Broadchurch Recap, E1 What we know…


So I already did a blog on my initial reactions regarding BBCA’s *new* drama Broadchurch, which premiered last night over here in America. This blog will be a bit shorter, as I really just want to get down some thoughts on what’s going on, rather than thoughts on the premise.

Here’s what we know:

The murder victim Daniel Latimer was 11 years old, was according to the coroner (are they called coroner’s across the pond? if not, sorry) strangled, by someone with large hands (likely a man), and he had some superficial scratches as well.

— Looking at what characters we’ve seen so far I don’t feel like we have enough to go on, as to who may have actually killed Danny.

8f9ac6e8e16b9b18380f6a706700967c His parents, even before his death seemed to have a bit of a disconnect, expecially considering on the night that Danny died, we know that his father (a plumber) was out on a work “emergency” but that feels a little fishy, and when it’s a murder mystery in a small town, everybody has secrets, it’s a bit formulaic, but still makes for a good show.  Danny’s mother by the way is played by Jodie Whittaker, and I’ll say again that she does an amazing job.


BroadchurchAs for the detectives involved.  We first meet Detective Ellie Miller, who’s returning from a 3 week leave, and the first news she gets is that a promotion she was hoping for went instead to Alec Hardy, a man new to the town, and with some obvious emotional and professional baggage, we don’t have all the details on Hardy yet, but considering all hints point to something gruesome that he needed to be exonerated of, I think we’ll enjoy watching David Tennant, as Hardy’s layers are peeled back.


As a way to drive the plot, and as a reflection of the small town nature of this (for want of a better term) small town, Detective Miller happens to know the Latimers well, especially considering that her son, Tom, was Danny’s best friend. Tom obviously knows plenty about what Danny was up to the night he died, since he deleted a series of texts from Danny on his phone, as well as a series of files on his computer.  Now this could be a red herring like it was in The Killing, but we’ll see as the story unfolds, since computer files were deleted, it could be that Danny knew about something he shouldn’t have,  but if he shared it with his friend, why not an adult?

Now one other member of Detective Miller’s family is relevant to the plot, her nephew Oliver (Olly), is a journalist with the local news paper, who has big dreams of breaking out of the small town, and into bigger publications, when he accurately assumes (after seeing Danny’s older sister drop off Danny’s favorite stuffed animal at the beach where his body was found) that Daniel Latimer was the victim, and his aunt is unable to quickly deny or deflect his assumptions, he sends out a tweet regarding the crime, and that he’s got the scoop, which draws the attention of Karen White, who works for a national paper.  When Karen visits though (much to my disgust and confusion) one of the first things she does is take the aforementioned stuffed animal, and stuffs it into her purse, for what are currently unknown reasons.

So at this point I feel like the killer could be anyone, and I hope that unlike The Killing that it will be wrapped up in one season.

Thanks for reading, and happy watching, because this is definitely one worth tuning in for!

And, if you have any thoughts on who the killer might be (no spoilers though please if you already have watched or googled it) please leave it in the comments!






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