And we’re back! The Walking Dead S3e9

Hello Walking Dead fans!

As the title says we’re back, if “we” means not really Daryl and kind of Lori, but all in good time. So in my opinion to get back into the swing of things after a mid season break this episode actually didn’t have tons to offer, when compared to fan expectations. For example, I know of several people who thought we’d get an awesome fight, and/or some great dialogue between the finally reunited Dixon Brothers.
Instead what we got was one of my least favorite Talking Dead hashtags, #WalkingDixons, when the favorite of the two wouldn’t stay because Rick and Co. said the other couldn’t. I don’t think either of them is gone for good though, and if it gets us the aforementioned fights or dialogue then I’ll deal with it.

That all being said one thing I thought Talking Dead did do well was when Kevin Smith, aka the King of Comics, referred to Carl as “Wyatt Twerp”, yep that nickname will be sticking around for a while.

So speaking of Carl and his lil posse I think it’s great that he and Hershel started letting the newbies join, the more non essential characters we can toss to the walkers, the better I say. When Rick got there though, it all fell apart. Now I know that Rick’s been under a lot of stress and it was tough for him to lose Lori, however does anyone remember when I said “[talking through to phone to “Lori” was closure, both for Rick and Lori fans, and whether it was all in his head, or the whispers from LOST it was a necessary catharsis, and it was wrapped up in one ep which was nice. Who really wanted to see Rick be crazy for a while?” No? here’s the link .

Now I thought it would end with the call, but it obviously didn’t and now the emotional part at the end feels a bit cheapened. Again I’ll give Rick and his sanity some credit even Shane showing up in Woodbury seemed like half decently reasonable PTSD.


But Lori showing up all hauntingly and what not, well it some how just didn’t work for me.

No, not like this, but I couldn't find the  one I wanted!

No, not like this, but I couldn’t find the one I wanted!

Maybe it’s because when it comes to seeing women in dresses that no one else can see, all I can say is Gaius Baltar did it for 4 seasons on Battlestar Galactica, and was much better at not losing his cool.
Which is extraordinary when you compare him with what Rick’s lost and the fact that Baltar pretty much caused the extinction of the human race (wonder if he started the zombie outbreak too…)
Why may you ask am I making a reference to BSG, and not it’s spin off Blood and Chrome, truth be told I haven’t seen it, and from what I can tell, neither has anyone else. Anyway back to The Walking Dead. Actually that’s about it for this week, again a bit underwhelming. So comments, concerns? Please post below, and as always, thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “And we’re back! The Walking Dead S3e9

  1. This could be, and likely is, the best blog you’ve ever written. Period.

    You’ve outdone yourself in every way imaginable and with so little to talk about? I wonder what actual TWD content will bring this season (half season?) Here’s where I wish parenthesis within parenthesis was an actual construct instead of just awkward. I’ll use a colon instead: Great Battlestar Galactica reference! Shabam!

    Now…onto my push back. 🙂

    I found this entry of TWD to be pretty gosh dern good myself. well, except for the lame Andrea “cyborg” ahahaha (thanks, Dixibro number one) thing…really, Andrea? Don’t do this now? ugh.

    What I was really hoping for was an escalation between bros that causes Merle to get the big ixnay-on-the-dead-bro-ay, which would in turn cause dixibro number one into a stark mad man-o-war. Instead we get a prolonged “come to Jesus” end of season likely (it was all a set up or something) revelation regarding Merle.

    While we are on dixibro number one, what is it that causes female hearts to flutter regarding that dude. Is a cross bow and scruff really that attractive? Or is it the whole bad boy, I really want to marry Glenn when I settle down tho, mentality I hear rumors about? Whatever the case may be…I. just. don’t. get. it.

    I hate…hate that Lori has shown up again. Like a girlfriend I can’t get rid of. Where exactly is the story arc going? Two of everything? Two Lori ghost stories. Two T-bones? Come’on, tell me you weren’t thinking that…? Two Dales? Two Shanes (i.e., Governor. Although the governor needs to shave his head to really pull this off tho)…

    Next episode looks promising. It kinds felt like the mid-season link was originally one episode…but whatever, that’s probably the gimmick, yes? Thoughts about the future are that Lori will cause something crazy between the newbies and our group, Glen is gonna lose his “dad” soon…Hershel as much as cemented that this last episode. And I shutter to think…Will Rick wake up from a dream sometime in the near future to find that all this was a dream?

    IDK…But hold on to your hats, blog master…you make have to write about some shocking revelations…Just remember “stay away from the reds…stay away from the reds.”

    That last bit has nothing to do with anything but sounded about right to wrap up this comment. Yes? It was better than giving Battlestar another shameless promotion since…well, nobody has seen it anyway…

  2. How Martin can you not be in LOVE with Daryl?! He is the total package, protect you, loves kids, and all around jack of all trades! Plus if you need further proof there are tons of photographic evidence on my Facebook page that will further your knowledge of why we are in Love with Daryl!!
    On a Side note, don’t get me wrong I love Glenn as well but he took some time finding his bad ass self. Where as Daryl was born that way!

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