It Goes Without Saying, The Walking Dead S3e7

So it goes without saying that Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead was a decent lead in to a mid-season finale, it also goes without saying, that I’ll over use the titular phrase throughout this post.

So in good ol’ Woodbury, Merle is spending some quality time catching up with by Glenn, that is of course if catching up involves bloody interrogations. While I’m not squeamish about violence ( I watch The Walking Dead after all) what made that scene hard to watch was Maggie, in the other room, helplessly listening to it through the walls. It came as no surprise later (sorry for jumping ahead, that she gave up everyone at the prison for Glenn’s sake at the end, but we’ll get there). Glenn really stepped it up this episode. He’s slowly been gaining cool points at a pace similar too, though with a different style than that of Daryl, our favorite Dixon brother. He was awesome while he took the beating, and was quite epic as he took out the walker that Merle let loose. I was half worried he’d eat it, or rather be eaten, but I was thrilled to see him survive (and kudos to the writers for making that scene intense enough for me to actually fear for his life, when in hindsight I realize they’d never kill of that many vital characters in a half season, or so I hope).

While all of that’s going on the Governor is spending some time with Andrea, we watch as she pulls up her pants (did we really need that, I mean it’s not like we don’t know that she’s a slut and he’s a man-whore). He tells her, in so many words that she actually can serve in a capacity other than as his concubine, and sends her off with Milton, to assist in an experiment. Andrea isn’t really helping with the experiment itself, she’s there to help if things get out of control. It goes without saying that, this comes as no surprise, when Andrea’s skills are needed kill a walker, for a couple of reasons. First, because that’s really Andrea’s only redeeming quality at this point, and second, because Milton’s whole experiment felt like a mash-up of Young Frankenstein, and Pavlov, and Deep Space Nine (anyone remember those Bajoran birthing sessions with Major Kira?). While I’m certainly a “rank sentimentalist” (again cookies to the quote guesser), who would love nothing more than the *concept* of a potential cure, in this universe, it just doesn’t exist. I don’t like it, but I accept it. Why don’t I like it? Because if there was a possibility of life after, the life after death, what could be done with it philosophically? And who or what would want to be “revived” if you will, if they were already half decayed? *I suddenly feel inspired to write a zombie mini-series, I’ll add it to my ToDo list.*

It goes without saying, but as usual, I digress. Where was I, oh yes, still in Woodbury, where the Governor decides to interrogate Maggie, since Merle’s interrogation of Glenn was so useless. So, (insert phrase of mine, you’re already sick of here) the Governor lost almost any and all respect I had for him as the leader of Woodbury (how could I respect him at all you ask, read on, when I evaluate Rick’s interactions with Michonne when she’s first brought into the prison). His humiliation of Maggie was stomach turning (by the way, is it weird that I feel like the FCC should be protesting the show, because between Andrea’s tooshie and Maggie’s topless-ness) we nearly got a nearly nude woman…just saying). I think it’s awesome how tough Maggie was though. As badass as Glenn proved himself to be with Merle, I feel like Maggie completely outshone him, as she refused to let the Governor get under her skin. If she’d shown signs of weakness or fear, I think he would have kept pushing things, but she held herself together, and I think that made all the difference. That’s why he knew that threatening each of them individually was pointless, and he threatened Glenn and she gave in, I don’t blame her though. I also wouldn’t have blamed her or Glenn if one of them had kneed the Governor for touching her after she gave up the others at the prison.

Speaking of said prison, the Governor was not the only one who lost points this episode, and no I’m not talking about Rick. Michonne was so annoying. Why bother showing up there with the formula, if she’s just going to give Rick the silent treatment? It goes without saying, that she should have been able to put it all together, and know that those were Andrea’s people, considering that in a previous episode Andrea complained that Michonne had told her nothing, while she’d explained everything, not to mention the encounter Glenn and Maggie had with Merle, that she finally sort of explained. Why didn’t she mention Merle’s name? Also, why didn’t she explain more about Woodbury and Andrea. I know that she has trust issues, but they just feel like a plot device, so that next week we can get several slow shots of Andrew Lincoln, and Norman Reedus, staring in disbelief at Andrea, and Merle. (So yeah, Michonne’s new name is Plot Device, at least for now *I think I’ll start a “Plot Device of the Week” section, there seem to be plenty to choose from these days*.

So once she explains everything she’s going to she Rick and Daryl take off for Woodbury. I’d like to point out that she only gave up the information that she did AFTER Rick went through some of the same steps the Governor did. Keeping her guarded, taking her katana, talking about her behind her back, and using pain to get answers. Re-watch, it’s all there. I’m not saying Rick made poor choices, the same way I never said the Governor made poor choices, but when it came to Michonne, Rick’s were just sped up. I’m not sure if it was deliberately done to make Rick look better, or to simply save time, considering next week is the mid-season finale, I’ll say a bit of both.

Before they leave Rick shares a moment with Carl, telling him to take care of everyone, and agreeing with him on the name Judith, for the infant. Between you and me, I liked Lil Asskicker better, but Judith is easier to type.

As they head to Woodbury they run into a walker pack, and hide in a cabin, killing the hermit there, after he pulled a gun on them, and tried running out, which would have let walkers in. I felt bad that he died, and that he was used as a zombie dinner distraction, but if nothing else, it served as a great segue into the next commercial break, reminding us that The Walking Dead is brought to us by KFC (see my photo post below if you missed it).

By the time they reach Woodbury, it’s dark and the Governor is wisely assuming they’ll likely be headed there for the hostages. So, it goes without saying that next week will be pretty kicking, when it comes to the action factor. My prediction is that the episode will end with the aforementioned long stares of disbelief as the smoke clears, and Rick and Daryl see who they’ve been shooting at, you know just in case we fans aren’t already hooked enough to tune into the next half of this season after the break.

See you next week, please leave comments, and thanks for reading 🙂


5 thoughts on “It Goes Without Saying, The Walking Dead S3e7

  1. Soooo – it goes without saying that i took some time before responding on this one. With good reason, I think…um…therefore I am. At any rate, the reason I took so long is that I had many thoughts about this particular episode. And I wanted to give it a worthy response…instead, I’ve come up with this. So, knowing that my DVR is rolling on the mid-season finale I am giving in and sharing…

    1. “So in good ol’ Woodbury, Merle is spending some quality time catching up with by Glenn…” Over the years I’ve seen many a movie with interrogation scenes. The most recent, well executed scene (so to speak) was a duo in the movie SALT. Alas, my standards regarding interrogation therefore is a bit of a hubris-like thing. Kind of like, i expect all programming to try and keep up with the Joneses…only, to my disappointment, TWD doesn’t even attempt it with this scene – rather, it’s own set of two scenes (One for Glenn and one for Maggie). Not even once, did I figure Glenn would done in – focus groups speak volumes…and if he had come really close to death or heaven forbid, die, a large following of TWD would have, pardon the pun…walked. And that is endemic, I fear, of what is coming through in the most recent episodes. There is this undercurrent of staying edgy while maintaining an audience.Of course, this is the very thing that made the show so different from everything else on the tele. The ability to ride that edge and have you really guessing “what IS going to happen?!?” But, when the crushing power of success comes knocking what is one to do? Kill favorite characters? Really put them in the same danger you did before you knew you had a good thing? No – i think not. As a result, we’re stuff with faux danger of Glenn and not to put to fine a point on it…Maggie. And thus my second point…

    2. Maggie and the potential for forcible sexual assault? Please…

    I thought it was not only a “forced” scene, but it was a lousy, unbelievable, and stupid scene. It didn’t make sense – even in the case of the Governor – to pretend he was going to “force” himself on our dear Maggie. Not to mention, having her in her skivvies, was a low that was like tasting warmed over tar. yuck. So, what do we get in the end? We get a cardboard “acted” scene that supposes we believe that something horrible might happen to Maggie (Take your shirt off – now, now, I’m going to push you down). Dumb.

    The thing is I am not sure the writers really even know how to generate real human emotion when it comes to Maggie and Glenn. Perhaps too much walker focus? And this on the heals of an albeit, well-trodden, well-done bit with “dead” Lori on the phone…disappointment cant begin to express my feelings with the lazy writing here.

    3. (Non sequitur alert!) Day of the Dead has done the whole teaching a Zombie to learn and “remember” the past way way waaaaaay (ad infinitum) better than TWD…and too bad. It could have been better. I am hopeful they don’t spend too much time on this rabbit trail and focus on better human element trails.

    4. Now for the finale. I’m five minutes away from watching this episode and I am hopeful for some good thoughts over the holiday break. We’ll see what happens. But here is a prediction: Patriots and 49er’s in the Superbowl…oh, wait – wrong blog. well, it’ll probably still be something like that with all the source material the writers of Walking Dead seem to be borrowing from. You know, re-reading this response you’ve think I hated the show. But I really don’t. I thinks it’s because I hold out so much hope for such a promising premise and well-executed 2.5 seasons.I love this program…I am just not IN LOVE with it right now. It they can “resurrect” the fearlessness, near-sighted scripting and throw caution to the wind attitude (focus groups be da***d) then I think TWD can come back full steam after the mid-season break. If not we may be in for the dreaded American Idol death spiral. Or worse yet (is there a worse yet?) a Love Boat retread! Guest starring Ricardo Montalban and Andy Williams! Love…exciting and new…

    I say let’s get us a good mid season run and finish with a bang. Deservedly, Merle needs to survive an all out battle where the governor dies in combat (maybe???!!) and a bunch of zombies overrun the town as our favorite group of zombie killers/survivors run for cover. Maggie and Glenn get rescued and maybe we have a casualty in….Hershel’s other daughter, or maybe even DARRYL! (yes, I said it first TWDers….I said it first). Makes for a perfect break. If I learned one thing during my corporate white collar days it was this: Don’t become likeable enough to kill. Never become expendable and likeable at the same time.

    Okay – all for now…I got some tv, and I am certain, crow to watch/eat…

  2. There’s still debate about if Daryll is REALLY the favorite Dixon brother. For my part I’m still hoping Merle redeems himself. That is…if he’s not dead soon.

  3. As for the guy who left the long comment. Daryll is in the trailer for the next chunk, so he’s not dying just yet. He’ll last at least into the next episode. As for the two people above me, they are sooooo right on. I’m amazed the administrator lets us all post comments because clearly she doesn’t like Merle.

  4. Hey I need to comment that I hate Merle. I know these guys obviously like him, but Daryll is soooo much better OMG. He’s cuter, he didn’t cut his hand off, and I’m totally willing to forget how we had to develop him from the racist jerk he was in S1E2. There is no way Merle would EVER develop in the same way. Besides, he’s not a cewt as Daryll and that’s all that matters to me.

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