleepy_Hollow_S01E02_Blood_Moon_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1973who we’ll likely see more and more of. The fact that her sister fully trusts her senses, even though it keeps her in a mental asylum, I think will bring an interesting balance to the show.


So overall I’m still very much into the show. I’m really enjoying Crane adapting to this new life, and it balances the fun with the fright! It, like most shows with a supernatural element requires a suspension of disbelief, and I can give it that, but certain plot holes like Dunn stealing the car, the maintained tunnels, and the witches clothes do take me out of it.  So it’ll get “some latitude”, I just hope it doesn’t embarrass me in the long run.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave comments below.

One More To Go! Broadchurch S1e7

Hi readers,

Sorry this is behind as always, too much good telly this past Wednesday we got the second to last episode of Broadchurch (and the Dexter finale this past Sunday, the Broadchurch finale this Wednesday, and then the Breaking Bad finale the following Sunday… gonna be a crazy time frame of TV… and the Fall season is just beginning, what with Sleepy Hollow and others like SHIELD… but I digress).

It was a great episode, we got a lot of background information on quite a few characters, and I felt like the theme of the episode was that you never really know someone like you think you do.  So without further rambling, here’s my breakdown of Wednesday’s episode.

PDVD_010We open with Hardy, having another dream on the beach, seeing Danny, and who we assume to be the Sandbrook girl.  He wakes to see Miller in the hospital room, staring at him, she criticizes him for having withheld his heart arithmea, she tells him he’s “unfit for duty” and leaves.

Most of the time I disagree with the way Miller behaves, I’m on the fence with this one.

Broadchurch-Series-1-Episode-3-550x290Miller can’t really keep him away thought after holding an investigation briefing (which went way better than the one earlier in the season), Hardy shows up. Even the chief is asking why he took this job if he “couldn’t handle it”.  Now this I find a bit ridiculous considering at the beginning of the season the most vital case he was called on was the siphoning of a tractor’s tank (at least I think it was a tractor). With cases like that Steve our “village psychic” could have gone out on easy calls, filed reports.  Part of why Hardy was there was because it was a quiet coastal town, with out a lot of stress.

Speaking of Steve, Hardy actually goes to him, saying he’s run out of options and wants some kind of proof that Steve isn’t a “bullshitter”.  Steve somewhat proves it, based on Hardy’s reaction to some details, and tells Hardy that Danny’s murderer was “someone he knew, someone close to home” (this will tie into my theory at the end of the blog).

Anyway, Hardy’s heart problems have made their way to Maggie at the Echo, she passes the story on to Olly, who’s going to work for an exclusive.

While this is going on Miller has been interrogating Susan the lab lady. They know that she stood over the body of Danny, and smoked a few cigarettes before leaving.  We get background on why Susan doesn’t trust the police.  To sum it briefly, years ago her husband had been raping one of their daughters, and when he tried to rape the younger daughter, the older got herself killed, trying to protect her younger sister, when the police got involved they didn’t believe that she hadn’t known anything about it.  imagesHer daughter was taken, along with a baby she’d been carrying during this whole process, and her husband hanged himself in jail. She explained that she stood over Danny’s body because he looked so peaceful, and she wondered if her daughter had ever looked that peaceful. Now while I get that this does create sympathy for her, and I can understand her lack of trust, it still feels frustrating that she didn’t come forward with this sooner. Also I don’t understand fully how she couldn’t have known about her husband, or how she could have blinded herself like that.

Anyway, skipping past some other stuff (which I’ll jump to by the end of the blog) what they end up getting from her that she did see the person with the boat go onto shore, carry Danny’s body and arrange it there, and it was Nige, who by the way did NOT kill the lab Vince (hooray). Anyway, they bring Nige in, they still don’t have all the details on Susan and Nige (like why he dog-napped Vince)images2 until they keep pushing and it turns out that Nige is the son of Susan, and she moved to Broadchurch when she learned this. Now what she doesn’t want though is for Nige to learn about who his father was, which is something Hardy, not so subtly lets him know about, when after getting their information they need, passes a file to Nige with all the details on his mom, and his father.

As Susan leaves, Ellie tells her that she doesn’t understand how Susan could have not known about her husband, at which point I said to my TV: “I know right?!?!”

Now somewhere in the mix of all of this Beth and Mark go to meet with Reverend Coates for some counseling, it’s a little rocky, but healthy for the marriage that they’re seeking help.

Now after the interrogations Hardy goes to give Olly his exclusive, so that the Echo won’t publish his health problems and go further to paint him as an unfit officer. Olly ends up getting the scoop on why Sandbrook went wrong.  The short version it was Hardy’s wife, a fellow officer who had the key piece of evidence in her car stolen (while she was busy having an affair). And so the case fell apart, but he took the blame.  Which, like the lab lady’s history shows that you can never really know someone until you get the whole story.

Broadchurch -- Screengrab from exclusive clip.Speaking of Nige, he shows up at Susan’s place (looking SUPER creepy), and he tells her that if she doesn’t leave town, he’ll end up killing her dog.  He also mentions that he doesn’t understand why she told the police it was him with the body.  She says it’s because he’s who she saw.


Now another piece coming together is that Coates handed over Tom’s busted laptop to Hardy, telling him he found it.  He also tells Hardy about a fight Tom and Danny had, and says that he told the parents about it. Back at the station Hardy brings it up to Miller, who said she didn’t hear anything about a fight, and Hardy (having the lap top, and knowing Coates hasn’t told her about Tom destroying it yet), asks if they can have a look at it, she agrees and can’t find it that night.

What I think is a red herring is the fact that out at Chloe’s boyfriend’s farm, Nige had been going out with Danny, and poaching animals that he’d sell to the butcher… something that Danny’s parents hadn’t been aware of. I think it’s a red herring, because I don’t think Nige did it, every character has some how not been the killer.

Now Hardy said “everyone we’ve interviewed is capable, under the right circumstances”. But what if it’s someone they haven’t even interviewed?

So here’s my wild theory, there’s only 1 other character close to Danny that hasn’t been interviewed, it’s Miller’s husband.  Also from a distance he could look like Nige at the beach, and finally if that’s what they do Ellie will have to be asking herself “how could you not know” because she never saw it.  She’s grown as a detective (the briefing and her interrogation with Susan showed that, so if it is her husband, I think she’ll put the pieces together).


Sorry this blog has less screencaps there weren’t a lot for this episode.  Looking forward to the next tomorrow.  As always thanks for reading.