Low Winter Sun, “NOT A COP SHOW”


Well I’ll start this blog by explaining the title, before I dive into my exciting experience last night. Low Winter Sun is a new show on AMC, and it will premiere on August 11th, right after the first of the final episodes of Breaking Bad. While the main character, played by Mark Strong, and at least half of the supporting cast are cops in Detroit, one of the things that Mark Strong said, during a Q&A after the sneak peek pilot screening I was able to attend, was that when he was trying to tell the press about this show is that it’s “NOT A COP SHOW”, and that if he could he’d love to put that in ALL CAPS, so there you go Mr. Strong, while I’m not really a member of the press, I watched the pilot, and heard you loud and clear, and in addition to that I completely agree!

Now, to the meat of the blog, the screening I attended was at The Loft Cinema right here in Tucson, AZ, as part of the Art House Convergence. We were one of several theaters with this privilege and I’m really glad I went. Part of my passion is watching brand new shows and this one didn’t disappoint. The show is a remake of a 3 hour British series of the same name, characters, and in Mark Strong’s case the same lead! So because there’s mystery involved it’s one of the first times that even though Executive Producer Chris Mundy stated that since they have at least 10 episodes to tell their story (and hopefully more if they get renewed for another season) that things were changed from the original but that “the bones” of the original are still there.

So as always, while I don’t want to give anything away, I really enjoyed the show, it has a faster pace than The Killing, but is still not like a procedural at all. I agree as I said above with Mark Strong, that it’s not a cop show, and that’s part of what I like about it, nothing against cop shows and crime dramas, but we’ve got a ton of them out there, and if this were one of them it’d be adding to the noise instead of building what I expect to be a symphony of interwoven story lines.

My only complaint about the experience was the moderator for the Q&A, Mark Binelli, a contributing editor for Rolling Stone. Now perhaps it’s just because I’m still coming off of my SDCC high of awesome panels (more on those to come) and Chris Hardwick’s awesome moderating style isn’t for everyone (part of what makes Chris’s moderated panels so fun is you can tell that he loves to be there as much as the fans do), but Mr. Binelli just seemed to have a lack of enthusiasm as he introduced the cast and asked the questions.

But again that’s my only complaint, the show is great, and, I’ll definitely watch it live so that I can hopefully contribute to the wicked numbers game that studios play, because I want it to get at least a second season, if not a third or fourth


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