Small Town Problems, Broadchurch S1e3

We got answers, but nothing was really solved.Broadchurch.S01E03

broadchurch_ep3_trailer_00292 So this past Wednesday on Brodachurch we spent an entire episode getting the bottom of where Mark was the night that Danny died, and not just the audience, but Beth as well. My theory that it was something shady instead of just an affair was, wrong. There I said it, it was wrong. It was just an affair. And while I get where Mark was coming from, in terms of the town’s reaction to the affair as a scandal; I doubt it would have been that bad.  Becca-Fisher-1841453His business might have suffered a bit, being a local plumber, but Becca Fisher’s (the woman he had the affair with) wouldn’t have been lost considering she runs a hotel, and therefore, even though there may be seasonal regulars, wouldn’t lose much business, if any at all.



Two things really stood out to me in this episode, one was through this revelation, the other was only somewhat related to it.

uktv-broadchurch-ep3-7The first is, after three episodes I really cannot stand Detective Ellie Miller.  I get that she resents that Hardy got her job, and I get that she feels she’s the best person on the case because she’s of the town, but her interactions with Mark, and her determination to keep her son out of everything is getting to be irritating, she cannot emotionally detach herself from the case, and its hurting her in this investigation.

The second is, onBeth sees Mark and Beccace again we have a great performance by Jodie Whittaker, as Beth.  Her reaction discovering Mark with Becca at the end of the episode was so well done, and throughout the episode, her interactions with Steve the “psychic”, and Reverend Paul Coates, were fantastic.



Also, while I didn’t mention it above, the reporter Karen White, is just starting to feel a bit like a plot device for us to get more background on Tennant’s Hardy, who admitted to his doctor that, not in spite of, but because of his hatred for a small country place like Broadchurch, he’s elected to be there for “penance”.

I do like his character, and I do want more information on Sandbrook, but if White doesn’t have much more to do than needle Hardy about it, and bring it up, then her character will feel inauthentic.

In terms of who I think did it, as I explained in my blog post for the second ep of Broadchurch, nothing has changed. I still think that Mark didn’t do it, the “psychic” and “The Lab Lady” are Red Herrings, and that perhaps Reverend Coates, or Olly, the local reporter may be possibilities, simply because they’re not getting much attention at this point in the series.

If you have any theories or thoughts, please feel free to leave them in the comments!

Thanks for reading and happy watching!


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