Affleck as Batman

Hi there readers,

So I know I’ve got a couple of TV blogs to put up still , but I had to take a minute and throw this up.

A lot of news outlets are reporting that Warner Brothers’ casting choice for Batman in the new Batman/Superman flick in 2015 is Ben Affleck.

Like this one from Hero Complex

I cannot begin to describe my response, but I’ve tried with a fun lil meme I threw together, of a couple of my favorite guys in capes:

    Yeah I laughed a bit after I got over the shock, and realized they were serious.

Yeah I laughed a bit after I got over the shock, and realized they were serious.

What are your thoughts? I’ve added a poll at the bottom, but if it doesn’t adequately list your reaction, please feel free to comment!


7 thoughts on “Affleck as Batman

  1. Ok so when Chris Evans was cast as Captain America I was ready to rage and all that jazz. Then the set photos came up and the man looked the part. Then, the trailer came out and he acted the part. Finally, the movie I’d been waiting for since 8th grade came out and exceeded all my expectations. I’m going to lay odds on what everyone seems to be calling the “long shot” and bet that this will be awesome. Even if I am parroting an argument that has been written online already.

    • Yeah, but Affleck doesn’t even look the part, at least even with the naysayers (mostly groping about the same actor playing two heroes in the same universe) Chris Evans had that good old sweet American boy charm to him. What does Affleck have? Especially when you compare him to a few other actors out there? What about him says “I’m Batman” or even “I’m Bruce Wayne”? I just don’t see it. I’ll still see the movie, but I won’t go into it with high expectations. DC has neither built, nor filled their universe the fantastic way that Marvel has, and I feel like Affleck being Batman is just one more example of this. I’ll probably do a blog just comparing DC/WB and Marvel sometime soon.

      • It’s funny that you mention Michael Keaton, as a kid (long before I paid attention to, or cared about details like who was cast in a film, or who was writing or directing, before it even came out) I remember seeing “Batman” and “Batman Returns” on the TV (I think I was close to 7, my parents recorded them, ah the glory days of VHS), my favorite of the two was “Batman Returns” the likely reason being I liked Catwoman. But I digress, the reason I bring this all up is, even as a kid I remember thinking “he doesn’t look or sound like Batman should”, also I distinctly remember thinking he wasn’t “handsome enough to be Bruce Wayne”. I had also watched a lot of the WB cartoon series Batman as a kid. So Keaton was being compared to a cartoon Bruce Wayne/Batman. There was something not aggressive, or dark enough about Keaton, and it didn’t seem plausible that he could sweep women off their feet. So to this day, Michael Keaton is my least favorite Batman, but hey that’s in no way set in stone, Affleck could easily take that title.

        Two other things though, one is you look at the late 80’s early 90’s and there are a lot of things to be desired, which is why Nolan was deliberate in giving us a darker knight, and I therefore try to gives films from that time frame some slack. However I don’t think that makes up entirely for what I think was a not-so-good choice in Keaton.

        The second thing, I was going to go in and edit my typo in the previous reply, but it feels like cheating to do that… it’s more fun to let people think that, as a friend mentioned, it might be a Freudian slip of the keyboard.

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