Breaking Bad S5e11 Todd’s an Idiot

Hi there readers, so I had wanted to title this post: “Todd MUST DIE!!!”, but I felt it was a tad aggressive, and some of you may be wondering, with everything from Hank and Jesse, to Jesse and Saul, to Jesse and Walt, and Walt and Hank, and everything in between, why in the name of all that is blue-sky-meth related in this show, that I would choose to give Todd (the idiot) so much attention for this episode’s blog. Because, Todd’s idiotic intro ought not to be forgotten, so with that all out of the way, let’s dive in!

Breaking Bad S5e11 “Confessions”

BB-sync-511-bb-1-23o479wekhrjyewoi5yogiwe2oyt1oiyt2oeiy5So the episode opens with Todd leaving a voice message for Walt, saying that there’s been a “change in management” (remember last week’s shoot out in the desert?). After, we see him sitting with Jack and Kenny (pictured above… don’t ask me which is which) discussing the train heist from the beginning of this season.  Now I get that people like to brag about their achievements…

11427581-large BB-sync-511-4-adlfkqy34p5t8ayertaoeity-23597349687However, this is why Todd’s an idiot, as he tells the story he has no problem revealing important details, or engaging in a bit of name dropping. Specifically the name “Mr. White”, and he doesn’t just say “Mr. White” once, no he says it a few times. I remember wanting to slap him every time he said it.

The only detail that Todd left out, is likely the one that stands out the most for most viewers, when he murdered Drew Sharp, who was quite unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So, this is why I want Todd to die, and quickly. And we may get our wish, since our last shot of him this episode was of he and the guys, crossing the border back into New Mexico, with some chemicals in tow, and even though we may never see Walt cook again, he was never too fond of others cooking in Heisenberg’s territory.


The actor Jesse Plemmons, who plays Todd seems like a really nice guy... I hope he can pull of a painful death scene...

Jesse Plemmons, who plays Todd seems like a really nice guy… I hope he can pull of a painful death scene…

I’m really hoping that Todd (in some really horrible and painful way) will die at Jesse’s hand because by the end of this episode, we see just how much pent up aggression that Jesse needs to let out… but I’m getting ahead of myself… as usual.

Moving on to Jesse, the episode then jumps to where episode 10, “Buried” (on which I wrote probably my longest blog ever ) left off, with Hank, about to go in and talk to Jesse, who was being the interrogated by APD, for all the cash throwing.tumblr_mrrhkxf86o1r4w653o1_1280-550x310

Now Jesse wasn’t just ignoring the APD officers during their time with him, I’m pretty sure that he was catatonic, as the blurred time-lapse shot of the interrogation, from his perspective highlighted. Hank however changes that when he tells Jesse that he knows his brother-in-law is Heisenberg, prompting this reaction:BB-sync-511-7-23rbwoe57923-erhwke57

But, even after trying to push some emotional buttons, trying to make himself more of a friend to Jesse, because he’s sure Jesse must also feel “used” by Walt, the most he’s able to get is a mild rise out of Jesse though, who says “eat me”. He might have gotten further, but everyone’s favorite lawyer shows up and drags Jesse out of there, reminding the other officers what happened the last time Hank came into contact with Jesse (Hank beat the crap out of Jesse for distracting him from breaking into Jesse’s “private domicile”, by making it seem like Marie had been in a car accident… loved that scene.. but I digress)

We cut to Walt, getting a call from Saul, about what’s going on with Jesse, but before Walt can rush off to take care of things, Walt Jr. comes home, and is heard in the background saying that he’s heading out because “Aunt Marie… is having computer problems… and invited [him] to stay for dinner”.

Walt being both honest, and manipulative... but I think he's running out of people to play the cancer card on.

Walt being both honest, and manipulative… but I think he’s running out of people to play the cancer card on.

Walt, who during this has been trying to put some concealer on his bruises before talking to his son, runs out and catches him at the door ( knowing that Hank and Marie are only trying to get the kids over there, which I think is based on both concern, and a desire for leverage). Sits him down, asks him to stay in, and lets him know that he’s on chemo again, but that he’s staying positive and that Walt Jr. (who looked worried) should too.

Meanwhile, Hank gets home from work that day, and tells Marie, that the time is just not right yet, for him to tell others about Walt, something she protests, and she reminds him that the longer he waits, the worse it may look to the DEA.

BB-sync-511-bb-2-2134khweo4y1324-313-208f2o3iywetiyweroiyBack to Walt, he’s sitting on the bed, with Skyler asking him if he’s sure, which he says he is, as she hits record on a digital camera, and he begins,  a confession, indicated by Walt stating his name, and residence to the camera.


Is it just me, or does Walt remind anyone else of Mr. Rogers here?

What we get next is possibly the most uncomfortable dinner scene that Breaking Bad has ever brought us, and no I haven’t forgotten that really awkward dinner that Jesse stayed over for, and we saw just how uncomfortable with silence Jesse is (can’t remember exactly when that scene was, but it was when Skyler was extra bitchy… though I still never hated her). Anyway…

images BB-sync-511-10-wehowei57242otyr1lkwelkhgerlkerWalt and Skyler try telling Hank and Marie that the kids are safe now, and when Marie brings up that earlier Skyler had sent the kids to them, Skyler replies assertively “and *I* brought them back”. Walt tries to emphasize that Hank (who looks like a chained bulldog that would like nothing better than to tear into a chihuahua just out of reach)  has no evidence, and may as well back off, and it’s more than Marie can stand, who asks Walt if this all ends with him, after he dies then why doesn’t he do the right thing and kill himself.

Walt and Skyler see that they’re getting nowhere, get up to leave, pushing a CD in a blue plastic case across the table before walking out, leaving everyone to wonder what they just gave away. We get our answer quickly though (Vince Gilligan and the other writers must know by now that there’s only so much suspense that we can take at this point)


Walt and Marie watch the DVD that Walt made, in which Walt confesses that after being vulnerable (due to his cancer diagnosis and fear of leaving his family in financial ruin because of his medical expenses) Hank took advantage of his weakness, and of his genius as a chemist, and Hank forced him into cooking.  Walt implicates Hank in everything from Gus Fring (saying that Hank getting shot was on Fring’s order, due to a falling out between the two of them), to the Slamanca bombing at the nursing home.  Part of what Walt mentions as he so skillfully weaves in partial truths throughout this whole thing, is that it was his money, that then paid for Hank’s medical bills.

When Hank asks Marie about this, she confesses that she thought (as Skyler had told her) that it was gambling money, she had no way of knowing and that the insurance would never have covered Hank’s physical therapy, and without it, he probably wouldn’t be walking.  Hank refers to all of this as “the last nail in the coffin” (but I’m sure he won’t stop trying).

Back to Walt, he went out to the desert to meet with Jesse (who Saul had driven out there).  He asks Jesse, what Hank knows and what Jesse told him, Jesse tells Walt that Hank doesn’t really seem to have anything to go on, and that it doesn’t seem like the ADP or DEA are involved at all.

So, not to ruin the seriousness of the moment, but all I could think of was Robin Williams hugging Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, and I  kept expecting Walt to say "It's not your fault"

So, not to ruin the seriousness of the moment, but all I could think of was Robin Williams hugging Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, and I kept expecting Walt to repeatedly say to Jesse “It’s not your fault”

Walt starts telling Jesse (that especially with the money tossing, and what he’s heard from Saul) that maybe Jesse ought to get a fake ID, cut all ties and start a new life that it “might be good for” him. At this point Jesse breaks down, yelling at Walt that he’s only saying these things because Walt needs him gone, and that Walt doesn’t care about him at all.  Instead of arguing or fighting with Jesse, Walt embraces Jesse, and hugs him tightly, ending the scene.

The next thing we see is Jesse back at Saul’s and Saul is asking Jesse if he’s sure that he wants to start a new life, and then as Saul calls the guy who can get Jesse a new life, Jesse lights up, and as soon as Saul is off the phone he tells Jesse that he can’t be getting high, he needs to have a clear head and be ready to take directions, or the guy won’t help him when he goes to pick Jesse up. Jesse agrees and puts the pot into his hoodie pocket.

Yeah I watched it twice to be sure that I saw what I thought I saw... man Huell is a crazy good pickpocket

Yeah I watched it twice to be sure that I saw what I thought I saw… man Huell is a crazy good pickpocket

But the pot doesn’t stay there long. As Jesse walks out of the office he brushes up against a strategically placed Huell, who pulls the bag of weed right out of Jesse’s pocket, without Jesse noticing in the slightest.  Now I get where Saul was coming from, having Huell lift the weed, but it’s not going to go well in the long run.

Breaking-Bad-Season-5-Confessions-Jesse-Waiting-For-Truck-610x429We cut to Jesse waiting to be picked up along the highway to get his new ID and life, as he anxiously waits he reaches into his pocket, doesn’t feel the weed and checks the other, seeing he only has his cigarettes.

Huell stealing the cigarette pack with the ricin, in season 4,

Huell stealing the cigarette pack with the ricin, in season 4,

We see the same kind of AHA! moment that we’ve been getting all season, (Hank on the toilet, Walt realizing that Hank has his book, Marie realizing how long Skyler must have known, and then Hank again, realizing after the DVD that he may neve rbe able to beat Walt), and this must have been what Jesse was likely thinking of as he realized that this isn’t the first time that being close to Huell has resulted in something going missing.


Jesse has about 30 seconds to process all of this and decide on a course of action, as a red van (his ride to a new life) pulls up, and instead of getting in he walks off.

JesseSaulJesse bursts into Saul’s office, punching and kicking Saul, gun in hand demanding that Saul confess to having Huell pickpocket him, when Saul admits to having Huell steal Jesse’s weed, Jesse pushes harder referring to “before” and Huell stealing the ricin.  Saul admits to all of it, and Jesse leaves.

Now many might have assumed that this would be a fine cliffhanger to leave an episode on, Vince Gilligan however thought otherwise. So, Saul calls Walt and after we get a quick scene with Walt retrieving a gun from the coke machine at the carwash (and hiding it from Skyler, in an effort to keep her from worrying) the last scene we get is of Jesse, kicking in the door of the White home and dousing everything in his path with gasoline, and this is the last shot we get:


Now, was it just me, or did anyone else reading all the way to the end of this blog FORGET ABOUT TODD!?!?!? If so, well played Gilligan & Co., well played.

Till next time, thanks for reading and happy watching!


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