Enter Freud, American Horror Story S2e6

You know how they say that if a missing person isn’t found within 48 hours the odds finding them alive drastically decreases?

It’s the same for blogs, you see last week American Horror Story was on, and as much as I wanted to blog about it right away, it just didn’t happen. I could say that it’s due to Thanksgiving, and a lot of homework in a new class, instead I pretend like it was all deliberate and tie the “missing” blog to last weeks episode where we got to spend some time with our less, but likely, still favorite doctor on the show, Doctor Threadson, after all if the only other doc is Arden, it’s hard to lose, even if you are a serial killer with “mommy” issues. Personally I’m more of “daddy” issues girl, but perhaps that was why I was a LOST fan.

Anyway, in case you, my clever readers couldn’t tell, the motivation for Bloody Face, was my motivation, or rather inspiration for a title. I think it would be great if Ryan Murphy had written in Sigmund Freud in the same way he did Anne Frank (wouldn’t it have been great to watch Freud with Sister Jude?) instead we got to Threadson with Freud. You see we spent most of the episode in Bloody Face’s lair, as he explained that he’s been keeping an eye on Lana for a while, and felt that he could connect with her maternally, so that she could write his story. What is his story pray tell? Pretty much that he was put up for adoption as a young child and received no affection, and all of his violence and manipulation are rooted in a resentment of his mother, who he’d on some level would like to have sex with…

It’s disgusting, but not nearly as disgusting as Shelley, remember Shelley, she was the slut who lost her legs, was medically experimented on, covered in boils, and then left at a schoolyard, by the possessed nun, Sister Mary Eunice, so that Arden wouldn’t be found out for the ex-Nazi he is. So after Shelley was found, she was taken to a hospital, and who should be the priest who shows up to give her, her last rites?  The Monsignor, of course, because apparently no other priests in town would do it. He recognizes her, and then kills her. So not only is a demon covering for Arden (and murdering Nazi hunters too), but the Monsignor is murdering for him. When the Monsignor returns to Briarcliff and confronts Arden, he’s basically told to get rid of Sister Jude, since she’s the only one that could expose Arden (though not any more since Eunice killed her Nazi hunter), who would have no trouble taking the Monsignor down with him. So Sister Jude is sent packing, literally, to a home for troubled girls.

Speaking of troubled girls, one was dropped of at Briarcliff, for killing her friend with a pair scissors, and her mom was too scared to do anything about it. The girl spends some time with “the devil”, Sister Mary Eunice, and next thing we know, she’s out of Briarcliff, and had murdered her mother too. Pretty short story arc, and I wonder why we’re even getting them, they’re not that scary and feel like filler.

I hate filler; I’d rather see what’s happening with Kit, other than making his one phone call from prison to seek out Doctor Threadson, who obviously won’t help. He’s too busy whining to Lana, and kissing her after she behaves like a mother to distract him from the fact that she tried escaping. Makes me wonder why she waited this long to fake feelings to get out of bad situation

Makes me wonder if Lana makes it out alive, will it be because she escapes or if she’s found (by someone like Kit I hope, not just because I like Kit, but because I like my story lines to merge).

Either way, I found this particular blog clinging to life, and crying out for redemption, so as I sign off, I’ll watch this weeks AHS, then write for The Walking Dead, and Homeland, and then an over all review of Dexter Season 6, before I slice into Season 7. I have a feeling if anything dies off it’ll be me, from sleep deprivation, but I won’t be hard to find, I’ll be in front of my laptop. Y’all can start to worry if all my blog posts begin to consist only of “the numbers”

**Also forgot to mention, when Jenny (the creepy filler murderer child) was talking with Sister Mary Eunice, the Sister first explained that she’s “the devil” and then that there is no God, I’m not sure I have enough faith in Ryan Murphy to believe that he deliberately pointed out two things, one that the devil wouldn’t be able to exist without God in the first place (if there’s darkness it’s because of light) and that the devil is a liar. Everything Murphy does is blatant and soap-boxy, so until I see something more credible regarding writing God to be as plausible as aliens, I’m chalking it up to a fluke.

***Also, ALSO, we can assume, based on the fact that we got a flash forward of present-day Briarcliff again, with police called to the scene (by Bloody Face, whining about posers…sort of), and a closing shot of Bloody Face standing over the bride strapped to a table, that Bloody Face survives the 60’s.

See what happens when I don’t write for a week, It’s not pretty.


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