Loving Low Winter Sun

So last month I had the chance to see the pilot episode of AMC’s new show, set in Detroit, Low Winter Sun, as detailed in my blog on July 30th, where I enthusiastically posted Mark Strong’s words that Low Winter Sun is “NOT A COP SHOW”.  I kept the blog pretty detail free, as I abhor spoilers, and saved some thoughts for this blog after my re-watch tonight, and I’m glad I did. Here’s the basic recap:

Low-Winter-SunWe open with our main character Detective Frank Agnew (a role being reprised by Mark Strong) in need of some psyching up, he leaves the room he’s in and tells (who we find out to be a fellow detective, Joe Geddes – played by Lennie James) a guy that he doesn’t think he’s “drunk enough”, the following dialogue all revolves around the concept that Frank needs to do “this”. o-LOW-WINTER-SUN-PREMIERE-facebook“This” happens to be killing another man, for apparently murdering and butchering a woman we reasonably assume that Frank was romantically involved with. The man is drowned, in a sink, and then Agnew and Geddes proceed to make it look like an attempted suicide by handcuffing the corpse to the steering wheel of a vehicle that they then cause to run into the river. What we learn the next day is that the man Frank knowingly kills is another detective, Brandon McCann, Geddes’ partner.

Now, unlike my Breaking Bad recap which was much more detailed, I’m hoping that my lack of detail here will encourage others to watch the pilot, because I’d love to see the 10 episodes that AMC has started with grow into 20, or 30.

The basics we have so far are that Agnew has definitely been used by Geddes, who was obviously was tying up loose ends, in the death of his partner. We know this because Internal Affairs shows up with questions about McCann, whose computer has been wiped clean, and we certainly know that he’s definitely been up to some shady dealings, that we don’t have the full picture of yet, as they include other characters who we’re just beginning to get to know.


Said shady characters that Detective McCann’s shady dealings have involved or been related to.

NYET943-ap-TV-Low-Winter-Sun_Fakk-1024x682What I will say is that I’m thrilled that the main officer from IA is played by David Costabile, who balances an interesting level of humor and menace, as he asserts his authority, when he sticks around the crime scene at the end of the episode, when they find, and raise McCann’s submerged car!  LWS_101_AG_0912_0686sized560The show is definitely off to a great start, and I look forward to seeing the story, and likely the characters unravel, so as always, thanks for reading and happy watching!


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