Shifting Sand, Low Winter Sun S1e2

So before I go into this blog, I’d like to give some context to where my thoughts wandered as I put down my thoughts.  Now when I was a kid one of the coolest Christmas gifts ever was an N64, and one of my favorite games for it was Super Mario 64.  One of the world’s that Mario had to work his way through was the “Shifting Sand Land” (pictured below).  In this land there were different surfaces. There were completely solid surfaces, surfaces of sand, that if ran across would wear Mario out, and then there were sand surfaces that were like quicksand, and Mario would die if he stepped in them.  Then of course there were all the obstacles, bombs, mushrooms, turtles, etc.

N64_Super_Mario_64_shifting_sand_landbildeSo, what does ANY of this have to do with the most recent episode of Low Winter Sun, which is set in Detroit???

Well, glad you asked, because as will be explained through this review, there a few surfaces that Detective Agnew will have to cross, and till he knows which is safe, to use a line from Breaking Bad, he had better “tread lightly”

So, context provided, here’s my review.

Low Winter Sun S1e2 “The Goat Rodeo”

Now I’ll be completely upfront in saying I have no clue what the title means. And as with my other Low Winter Sun blogs I won’t be providing too much detail in this one, hoping that people will watch, because even as several people have mentioned that it’s a slow show (and may have been better paired with The Killing, or not with Breaking Bad as its lead in, because the real test with ratings will come after Breaking Bad ends, but I digress) I’d love to see it succeed via ratings, though it’s not doing so well, as mentioned in this freep article

low-winter-sun-la-8-19-13 What we do know is Boyd (the IA agent played expertly by David Costabile) enjoys duck hunting, which is all about  staying hidden, patient, quiet, and usually using a decoy. What we discover is that the case the IA had for McCann was pretty much the decoy, on both the level of the IA investigation, as well as how Geddes convinced Agnew to help murder McCann. Who Boyd now knows was murdered, because he asked the coroner to check the water in McCann’s lungs, which of course did not match the river

featured_lws1_second_espisode_7574Nothing we’ve seen Geddes do or say has seemed stable or honest, which is what led to this scene, at Katia’s place, where not Katia, but McCann’s informant (the headless body in McCann’s trunk) was murdered, by admittedly Geddes, who says he did it because McCann made him. Why Agnew trusts him at this point is beyond me.

But what’s his alternative ? Going to Boyd and telling him everything?

billy lush lwsMeanwhile, the other characters who (I’ll be brutally honest), I don’t really care about them… (which isn’t good for a show) with the exception of Billy Lush’s character, it’s easy to see a lot of emotional depth and his character is definitely sympathetic, as opposed to Sprague Grayden’s or James Ransone’s.


Anyway where was I? Oh yeah, Ransone’s character Damon tried to work out with Geddes the same deal he had with McCann, but Geddes wants nothing to do with them, and so the next thing we see Damon do is go and get permission from one of the other gang leaders in Detroit to sell their cocaine, which they get the ok to do, so long as they pay their “taxes”.

Again, I don’t see how they tie in overall, but maybe we’ll see as time goes on.

I worry that this show will end up suffering like AMC’s Rubicon because, while it was a good show, it took too long to connect all the dots.  For now all I really care about is Mark Strong’s character and if he’ll land on his feet by the end of the first season, which if ratings don’t pick up (despite the wonderful acting) may be all we get.


As always, thanks for reading and happy watching.


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