Waiting for the 12th Doctor


So, it’s been in the news a while that Matt Smith will be retiring as the Doctor, and that led to lots of speculation as to Who would take his place, well according to the official website for Doctor Who, and according to what I’ll refer to as, The Press Release Heard ‘Round the World, we’ll all find out Who the 12th Doctor is in about 2 hours time.

So in the meantime, let’s all make some guesses, I’ve included a poll below, and if the person you think it might be isn’t on there, then leave a comment, or if you have a strong reason as to why is might be Who you think it is, leave that in the comments too!

So excited, these 2 hours can’t go by fast enough!

Also, those listed above are mostly wild guesses, just for fun and in no particular order.


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