Trust Me (Homeland Recap S1e2-3)

So as I mentioned these will be brief, and less in depth than other shows I’m following and blogging, but Homeland is awesome, so it deserves it. So I’ll dive right into what I’ve caught up on. 🙂

So at this point Carrie is working through the four weeks she’s been granted to legally spy on Brody. Of course the one place without cameras is the garage, which is of course (somewhat logically because it is separate from his house where the family is) the one place where Brody behaves in a quite questionable manner. He chooses there to be where he prays to Allah toward Mecca. Now I think the show is quite bold, hitting at the fact that if you were to take all of Brody’s individual actions (hiding in a corner during the day-could be PTSD, the moving finger in front of the camera-could be a nervous twitch, and practicing Islam-everyone has a right to choose their own religion) and put them together, are you paranoid for assuming that at best he’s got a mild case of Stockholm Syndrome, or at worst become a terrorist? Nope!

So what else went on…Brody pretty much used the same logic, of putting little pieces together to know that his wife slept with Mike (insert Rick/Lori drama here), and fans were able to get more details on Carrie’s “mood disorder”. Now again, I didn’t see any of the season when it premiered and I most definitely avoided the IMDB info on this like crazy, so I’m going to have to assume that no one else thought that Carrie was being honest when she told Virgil she had a “mood disorder”. We found out that she get’s her pills from her sister, who is a psychiatrist, and is taking care of their father, who is suffering from whatever Carrie has (pointing out also that she’s had whatever it is, much longer than age 22). Her sister only gives her a 7 day refill though, ensuring that Carrie and the audience are likely to see more of her sister, who by the way gets these pills secretly to Carrie because she could lose her job if the CIA knew how nuts she is.

Also somewhere between the 2 eps we’re introduced and say farewell to a CI of Carrie’s who was the hooker of a Saudi Arabian prince, who may have been wiring money to Nazir (the top terrorist Carrie’s kind of obsessed with). Unfortunately we quickly say farewell to her because shortly after being given an expensive diamond necklace from the prince, she’s killed in an alley, and the necklace stolen. At the end of the episode it seems that a minor level of trust is being restored between Carrie and Saul, as they try and figure out what happened, because Carrie mostly believes that the prince (who’s blackberry download the hooker got, showed no evidence of financing terrorism) had nothing to do with her death. He didn’t in fact, his advisor was the one who had her killed, and seems to be using the necklace to finance Nazir.

Now I’m loving this show (with the exception of Brody’s teenage daughter, she’s so annoying, but that’s the point, so yeah) the only frustrating thing I guess, is there’s so little mystery for the viewer, and I’m a suspense loving girl. If I could describe the show at this point it would be a combination of Rubicon (miss that show, but it was too slow, so I see why ratings dropped) and 24. There’s a level of intelligence gathering, and action, with national security at stake. So unless I’m way off by my comparisons, this show will just kepe getting better.

Off to watch some more 🙂


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