Changing my mind and moving to Woodbury TWD S3e3

So this is getting posted much later than I want it to, and I apologize in advance for any typos, but it’s been a busy week and busy weekend, and I’ll polish this up later, but I did want to get it written and up (even if it’s only by mere moments) before TWD S3e4 is on.


So first I’d like to say after some thought I think that maybe Lori was smart in trying to save Hershel. Why you ask? Because he’d had no fever, and wouldn’t have been “dead” if CPR could have revived him. So I’m back in the Lori’s not that big of an idiot camp!
Also, after discussing with a co-worker about who the figure in the trees could be, I don’t think it was Merle, it just wouldn’t be that exciting. BUT what if it’s *What’s-His-Name* (will fix when I’ve checked IMDB), the guy Rick 1st met when he recovered from his coma. Wouldn’t THAT be awesome!!!
So to the episode at hand.

Sunday was the 1st episode ever without Rick Grimes. The Andrea/Michonne story finally made some headway, we finally met up with Merle again, and got to see some real hope of re-building society in a zombie apocalypse. I also figure Andrew Lincoln needed a break having been in every episode. When I think about what may have been going on in the prison though, is Rick was busy scowling, Carl was pouting, Lori was bossy and the writers have learned enough about us to know we wouldn’t miss any of that.

The episode opened showing us that the military is not quite as obliterated as we may have assumed (though it’s still unlikely farther up that any sense of hierarchy may operate). Turbulence and likely disrepair caused a helicopter to crash, leaving only one survivor. Michonne, Andrea and her docile pets watched on as the Governor and a few of his men take out the zombie-fied crash victims, as well as to some walkers who also seemed to have shown up to check things out. One of which walks right by a crouching Andrea and Michonne apparently because of her chained pets helping create camouflage. When the humans begin to look their way though, Michonne has no problem reminding us how awesome katanas are, as she produces Talking Dead’s Twitter hashtag of the night #HeadlessPets (again, thanks Talking Dead). Her actions are somewhat a waste though as a stealthy and much missed Merle sneaks up behind them, showing off his bayoneted appendage in the process (and Obama acted like they were useless and antiquated).

When Andrea wakes up again Merle is there, reasonably asking about his brother Daryl. Andrea told them of the group’s losses and progress, mentioning the farmhouse and the herd that over ran it. The Governor comes in insisting that, despite the confiscation of their weapons, they are guests and free to leave.

Now I’d like to point out at this moment, and even after, Michonne and Andrea, do not see, and therefore do not know about what kind of man the Governor is. Also I would even argue that what he did to the soldiers (will expand on this) makes sense. Too many alpha males with weapons would not work in a place like Woodbury. Look at Shane and Rick? They were fighting over a woman and few decisions (Look for Sofia, Leave, that’s about it). Imagine fighting over a town, when several decisions would need to be made. Several people thought I was an idiot for saying I wanted to move to Woodbury and choose the Governor as a leader rather than Rick. Except for new people coming into town (and until I see otherwise) no one questions the Governor. Woodbury functions well. Kids a learning, adults contribute and feel productive; Society is returning. The same people that treated me like a moron, are the same ones who are happy that the folks in the prison are living in a “Rick-tatorship”.

If i have to choose one dictator over another, I’ll take the one that puts me in Woodbury.

Also, as for the floating head thing…what’s he supposed to watch? Ponies and flowers?!?!?


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