Broadchurch Recap S1e2

So, this blog is FAR later than it should have been, but here it is, my Broadchurch recap, for the second episode in the series, again this is on BBC America here in the U.S. now, so if you have any spoilers, please don’t post them.

Also, this being almost a week late, I’ll cover the recap topically, rather than completely chronologically, and start doing what I do for Breaking Bad, and take notes during the episode.

Broadchurch.S01E01The Invesitgation

www.indiewire.comSo, DI Hardy and DS Miller are trying to piece together why Danny was out that night in the first place.  Danny’s employer for his paper route, contacts them that he remembers Danny having an argument with a postman.  When Hardy and Miller interview the postman he has an alibi (which checks out).  Miller tells the postman that their questions are routine, and that he has “nothing to worry about”, something that Hardy criticizes, saying not to tell people that and to “let them talk”. I find myself agreeing with Hardy, if someone has something to worry about, then let them worry.

Broadchurch-2They also check into a house near the cliff, and when Hardy goes to get the keys from the woman who maintains the home (this is the lady with the lab… I’m going to start referring to her as “The lab lady”, because this show doesn’t feel enough like Twin Peaks), and  The lab lady seems somewhat hostile to Hardy’s presence, and wants to double check his ID before giving him the keys to the house in question. Now part of me assumed some of her hostility was based in an aversion to strangers to their small town, but I also assumed that her presence at the crime scene, along with her popping up here and there suggested she knows something.  This is confirmed when we see her get the key and a skateboard (almost definitely Danny’s) is in her closet.

While Miller is checking the house, Hardy is interviewing Mark, seen on CCTV waiting for someone the night Danny died.  Mark can’t explain his whereabouts, and the scene with he and Hardy ends, as Hardy gets a call from Miller that bloody (likely Danny’s) and Marks prints were found at the house, which has been recently cleaned.

The Family

So going with Mark, I don’t think he’s having an affair.  I think that whatever his reason for being out, it’s something shady and not romantic. If it’s an affair (which I think Beth – I’ll get to her – would be aware of) I don’t see why he doesn’t just tell Hardy his alibi, and ask him not to tell Beth, I’m sure Hardy would keep that a secret.

1148804_10151752513272978_30153443_nNow when it comes to Beth, I think that the writers have handled her character very well, and everything about her seems heartbreakingly (is that a word… it is now) natural.  Now, as a disclaimer I’ve yet to have a child, and can’t imagine the pain of losing one, but the way certain scenes are shot, it makes everything she’s going through as something that the audience can connect with and relate to (or at least I felt that way).  Just her waking up in the morning, there’s a sense that “normal” is gone, and she is still absorbing that life will never be the same.  Her her exposed vulnerability, during her trip to the store, is shown with her peaceful moment looking at the cereal being broken by realizing that people are staring.

Finally her rejection of sympathy, and breakdown after going in reverse, and hitting the pole instead of driving out of the parking lot was really well done as well. When she tells Reverend Coates that she’s pregnant, it only drives home what a distressing place she’s found herself in.  The fact that she tells Coates that she hasn’t told Mark about the baby because “it’s complicated” makes me wonder if she’s had an affair, but that would just feel a tad soap opera to me.  I find it more likely that she may have been planning to leave Mark with Chloe for a while.

Broadchurch.S01E02Regarding Chloe, I find it no surprise that she lied to DS Miller about the origin of the drugs found in her room. As soon as they were found I assumed they were from someone she knew like her boyfriend.  Chloe told her boyfriend that it won’t come back to him, but what did she think was going to happen after the detectives spoke with the hotel owner, that they’d just drop it?

The reporter from the national paper, just happens to be where Chloe is passing by, after Chloe starts to head home asks her for a smoke, and while Karen can’t get Chloe to say much, she gives back the stuffed animal, saying that she took it to help keep it from getting nicked.  Chloe is grateful, and let’s Karen store her number in her phone, and leaves, seeming a bit less tense.

The Press


Now obviously the REPORTER  (I say REPORTER here in all caps, because while Karen is a person/character, she was only being a reporter, for her own gain, I don’t think she just happened to be there, and ONLY wanted to comfort Chloe) had planned on being there to talk to Chloe.  She has to get her leads however possible, especially considering Olly’s boss, the editor of The Echo, Maggie Radcliffe, wouldn’t let Karen use any desk space while in town (and good for her, I really don’t think the town getting national attention is going to do anyone any good).  Now Olly (DS Miller’s annoying nephew, who tweeted the story and got Karen White’s attention in the first place) is at least semi-smitten with Karen, who suggested that they may be able to help one another, but I’m fairly certain that KAren knows that Olly can only help so much, because if he had a better scoop, or more pull with his aunt, he’d be running with that.

Now the next section is something that I may keep for each Broadchurch blog going forward, listing who I think the suspects are and who I feel has been cleared of suspicion, part of this may be based on what we’ve seen people in the show do, and part of it, as will be explained for one cleared character below, it may seem too early in the show for someone to be the killer, and I think they’re a red herring.


I still have none… I *might* consider:

Doctor_Who_and_Broadchurch_actor_Arthur_Darvill_to_star_in_Broadway_production_of_Once imagesReverend Coates (who I think was truly being considerate when he publicly offered his sympathies, and I feel bad that Mark reacted the way he did),

I might also consider Olly simply because they seem to be just sort of flying under the radar right now,… but I don’t think it’s either of them (though if the writers are going for a twist, then it might work).


Mark Latimer. The fact that there’s this much suspicion 2 episodes into an 8 episode story tells me that he’ll be cleared eventually.  Besides I still think he was doing something shady, and if he was busy doing that, he wasn’t killing Danny.

Red Herrings

tv-broadchurch-will-mellor-steve-connelly Broadchurch-2The “psychic”.  I didn’t list him in the investigation section, even though Hardy and Miller interviewed him, simply because I don’t think there’s anything to investigate, and I think he’s just an attention seeker.  If he did have anything to do with Danny’s murder we’ll have to get more info.

The Boyfriend.  Regarding the money and the drugs found at the Latimer house, I don’t think they have anything to do with each other.  I think the drugs are a dead end, and the money Danny had isn’t connected to them in any way.  If the money is connected to Danny’s death, we’ll need more info.

The Lab Lady. I think she knows something, and it’ll be a while before she gives it up, but I don’t think she killed Danny.

Thanks for reading, and happy watching!

Let me know if I forgot anything or if there’s anything you think I missed.


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