Lovely Lobotomies AHS S2e5

So I feel like there wasn’t much that happened in last Wednesday’s episode of American Horror Story, though we did get resolution on the Plot Device, I mean Anne Frank story line, and several characters seem to have gone their separate ways, at least for now, and by the end of the next episode or two I’m expecting that certain characters whom have never interacted will end up on screen together (like the monsignor and Arden ,or possibly Arden and Threadson). Anyway, let’s dive into Ryan Murphy’s latest reminder of why the 60’s were scary for everyone other than straight white males.

That’ll do, pig…

The episode opens with Sister Jude seeking the assistance of a Nazi hunter, who mentions info on the US government and Nazis that comes as no surprise. She later tells him she doesn’t want his help once “Anne Frank’s” husband shows up with a picture of her and their infant. Turns out, she’s just a crazy lady dealing with, as Threadson diagnosis’ it, post-partum depression, and an overactive Anne Frank obsessed imagination. So Sister Jude sends her home, when what she needed was therapy. I’m actually going to argue in favor of Sister Jude’s intentions, considering the fact that Arden would want to keep her locked up, considering she shot him in the leg last ep. So when you combine “Anne’s” legitimate craziness with the fact that when Sister Jude went into Arden’s lair and did not find legless Shelley (whom a possessed Sister Mary Eunice left at an elementary school playground) it makes sense that she’d back off the whole Nazi-scientist thing.

Meanwhile Threadson is promising Lana that he’ll break her out by the end of the week (which in TV time means the end of the episode), and possible aliens are breaking Grace out of solitary and/or reality. Grace and Kit had been scheduled for sterilization. Kit had seemed to repent, and therefore been deemed still fit to reproduce I guess, and when it comes to Grace, we see a lot of white light, her scared face, Kit’s pregnant looking, supposedly dead wife Alma, and then an incision on Grace’s abdomen, that reminded me of how unsanitary Lori Grimes’ C-section in The Walking Dead a few weeks ago. (Sorry to jump blogs, go back a couple and you’ll get all the details).

Any way, “Anne”, who should not have been sent home (she tried suffocating her child), is brought back to the asylum, by her overwhelmed husband. Arden suggests a lobotomy, and Sister Jude wants the husband to give his wife more time, and actually wants him to consult with Threadson. Problem is, Threadson’s leaving and sneaking Lana out, he also flatly tells a guard that he never worked for Sister Jude, when he’s asked to wait.

When Threadson refuses to return, and Sister Jude is notified that Lana has escaped, she tells a sad story about a starved squirrel and God’s responses to prayer (no really, she does), and realizes that she’s done at Briarcliff, so she heads out to the nearest bar.

The actually decent lesson in Sister Jude’s squirrel story is that God always answers prayers but that “it’s just rarely the answer we’re looking for”.

And Doctor Threadson, was definitely not the angel Lana was looking for. Now Lana, in my opinion has made several decisions that were stupid. She finally makes what I consider to be a wise choice, and trust Doctor Threadson, to get her out…and maybe I’m the idiot  (anyone here reading this, who also watches The Walking Dead, is not allowed to mention Woodbury). Because her savior is Bloodyface. So let’s pause here. The reveal was well done. Lana’s in Threadson’s home and notices a skin-like lampshade (with likely nipples) and a candy dish that resembles the upturned half of a human skull. Add that to the fact that Zachary Quinto played Sylar in Heroes (the brain eating villain if you recall) and anyone who didn’t start to think he was Bloodyface wasn’t paying attention. Not that Zachary Quinto is typecast, at least not yet. Lana goes to find the bathroom, and instead ends up in Threadson’s “hobby room” filled with skin, scalpels and knives. Suddenly he’s behind her, she tries to keep things natural, asking about his hobbies but ends up falling through a trap door, down into a cellar, where he’s kept her girlfriend Wendy in a freezer.
Also, Kit, whom Threadson “therapeutically” suggested should be recorded saying he killed his wife, because it might help Kit let go of his alien fantasy, was arrested for confessing to his wife’s murder, just as a bleeding Grace tries to tell Kit that she saw Alma.

Now I’m going to point out here that if Grace had really seen Alma, then the doctors at Briarcliff were probably wondering where she was when she was supposed to be sterilized, and why would the aliens operate on the same region that the doctors should have, had she actually been sterilized? Are the aliens only a mental escape (not likely considering the creepy one Sister Jude saw, and the mechanical insect pulled out of Kit in ep 1). Also, why is it both women we’ve seen Kit have sex with, end up possibly abducted by aliens? I hope this will all make sense by the end.

Oh yeah, and Arden did lobotomize “Anne Frank”, who though crazy, legitimately accused him of being a Nazi hunter after seeing him in a Nazi uniform behind Hitler. Which may never come out now, since the lobotomy (something I think Lana may need by the end of the season) turned her into a Stepford wife.

Sorry that less effort went into this recap, I’ve more homework than usual, and Jeremy and I just began watching Homeland, which is my next recap to publish (YAY!!!).


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