Am I the only sad one? TWD S3e4

So, I’d like to start with the happy news before I start with the sad, spoilers below for anyone who hasn’t seen the latest episode.
The happy news? For starters I was right when I told everyone I thought Andrew (the prisoner Rick closed the door on) was alive. The sad news? Rick’s cold decision had horrible consequences. Which I’ll get to, I’d actually like to start by going through all that occurred in Woodbury, rather than jumping between the plot lines.
In Woodbury, Merle hit on Andrea (why they never hooked up is a mystery *rolls eyes*), while getting info on Daryl and the farm, who he wants to go to (makes sense, if my sister were out there and I had a chance of finding her, I’d take it). Michonne examined the vehicles brought in and chose her words wisely when confronted by the oh so flattering Governor, who then was downright pleasant when sharing a drink with Andrea. who has now adopted the “let’s go TOMORROW” strategy. I know several people have good reason to think Andrea’s an idiot, I’ll still point out, that while she could be more wary and observant like Michonne, I don’t fault her growing sense of security.

So based on what happened at the prison, I think it’s fair to say that the meat of this season will be about the Governor and Rick. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but If I could have balanced out the pacing between last season and this season, I’d have had one less day at the farm and one more day at the prison.

My “Non-versation Starter” blog explains my attitudes towards Rick, I know he’s not perfect, and I understood his attitude, but his relationship with Lori was in his hands. Things finally go well as Hershel begins to hobble on crutches, a lovely reminder that Lori’s CPR (which I rethought btw, since Hershel had displayed no signs of fever or actual death) has saved the team doctor. Something that would benefit all of them, but especially Lori and Rick, since a very pregnant Lori, was carrying (hopefully) his child.
In the same way that everyone at my place pointed out that T-Dawg’s increased dialogue was a sure sign that his death was eminent, I should have taken the hint regarding Lori when Rick smiled at her. At first when the episode ended, I though the writers should have given Rick and Lori more time to repair their relationship, but rather than a lesson in love lost, they gave us a lesson in losing what might have been, and that hurts.
It hurts anyway for anyone who views Lori’s death as a negative thing. I do, but then again I’m also the only one in my group of fans who frequently defended Lori. I feel like telling everyone who cheered her death: “It doesn’t matter if you liked her, Rick was starting to again, so at least feel bad for him”. Alas, I am alone.

I think at this point Rick is having a meltdown that never would have occurred if he had just shouted at Lori like she wanted every once in a while. Yep that’s right, I’m bringing it back to episode one! Why you ask? If Rick and Lori had actually fought once in a while, at least they would have been communicating instead of Rick stuffing all of his emotions, changing him slowly into the emotionless robot he became, only for his system to crash, even if circumstances were more efficient. But that’s just my two cents.

The question now is will Rick ever yell at Carl? Not because Carl shot Lori (that makes sense) but because Carl’s hardening with this world, and that’s literally the last thing his mother wanted for him, and Rick knows it.

Finally, some other small change issues in this episode, first I find the swapping of characters a bit annoying. Two survivors for two prisoners just feels dumb. Also, the delivered baby looked way TOO big and way TOO healthy to have actually come from the womb of a barely getting by survivor in a zombie apocalypse, just saying.


Please leave some comments and tell me how you feel (yes even if you’re happy about Lori).


2 thoughts on “Am I the only sad one? TWD S3e4

  1. IMO they should have brought the prisoners into their fold long ago. Just think about what they could have accomplished with two extra hands to do all the work!

    Now to Carl. Carl’s hardening is sad in the same way growing up is sad. He’s not going to be the cute little kid running around poking zombies with a stick. Instead, he’s going to be the kind of badass kid that still grows up playing in the woods and hunting – a necessity to survive in their world. That said, I think his character could still go two ways, either he has a breakdown in the next couple of episodes and starts bonding with probably Daryl, or he bottles it up just like his daddy and turns into the creepy emotionless Carl. (I’m hoping for the first option because I think it would make for good episodes – hunting and killing and whatnot – but the second would still make for excellent tv)

    Lori’s death has definitely hurt the group in that Rick is now emotionally compromised. I expect he will be doing less leading and we’ll see Daryl and Glenn taking more leadership responsibility. With that kind of chaos in the group, what better time for someone like the governor to put in his name for consideration!

  2. This episode was the SADDEST in tv history (well – okay, maybe in the last several years). What an emotional impact it had! I was in tears over the remarkable timing and sense of loss that happened so swiftly and without remorse. The feelings Rick poured out at the end of the episode showed what we all felt…a huge sense of loss and grief at the ever growing sense of doom even amongst the small victories the group has established.

    The only downside I see to this well-written, well developed and brilliantly executed (most of the time) program is the sense it is becoming yet another version of The Stand, by Stephen King. Or for those more well-versed in horror fiction, Swan by Robert McGammon (which is the far superior novel about apocalyptic doom and survival). The two sides (one good, one evil) and the relationships they develop as they head towards the impending and sufficiently necessary hubris moment/battle/climax is a kind of rolling down hill deux ex machina that, well, makes better men fall. I hope hope hope…hope, that doesn’t happen to this wonderful series. I’m really hoping they plan on only five or six seasons and have an ending in mind so the brilliance exhibited isn’t stretching ad infinitum to accommodate the $$ of longer runs. Stay with crisp writing, my friend, stay crisp.

    Carl – well, what can a person say other than he’s rapidly becoming the cardboard character of the bunch. I wish they’d develop Glenn and Maggie more…or even the twinkling of an eye (if that can be mentioned in the same breath with) with Daryl…

    Keep on writing – good stuff. Peace…

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