A+B+C+D=A+B+C+D+F(irearms)? AHS S2e3

If A= Aliens, B=Bloody (Face), C=Catholics, D=Demon, and you put them all together, we get F=Firearms too?

So I was hoping that by now we’d begin to see that the story lines of aliens, and demons aka science and religion (which may create potential murderers) would begin to weave together and merge. Instead we got a new piece to the puzzle. A piece that doesn’t really help anything.
So our haunted honeymooners weren’t really haunted, so much as they were hunted, by young men with guns. They finally are able to escape Bloody Face (not sure which one exactly…by the way, does this mean that I was partially right, because there were multiple Bloody Face(s), though not in the way I theorized?) only to see that they are cut off by one and followed by another, and then shot.The guys argue about if things went too far, when they notice the missing arm, and also notice that a 3rd possibly legit (thanks to the creepy ice pick) Bloody Face shows up. Do we care if they die, would we possibly enjoy it? I don’t know I’ll find out in about 20 minutes when I begin the new episode, because this past week was also busy and am once again blogging right before the next episode airs.

Oh well here we go. So unsurprisingly it was more fun to watch Sister Mary Eunice as a demon than a sheep. It was actually not fun to watch Sister Jude unravel. While I enjoyed her being unnerved, watching her crumble so quickly was a bit disappointing. What was also disappointing was watching both her and Dr. Arden fighting about Sister Mary Eunice like divorced parents, blaming each other rather than accepting that maybe the problem is the child. Seriously, I feel like Scooby and Shaggy would have figured it out.

Regarding the not so great escape that Kit and Lana were able to embark on with Grace together (thanks to some potential evidence from our favorite Dr. Threadson). So Lana trusts Kit, we all say YAY and/or DUH! unfortunately trusting Kit is not Lana’s toughest obstacle, it’s the Raspers outside of the asylum. The Raspers which, according to Arden only need to “make it through the winter”. Considering his mentioned government paranoia, makes me think he’s breeding some kind of super soldier/carnivorous weapon. Which of course made me think of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. I have no clue about the plot of that movie, I can only hope it has nothing to do with AHS.

Sorry got distracted, I did love seeing Grace, Kit and Lana sitting in their seats, unnoticed by the completely drunk Sister Jude.

I did not love seeing Shelly losing her legs (yeah I acknowledge her name, now that she’s contributed to the plot instead of just a women’s rights platform…not sure who was sluttier btw, Shelly or Fluke), If anyone does NOT need someone to torture on a regular basis it’s Arden, who thanks to the previews looks like he’s an ex-Nazi, which was something else in the 60’s people feared, and they were smuggled out of Europe thanks to the Catholic church.

So maybe I should add N for Nazi to my equation, but I’ll wait next week to be sure. Maybe it will spell something by the time the season is over.

Oh and I almost forgot, there may be an actual alien at Briarcliff, and it may have “neuralized” Sister Jude, but we’ll have to wait and see.

A cookie to whoever get’s my movie reference. πŸ™‚


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