Conflicted about Thor 2, and I thank Hiddleston & Feige

Photo taken by trekkiebeth, to see more of her photos got to

Photo taken by trekkiebeth, to see more of her photos go to

So while everyone has been Living la vida Loki ever since Hiddleston’s in character appearance in Hall H (I even did an entire blog, just on Loki’s three-minute takeover and MARVEL did a promotional video of the performance, which can be seen below), I’ve had some conflicting thoughts about the whole event and MARVEL’s upcoming plans.

Now why am I bringing this up again, isn’t one blog enough to chronicle this SDCC’13 event, sure, most definitely but this specific blog is regarding my simultaneously budding and wilting theory that Loki won’t survive Thor: The Dark World.

Why you ask? Well one there’s the trailer

Specifically Thor’s line “When you betray me, I will kill you” now you tell that to any rational person and they may pause before considering betrayal, however Loki is the God of Mischief, you tell him not to do anything, and that’s like sending him an invitation to do the thing you just warned him NOT to do.

And I won’t even mention the longer trailer we got to see at the MARVEL panel!

So I kinda had a feeling early on, that Loki may not last. Then you add Loki’s performance in Hall H: , and while it isn’t the whole video it of course has the best close ups.

I recall saying to a few people in the fulfillment line that I hoped his performance wasn’t some big secret send off.

Then you have Tom Hiddleson in this LA Times Hero Complex article saying, among other things that the performance felt like a “21 gun salute”, which is a military honor at a funeral.

That practically confirmed for me that I should bring some tissues to Thor: The Dark World, HOWEVER now there’s a quote in Bleeding Cool from an Empire article with MARVEL “masterplanner” Kevin Feige saying “We think Loki could be the big bad for us, for a long time.”

So While I’d love for Loki to last (and so would thousands of fangirls out there), I have to wonder what to expect in November, and to be honest, I love it. Now I’ll go into Thor 2 surprised no matter what, and just like Loki’s surprise appearance I LOVE SURPRISES!

Here’s to hoping that Loki never leaves, and that if he does it’s a worthy death!

Also, if you don’t get why Loki is awesome, this video may help:


3 thoughts on “Conflicted about Thor 2, and I thank Hiddleston & Feige

    • Ummm are you referring to Daryl??? Because if so I don’t think he’s gotten anyone killed… Carl on the other hand… Wait this post is about Loki, and yeah if he ever did have a relationship with anyone she’d likely die, and then he’d be a villain, wait that’s Harvey Dent…

      Yeah if Loki ever had a relationship with anyone other than himself (and maybe if my theory holds he’ll get himself killed) it probably wouldn’t go well.

  1. I don’t really know why other people find Loki hot, but the only reason that video got right for me was #1. Tom Hiddleston is what makes Loki attractive. He would probably be really obnoxious if he was played by a lesser actor.

    Also, it’s possible that I’m not the best judge of who is traditionally attractive, but I think that the guy in the video is wrong when he says Hiddles isn’t that good looking. Look at that facial structure! That smile! Those eyes!

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