We don’t talk about the deer, here Homeland S1e3-6

So, I’m not sure how this keeps happening, but I can’t help but repeatedly (despite vastly different plots) compare Homeland to The Walking Dead. Actually to be fair, there is one similar plot point, the presumed dead husband, returning to a wife who had been sleeping with the best friend. It’s a plot device at least as old as Casablanca, and for some reason common these days.

Be that as it may, over the last three episodes Brody’s understandable emotional issues resulted with him shooting a deer that was trampling the flowers. Anyone remember Walking Dead season 2? I do, I remember an excited Rick thrilled because a recovered Carl “talked about the deer”. Instead of talking about the deer on Homeland, Brody was pushed by his wife into attending a vet’s church group, we think he attended, but he got distracted when Carrie (who’d been tailing him) “randomly” showed up. They momentarily flirted, and while I’d hoped that’d be the end of it, by the end of the next episode Carrie and Brody had slept together, after drinks. Unfortunately Carrie was screwed in more ways than one. The only reason she’d met Brody (who finally punched his best friend for sleeping with his wife, after the memorial service of his dead friend who he’d served with before capture) for drinks was to try and ensure that he’d make it to a polygraph at Langley. Why a polygraph you ask, because the CIA had apprehended one of Brody’s captors, and after an interrogation, Brody convinced Estes to allow him a chance to meet his captor face to face. A scuffle ensued when Brody started speaking to him, and shortly after (with a previously undetected razor blade) the prisoner killed himself. Carrie assumed Brody had slipped him the razor, but after drinks let slip, all the above, and he passed with flying colors. While it might convince people that Brody didn’t, the final question Carrie had the polygraph associate ask, was if Brody’s ever been unfaithful to his wife, a question he said “no” to, and passed.

The last scene of the episode was Brody pulling up to Carrie in the parking lot, and telling her to get in, she did, so needless to say, this whole post was rather scanty but with a Walking Dead break, I should be able to get more down for Homeland, of which my blog does no justice. It’s a fantastic show, the writing and acting are fantastic.


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