Super Late Low Winter Sun, S1e3

Hi there readers, so this post, for the third episode of Low Winter Sun, is super late, and I half considered just lumping my blog for episode 3 in with episode 4, but then that felt unfair to episode 4 (because TV episodes and blog posts have feelings…), anyway I figured better late than never, and this post will focus on the highlights of last week’s episode, and then I’ll do a more thorough blog on episode 4, once I’ve watched it (yay for DVR’s).

So, let’s dive in (though this post is really more of just puddle jumping… again sorry for the lateness).

Low Winter Sun S1e3 “No Rounds”


So, if I recall correctly (though the episode was over a week ago, and I’d have to think hard about what I had for lunch yesterday…) the episode opened just after McCann’s funeral, where, much to the dismay of the officers, IA agent, Simon Boyd was present.  The officers feel that an IA agent has no respectful purpose there attending the funeral of a murdered cop, even if said murdered cop was the center of said IA investigation. Of course, we learn by the end of the episode that the investigation was never really about McCann, but about Geddes all along.

Jumping to Geddes, what we get this week is a flashback to the night that McCann killed and cut up Boyd’s informant.  Geddes’ job that night was to take care of Katia, but we see according to his flashback, that he was honest with Agnew, when he told him that instead of killing Katia, he drove her across the bridge and let her go.

So was McCann a mastermind who was setting up his partner for IA, or has Geddes just always been as dirty as McCann? I’m going with always as dirty, because when things started getting not so good with McCann, why not report it… I get that cops aren’t supposed to rat on other cops, but isn’t reporting illegal and/or unethical stuff kind of their job???

Moving on to just the unethical category this week.


Yeah, things would probably be pretty awkward if he actually remembered their faces.

Regarding the “investigation” Agnew is conducting for the McCann murder, a man came forward saying he saw what happened when the car was dumped  The guy says that he couldn’t see who it was specifically, and doesn’t think he’d recognize them, which is a pretty good thing for Geddes and Agnew, considering the only solid thing that the witness remembers is that one of the guys was white, and the other was black…


Finally, regarding our criminals, they opened up a strip club, with the primary purpose of distributing the drugs that they acquired at the beginning of the season… I’m still not that interested in their plot line, but I think what’ll end up happening is that the ties that bind it all together will end up being some connection between Katia and Skelos, the main crime boss, who Callis tried offering dirt on to Geddes, but we won’t find out until Katia is found, which is Agnew’s off hours mission at this point.

So, thanks for reading, happy watching, and a more relevant Low Winter Sun blog to come!


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