One More Night, AHS S2 e4

So I’d like to begin this entry with a bit of context. First, is that I’m sadly not enjoying American Horror Story as much as I’d hoped (and for anyone who woudl say that I should turn it off rather than complain, I’d like to point out three things, one is that I almost always see something through, so I’ll stick this season out, two is that I have no intention to complain, but I do intend to continue to point out things, that in my opinion make the show less enjoyable to watch, three, if it bothers you that I am not blogging the way you like you have every right not to read the blog, but I’d love it if you’d stick it out with me). The second thing I’d like to offer in hopes of providing context is info on a Maroon5 song, “One More Night”. Some may find it odd that for the first time this season we did not see Maroon5’s singer Adam Levine, and yet I bring him up. Why you ask? Because their new song “One More Night” is all about an unhealthy relationship the guy is sick of, because he knows it’s lousy, but can’t seem to get himself out of, because he’s always telling himself he’ll only stay for “one more night”. That’s how I feel about AHS right now. It’s not as great as I’d hoped (shame on me for high expectations), and there are probably better ways I could spend my time, but I can’t pull myself away. So with context in mind, let’s dive into last Wednesday’s episode.

Beam me up, Scotty…

So this week’s episode cemented for me that Lana is an idiot. Dr. Threadson (still our favorite) offered to help get her out of the asylum, if she would allow him to try and “cure” her homosexuality. Now, I have no intention of addressing the issue of “curing” homosexuals (that’s a WHOLE other blog). That’s not why I have a problem in this scene. My problem with Lana is her response, saying she’s been gay for as long as she can remember, and “there is no cure”. Now, in some defense of Lana, the current conditions have been brutal, for any person to deal with, however that’s at the root of why I’m so annoyed with her. Cure or not, if I were in Lana’s shoes after spending any time as a patient in that asylum, (having already endured electric shock therapy), I’d feel relieved that Dr. Threadson wanted to help get me out, and be willing to try anything. She’s already tried escaping, why not try being “cured” even if it meant faking it. I turned to my husband during that scene and said “what’s her problem? I wouldn’t care if it took making out with Dr. Threadson, in the asylum lobby, if it convinced people I was straight, and let me out.”. Has she not considered, even if it was through lying to Sister Jude about repenting, that she may have to pretend to be straight to get out of that place? Dr. Threadson, did end up persuading her to try (don’t know why she needed any persuading though), and while I won’t go into the details regarding the inappropriate and ineffective “treatment”, I feel like all Ryan Murphy is doing is reminding us how “scary” the 60’s were, for anyone who was not of the social norm.

Let’s be frank

Continuing with his theme of the scary 60’s, the asylum got a new patient, Anne Frank! Or at least a woman who claims to be Anne Frank. Now over the years, there have been girls/women, some crazy and some conniving, who have claimed to be Anne Frank over the years. And the crazy ones, did end up in some asylums, so while I feel like this was partially done for shock value, it’s as plausible as Kit being locked up for saying aliens kidnapped his wife (even though it’s appearing more and more like he killed her, though Sister Jude DID see an alien…but forgot, so it’s up in the air with Kit, but I digress). Also it did seem to move the plot along (so if she’s not the real Anne Frank-within the context of a fictional show-then she will be referred to on this blog as “Plot Device”), as she apparently recognized Dr. Arden as an ex-Nazi officer and/or scientist from a concentration camp. She brought this information to a now sober Sister Jude, who took it to the Monsignor, who dismissed her, and then called Arden to let him know that his cover may have been blown. So again for accuracy sake, Ryan Murphy is not in the wrong, the Catholic church did help smuggle Nazis into other countries after the war. I won’t go into all the politics and reasons why the church did this, but Hitler instituting a church tax, when certain cardinals were offering up the suggestion of excommunicating him for his actions, certainly didn’t hurt the relationship with the Nazi party and the Catholic church.

Moving on, Plot Device stole a gun from the detectives who came in to question Arden, after his “date” ran out on him, after finding the creepy photos. She then used the gun to shoot him in the leg in his lab, and found Shelley, covered in what appears to be boils, and begging to die.

So Arden’s an ex-Nazi, no surprise there. What was also not surprising, is that Grace lied to Kit about her past, and killed her parents, for possible abuse, however since she lied about it to begin with, who knows. This was all revealed to Kit, while in solitary for having sex with Grace in the kitchen, where they bake bread. All I can think of is the health code regulations that had to be written eventually in response to stuff like that. What did end up being surprising is that at the end of the episode Kit went to Sister Jude, on the verge of repenting for his wife’s murder, that now he says he’s not sure if he committed or not. Part of me hopes he’s healing and repenting, another part of me hopes he’s just doing it to get out of the asylum because I pity anyone in there. All of me knows that I’ll keep watching to find out.


One thought on “One More Night, AHS S2 e4

  1. Personally, Kit is really the only person that I am rooting for in this series. Before, I was rooting for Grace too, but after realizing that she really was guilty, I have since changed my mind. I do believe that Kit is innocent and was abducted. Sister Jude seeing an alien and Dr. Arden seeing the implant have convinced me of that. Plus, it appears that Bloody Face is not locked up after all. As far as Lana goes, beyond the fact that I don’t like the homosexuality, she has demonstarted some real stupid decision making (as you pointed out), and I have a hard time liking or rooting for stupid characters.

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