Kevin’s Still Got It! The Following S1e2


So, as my previous post points out, Kevin Bacon is still an awesome actor, but that’s not the Kevin I’m referring to. I’m talking about Kevin Williamson, the writer/producer, who also wrote/produced the Scream franchise. Last week’s premier/pilot was in my opinion, exceedingly awesome for a pilot, and certainly had the right kind of drama to keep things tense. Now perhaps it’s because I already saw it at Comic-Con 2012, but for me there were no unexpected scares. For example, the eye-ce pick scene (yeah I went there), though intense, eye felt like eye saw it coming (yeah I went there again, it was the last time, I promise). In this second episode, that for me reassured that this show can deliver and will hopefully last, the most thrilling moment came when Hardy was searching Emma’s home (remember Emma, she was the imposter nanny, who’s apparently been following for years) No it wasn’t the dead mom in the walls, (though the killing itself was rough to watch) it was in the room with all of the Poe heads on the shelf, except one of those heads was actually a mask…on a person, who then attacks Hardy. My husband said later that he noticed it right away, but it was one of those amazing horror moments where what seems harmless and goes unnoticed (at least by me) is suddenly terrifying and dangerous!

So while I wish I had more time to highlight, well the highlights of the episode, like the new FBI agent Parker sliding Carroll a copy of Poe, or another Poe impersonator, this time trying murder by arson, but I’ll leave by saying kudos to Kevin Williamson, who can still scare me after all these years.

Sorry this post is so short, but if I didn’t get it done now, I wouldn’t be done in time to watch the next episode!


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