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Hi there fellow Breaking Bad fans, if you love the show like I do then you might as well just equate it to Heisenberg’s blue sky meth, because yes it is that addicting, this show reminds me of just why I love blogging about quality dramas, and how amazing they can be. Part of what makes it so addictive though is how heavily serialized it is, and therefore I warn all readers now that are not caught up on the show through tonight’s episode to STOP reading until they are.

Now as I mentioned Breaking Bad reminded me of why I blog about dramas, there’s something spectacular that certain shows (especially those on AMC) are able to produce when writing, directing and acting all come together, and to break it down, here’s a recap of tonight’s episode!

Breaking Bad S5e9 “Blood Money”

So the episode opened with a disheveled and bearded Walter White returning to his now abandoned, fenced off, and vandalized home.  We don’t have to spend very long pondering why his home is in the state it’s in, considering that the name HEISENBERG is spraypainted across what I think used to be his living room wall, it’s tough to tell without furniture, lights or carpeting.  The back yard looks a bit different too, as kids are skateboarding in what was the pool (remember the pool, with the floating pink stuffed animal… and Skyler’s breakdown moment), any way… We also don’t have long to ponder why Walter is even there, considering odds are he’s on the run at this point. We see Walter go to a memorable electrical outlet, to retrieve the well known and well hidden ricin capsule, and after retrieving it, he turns to leave where with some trepidation, he has to look at his own reflection. BB-sync-509-bb-1-sdlkhrlwitywletiygwrliy49435yghlkdth So, this whole scene just opens up more questions, like if he needs ricin so bad, why doesn’t he just make more? I highly doubt that in a Southern state like New Mexico that they ran out of beans… So more questions, that I’m pretty sure will be wrapped up, at least for us the audience, for Walter’s neighbor though (who, as she watched Walter exit the house, and go to his car, stared mouth agape, in disbelief, while holding a bag of groceries) she may not get anything other than Walter saying “Hello Carol”, which caused her to drop said bag of groceries.

breaking_bad_hankAfter that the show picks back up with Hank realizing that the W.W. that Gale admired so much is indeed Walter White, who therefore must be Heisenberg.  Hank takes Walter’s copy of Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”, containing Gale’s handwritten dedication, shakily puts it into a bag we assume is his and then tells the family, still enjoying each other’s company outside, that he’s not feeling well and needs to get home. Skyler, Walt Jr. and Walter, holding baby Holly, walk Hank and Marie out to their car, where as Hank drives off, Walter turns to go in, sees the aforementioned neighbor watering her plants, waves and says “Hello Carol”, which leaves us with a “I see what you did there, Vince Giligan…” kind of moment.

We don’t get to revel in it for long though, because the next scene is of Hank attempting to drive home. I say attempting because he has a panic attack, causing him to crash through someone’s picket fence (they still have those apparently), and end up in the hospital, even if it was only for Marie to feel relieved because they ruled out a heart attack.  The only thing Hank asks Marie, is that she doesn’t tell Skyler.


Skyler is kind of like the Breaking Bad version of Lori from The Walking Dead, she’s had an affair and most fans hate her… but for some reason I never hated Lori, and I don’t hate Skyler, but like Lori, I don’t think she’ll make it to the end of the show.


You remember Lydia, she’s our favorite high strung Madrigal employee, who helped Walt expand his blue meth business into Europe.

Skyler by  the way is doing pretty ok, all things considered, after all Walt’s out of the meth empire, and money is being easily laundered through the car wash.  The car wash, which, surprise, surprise, Walt seems to want to make into an empire (he suggests to Skyler that if the car wash does well, it makes sense that they should open another one… which might be rational, but still Walt’s line to Jesse about not being in the meth business, but rather “the empire business” somehow crept up).  Any way, everything seems peachy at A1 carwash, where everyone wants you to “Have an A1 day”, until Lydia shows up.Apparently the quality of blue meth has dropped considerably, and she wants Walt to get back into the business, but he refuses, and when Skyler finds out why she’s there, she sends a clear message that Lydia, and her requests are unwelcome.


Skyler gives her version of the “I’m the one who knocks” speech

After that we cut right back to Hank, who’s having all the evidence on Gale, Fring, and Heisenberg sent to his place so that he can begin reviewing it in his garage.  We can see him putting the pieces together, and it’s simultaneously intimidating and exhilarating.

The pace changes quite a bit though, when we get to see what Jesse’s been up, to and if the scene we get of Jesse and Skinny Pete getting high while listening to an equally high Badger explaining what he thinks would be an amazing episode of Star Trek, is anything to go on, we know that Jesse hasn’t been up to much.  blood-money-2-breaking-badBored, and looking somewhat depressed, Jesse just can’t take Badger’s unwritten fanfic, so he gets up, gets the two duffel bags of cash, and heads over to our favorite attorney’s office. He tells Saul to split the five million, with some going to Mike’s granddaughter Kaylee, and some going to the parents of Drew Sharp.breaking-bad-walt-mike-dies-say-my-name

If you need a recap, here’s Mike: our favorite hit-man,  who died at Walt’s hand.breaking-bad-dead-freight-kid-motorbike-shot And here’s Drew Sharp, the kid who showed up at the wrong place and time after the methylamine train heist. His body has yet to be found.

Though we’re not sure yet why Jesse would want money going to Mike’s granddaughter, and with lots logic Saul tries to talk him out of it, but Jesse insists and walks out.

Saul calls Walt, who says that he’ll take care of “it”.

The next scene is of Walt returning the money to Jesse, and asking him why he wants any money going to Kaylee, when Mike should be able to take care of his own granddaughter.  Jesse explains that after what Walt had done to Mike’s guys in prison, that if Mike were still out there, Walt would have to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, and Jess knows that’s not how Walt operates.BB-Episode-509-Main-590

Walt does what he’s come to do best with Jesse, not cook meth, but lie telling Jesse that Mike’s alive and says “I need you to believe me” and “I need you to believe it”.  Jesse seems to concede, but if you ask me he’s only saying what he simultaneously would love to believe (but can’t), and that he’s just telling Walt what he wants to hear.  While I miss the days when we’d get an awesome phrase from Jesse like “Yeah SCIENCE!”, I love that his faith in Walt has hit this eroded state.

Walt might think now that he can rest easy regarding Jesse, but now he has one other thing to worry about, when he goes into the bathroom to relieve some chemo induced nausea he notices that “Leaves of Grass” (by the way am I the only one that wants to read that now???) is missing, we see him check under the bed, and then after asking Skyler about Hank starts to piece things together as well.

Knowing Hank’s M.O., he goes out to his car, checking for, and then finding the exact same type of tracking device, that Hank once had him place on Gus Fring’s car.

BB-sync-509-bb-4-wekj5hwr8e5hsdjy2eoigyer-345oeihtwblood-money-3-breaking-badWhile fans would love the next scene to be between Hank and Walt, we instead get what becomes an equally unnerving scene with Jesse.  After being woken in his car, by a homeless guy asking for a bit of cash, Jesse initially refuses, but then calls the man back giving him ten grand in hundreds.  That may have seemed like enough for fans to have mixed feelings about Jesse’s choice, Jesse then takes it a step further, and proceeds to drive through one of the worse areas of Albuquerque tossing straps of hundreds like he’s on a paper route.

The next morning we see Walt visit Hank, who in his open garage sees Walt approaching and hastily boxes up his photos and files on Heisenberg.  Walt at first seems to be there to play nice, and just check up on Hank, but before he leaves he has one of those moments that reminds us of Walt’s Achilles Heel, his pride.

He confronts Hank about the GPS tracker on his car, and Hank loses it, punching Walt and accusing him of everything.  Walt tries to deny it, and ends up, while not confessing everything, cluing Hank in on the fact that his cancer is back, and that even if charged and prosecuted, he’ll never serve a sentence. Hank realizes and states that he doesn’t know who Walt is, and the episode ends with Walt telling Hank that if he doesn’t know who he is, that he better “tread lightly”. (I was holding my breath at the end of that scene)

bloodmoney35-710x400The episode, even with unanswered questions definitely was everything I hoped the start of these final eight episodes would be.  The main question on my mind at this point though is who will actually be the cause of Walt’s downfall? Will it be Jesse or Hank?  Jesse’s poor decisions have gotten Walt in hot water before, and can Hank really go to his boss at the DEA and say “oh hey, guess what, that blue meth Heisenberg guy… yeah he’s been under my noes this whole time… he’s my bother in law”.  But does that mean Hank would take the law into his own hands? If so I hope Vince Gilligan doesn’t take it that way, I’d hate to see Hank (our unexpected hero) compromised or corrupted.

Thanks for reading.  If you have any thoughts on how things will play out between, any of the characters by the end, please leave them in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad S5e9 – I’m the one who blogs!

  1. Lots of nail biting moments. I can’t wait to see how the series comes to an end. Especially how we get to that first scene and what’s going to come afterwards. I liked the comment about the beans, but I believe that Castor beans are not real easy to get a hold of. So that could be an explanation of why he returned for the capsule of ricin instead of just making more. Also, at this point, since Hank is the head of the Albuquerque Branch, that means that the boss that he answers to is even higher in the chain of command now. Which would probably make it even harder to explain his investigation.

  2. Great write up – well done. Strongly recommend watching Talking Bad as well which covers some of the issues with the writer of the show that you talked about. 🙂

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