Not Liking The Lab Lady, Broadchurch S1e4

Hi there readers, so my eventual goal is to be posting the day after an episode airs, but considering this is still more timely than my most recent Super Late Low Winter Sun Blog so, until every blog is on time, I guess none will be… but I digress, here’s my take on the latest episode of Broadchurch.

Broadchurch S1e4

burning boat_broadchurchSo the last episode ended with a boat burning out in the harbor late at night, and Hardy had to wait for the tide to bring it in (or at least that’s what’s assumed considering when he was speaking to a local officer and requesting the coast guard, to no avail). Once again reminding us the joys of a small town.

Probably around the same time that the boat is burning, Beth is out meeting with Ellie, to talk, asking Ellie if she can confirm for sure, that if they let Mark go, that he’s no longer a suspect, and Beth also wants to know about Mark’s alibi.  Ellie won’t give anything up, (even when Beth tells her that she saw Mark with Becca Fisher) saying that Beth needs to talk to Mark. They look up to the church, and see a figure in the doorway (likely Reverend Coates).

broadchurch1x0401_zps8742fa1cLater, the next morning, after the boat floated into shore, and the boat is given a thorough going over, it’s determined that it was most definitely arson, and in one section of the wood, there were human hairs, which were going to be immediately sent for DNA testing, to see if they are, as suspected Danny Latimer’s. The whole thing puts DI Hardy in a good mood, as he exclaims “Out-bloody-standing”, pleased that the killer is panicking, and attempting to destroy evidence.

Also that morning, at the local paper office, Olly tells Maggie he’s found out something, she asks if he’s shared it with the police yet, to which he says no.

BC-E4 EllieHardy01Alec and Ellie go to update the family, and Mark expresses concern that Danny’s already been forgotten, and that neither the press nor the police really care about finding out who killed him.

That evening a community meeting is held so that the detectives can offer some updates about the case. While there the lab lady asks a question, prompting Maggie to ask for her name (Susan Wright), to presumably quote her later.  Other town members speak up, one of which stating that he doesn’t want Broadchurch to end up like Sandbrook.

After the town meeting, Karen speaks to Danny’s grandmother, attempting to seem comforting, saying that she hopes Danny isn’t forgotten. Meanwhile, Steven (the “psychic”) tells Hardy that he should have listened to him about needing to look into a boat.  Alec basically warns him off again, and as he walks to his car and Ellie, they’re approached by Maggie and Olly, who tell them that apparently Jack Marshall (Danny’s boss) had been previously been convicted for having sex with a minor.  new-picture-1

In addition to all these goings on, Susan (the lab lady) speaks to Nige (Mark’s co-worker), and even though he tries to get away from her, she tells him that they’re “connected” and need to stick together.

And during the next day, Steven goes to Beth again, telling her how the police wouldn’t listen when he told them about Danny being on the water, and that he needs her to help convince them to listen to him.

www.indiewire.comBroadchurchMeanwhile, Alec and Ellie are busy interviewing Jack Marshall for not coming forward about his underage sex conviction. He won’t give them any information, saying that he served his time, and that it’s in the past, now while I’ll NEVER defend a pedophile’s actions, it’s not said in the episode whether it was with a boy or not, and if it wasn’t I’m going to assume he’s not Danny’s killer, especially since the coroner already established that Danny wasn’t sexually assaulted before being killed.  None of this makes things easier for Jack though, when Olly then shows up asking him about it, in front of the Sea Brigade (kind of like Boy Scouts) which Jack led, and Danny was a part of.

One of the other things that the Echo (specifically Maggie) discovered when looking into Jack Marshall after Olly’s discovery, was that “Susan Wright” is in a picture with Jack for helping lead the Sea Brigade, but under the name of Elaine Jones, when Maggie confronts her about giving the wrong name “Susan” insists that the paper must have gotten it wrong previously.

BC-E4 Hardy02 The detectives go back to the Latimer home, and Beth has Steven there to talk to them.  Alec explains to Beth (quite angrily) that Steve has previous convictions for fraud, and drags him out of the house warning him never to come around again, leaving Beth feeling like a fool and “so alone”.

bildeThe next place Alec and Ellie go is to  talk with Paul Coates, who was Danny (and Tom’s) computer teacher, which is something he just got sucked into doing for the kids in the community.  He did admit to seeing Ellie and Beth the other night, and said that during the night of Danny’s murder he was awake (though without an alibi), trying to write a sermon, which isn’t uncommon for him, as he’s apparently had insomnia for years.

Karen White meets with the Latimers, telling them that Danny would have gotten more attention if he’d been a sweet girl with blonde hair, and they finally agree to talk. It’s a good thing the family talked to Karen, but only for Karen’s sake. She’d gotten a call from her editor, who wanted her back, saying there’s nothing to cover in Broadchurch, but she convinced him that there’s a story there, and that she’ll be able to get a story through the family.  Beth agrees to be the center of the story, as Karen says that this will personalize it for readers.

BC-E402That night, things also seem to get a bit more personal, instead of stuffy and professional, for Alec and Ellie, when she and her husband have him over for dinner.  Overall the evening seems to quite nicely, though Ellie was still bothered, as she joked with her husband afterward, that even after a nice dinner she’s still not on a first name basis, as Hardy insists on calling her Miller.

BC-E4 Susantennantnewsblogspot During this time, while Maggie is working late at the Echo, she hears a strange noise, goes to check, and when she turns back to her office Susan/Elaine is there, and tells her to back off, delivering what I consider one of the darkest threats I’ve seen on TV in a while (and yeah, that includes Breaking Bad), as she says “I know men who would rape you”, before leaving.

images E7-01When Susan/Elaine leaves (with her lab), she’s seen by Hardy, walking into the hotel, looking like he’s had one too many, so it doesn’t quite register for him to consider what she’s doing out so late near The Echo.  When he gets to his room, he passes out on the floor, getting a nasty cut and likely concussion. When he wakes in the morning he’s at the hospital, apparently Becca Fisher had a tenant hear the fall, and told the paramedics she was his wife, so that she could stay and keep an eye on him. Alec begs her to say nothing, saying he’d be taken off the case if others knew about his health.

tumblr_inline_mkfayb0k711qz4rgp Ellie_Ep4


The Latimers, along with others in the community go to the church for a memorial service, to get some closure regarding Danny’s death, and (thanks to what was published after Karen’s interview with Beth and the family) they’re swarmed by reporters, who have to be told by Ellie to back off. At this point Nige (who had seen the confrontation between Olly and Jack) tells Mark that Jack is a sex offender. BroadchurchEp04_JackAtLatimers

This of course means that things don’t go well, just that afternoon, as the family and a few others are trying to have dinner, and Jack Marshall stops by, saying he’d just found Danny’s phone in the bag Danny used to deliver papers. Jack tries to tell them, that while they may hear terrible things about him, that he’s innocent.

In addition to that stressing the family, the reporters are now on their property, trying to get photos. And it takes both Mark chasing them off, as well as Nige turning a hose on them to get them to leave.

Trying desperately to contain the story at this point Hardy holds a press conference, and just before he starts, Miller informs him of two things, first that the hairs from the boat are definitely Danny’s, and second, that she’s been informed by the Yorkshire police, that several years ago there was a boy’s death similar to Danny’s. Jack Marshall had apparently been living in Yorkshire near that murder site at the time.

As the press conference starts we cut to Jack Marshall, burning pictures of boys in the Sea Brigade, some of them shirtless, and one of them Danny’s.indexWow… that recap got longer than I expected… anyway at this point I’m thinking that Jack Marshall is a red herring, and I’m feeling more and more like possibly adding the “Lab Lady” (since we don’t know her real name) more into the suspect category, but I still don’t see a motive there.  Looking forward to this Wed. for the next episode.

As always, thanks for reading, and happy watching.






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