Another One Bites the Dust, Justified and Others :(

Hello readers, if you still exist out there.  It’s been a bit since I’ve been blogging, and it’s because time has been scarce and I’ve been falling behind.  I’ve got loads of shows waiting in the DVR, and was, until recently current on 6 shows (four, if you don’t count Doctor Who and Breaking Bad, because they’re on hiatus). Unfortunately, between a doubled up school schedule, and my house feeling a bit like it needs Mr. Carson of Downton Abbey to run it (alas I am only through season 2, so no spoilers please). I’ve had guests, coming, staying and going with a frequency that makes American Horror Story: Asylum’s multiple storylines look simple (though I swear Ryan Murphy threw everything but the kitchen sink in there).  Almost two months ago I was on top of everything and feasting on The Following, along with a developing case of “the Mondays” (I swear I’ll do a blog on Monday Morning’s soon), and until yesterday I was staying current, with 1 drama left (yeah, that’s right The Walking Dead, had kind of gone by the wayside, week before last…but don’t worry I’ve got a blood-spattered roadside backpack, stocked and ready to blog about!) Justified. 

What’s Justified you ask?  Well it’s a show that I’ve started a blog on at least twice already, and it just hasn’t found its way.  It’s the story of trigger happy U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens, of laid back, but full of zip Harlan County, Kentucky.  The long and short of it is, Justified has been one of my favorite dramas for three years now, but in a weird way it’s hard to describe, somewhat like Harlan County itself, one could said it’s full of red neck unlawfuls making a buck anyway they know how, but that sells the show so short, it’s criminal.  The show has complex characters, in a place so simple, that things get complicated.  It’s an environment where everyone knows what going on, but nobody’s talking, especially not to the law (think Winter’s Bone, but with more humor and depth-no offense to Winter’s Bone).  Finally, though, last night with another guest staying and two finals to complete, it’s now sitting in my DVD that feels more like a graveyard than a queue, but I’ll be catching up soon.


Thanks for reading


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