“Here Yeller, Come Back Yeller!” Breaking Bad S5e12

Hi there BrBa fans, last night’s episode certainly kept moving (the pace of this season is crazy), so without any further intro, let’s dive straight in!

Breaking Bad S5e12 “Rabid Dog”

Picture1So the episode starts with Walt getting home, with the gun he got from the carwash… And when I say “getting home” I mean that he stopped his car down the street from his home, having seen Saul’s car parked in front, half in the driveway, half on the gravel. He sneaks in through the back, sees the can of gasoline, and steps in the soaked carpet.

indexHe calls out for Jesse, and then makes his way down the hall, checking each room, and by the end of it, there’s no Jesse.  Walt goes out front to the car, sitting there, with the door open and that annoying “dinging” noise, still no Jesse.  He takes the keys our of the ignition, and looks around, a few kids on bikes ride in the background behind him, one can only imagine that by the end of this shows chronology that they’ll be skateboarding in the White pool.

After that we see Walt working on damage control, he’s got carpet cleaners cleaning, a locksmith… locksmithing (though he adamantly tells the locksmith NOT to change any locks), and Huell is there telling him they haven’t found Jesse yet. Walt asks him to check at Jr’s school, just in case. Walt then speaks to the cleaners who then tell him, despite going over the carpet 3 times that “gasoline’s tricky” and until they replace the padding, they many never get the full smell out.

WALT-CAN-640x356So Walt decides to get creative, in attempting to make it seem like nothing happened to the house. He pours gasoline on himself, then takes off his clothes (providing us with what I’m now expecting as the Mr. White Underwear Shot, of each episode), leaves them in the living room, changes, then goes to hide the gas can in the trash, which he considers not sneaky enough, because he then takes it out, and puts it in the neighbor’s trash bin.  But even that doesn’t feel elaborate enough to Walt, as he then takes the gas can out of the neighbor’s trash bin, to pour some on his front car seat.

When Skyler gets home, with Holly, that evening she finds a fan running in Walt’s car window, to blow out the gasoline smell.  When she walks in she finds Walt, scrubbing an area of the carpet.  He feeds her and Jr. a B.S. story about a faulty gas pump, and how he ran home to shower, leaving his clothes on the living room floor.  His story is like most of Walt’s lies, ridiculously elaborate, and even Jr. sees through it… sort of.  Jr. assumes that Walt is covering up for passing out at the gas station, or something like that, as a result of his cancer/chemo. Walt denies that the cancer had anything to do with it saying “I’m fine, and that’s the truth”. So, Walt convinces the family to stay in a hotel at least for a few nights.

SaulWaltKubyThat night Walt meets Saul, and Kuby in a car in the parking lot of the hotel he’s staying at with the family.  Sitting there they review the list of all places they’ve checked, and failed to find Jesse at (at which point I turned to my husband and said: What if he’s with Hank?).  Saul then moves the conversation in an unpleasant direction, asking Walt what he’ll do when they finally find Jesse, if he won’t cooperate then, comparing Jesse to Old Yeller, who “Timmy” had to shoot for being rabid.

old-yellerNow, I’ll deliberately digress for a moment, as Old Yeller is quite the favorite of mine.  First of all, the name of the boy Saul is referring to is Travis, not Timmy, and in case anyone needs a movie lesson, the only reason Yeller caught rabies was because he was defending the family.  He was the “Best dog-gone dog in the West”.  Jesse is more like Kiddo from Kill Bill… minus the skills, sense of direction, sword, and well being a guy… I guess there’s not a great metaphor for who Jesse is, but in my opinion, it ain’t Old Yeller, just saying.

Anyway, Walt says he won’t even consider it, saying it’s as lousy as Saul’s “Belize” plan for Hank, and leaves.  When he gets back to the hotel room, he makes up a story to Skyler about the ice machine having been broken, and having to walk all around the hotel to find one that worked.  She calls him out on his B.S. right then and there, admitting that she spied on him going to the parking lot to meet with Saul, and adding that she doesn’t feel sorry about it.

anna-gunn-640x359Walt admits to everything about Jesse trying to burn down the house, and tries to tell Skyler that Jesse is “more of a danger to himself, than anyone else” and that he’ll talk to Jesse, and it’ll all be fine.  But Skyler pushes back, saying that he needs to “Deal with it” and after all they’ve done, including making the “awful tape”, when it comes to killing Jess: “What’s one more?”

Speaking of Jesse…

We get a flashback to last week’s gasoline soaked end, and see Jesse dousing the White house, and just as he’s rolling up a magazine to light it, Hank bursts through the front door!BB-sync-512-11-23jvlwkeu51-098g324uwv-e05891pouvwd-ti1piorythumb.phpJesse is absolutely shocked upon seeing Hank, who confesses to following him, ever since he left

Saul’s place (I’m assuming he means after Jesse got Saul to confess about the ricin). tumblr_msj6db0TAW1qzpxx1o1_1280But once Hank get’s him talking, and Jesse tells him about Walt poisoning a kid just to “make a play”, Jesse breaks down yelling “He can’t keep getting away with this!” (I’m sensing another Emmy for Aaron Paul… just saying). Hank convinces Jesse that they can take Walt down, jpegand make him pay, together, so Jesse gets into Hank’s car and they drive off.  Hank tells Jesse that the more he can give him on Walt, the better things will go for him, but Jesse acts like he pretty much knows that all of this is pretty much over, and nothing will go well for him, from this point forward.


BB-sync-512-12-23hjvwwql4u-3r96Meanwhile, Marie is trying to work through everything with her shrink (the same one we never saw, but had helped her work through her kleptomania).  She won’t give up any details, because “the details don’t matter, he screwed us and he won” only that this is about not seeing someone for who they were, and that everything they’ve done is so hurtful, that she’s found herself looking up poisons online, saying that of course she could never really hurt anyone, but that “it just feels good to think about it.”

When Marie gets home she’s in for a bit of a surprise, Hank tries to get her to stay somewhere else for a few nights, because of a “gas leak” (both Hank and Walt trying to use gas to lie to their wives…), and when she won’t leave, he shows her why he tried to get her out of the house.bb-sync-512-bb-3-02395jfwelo578vwp357ghw35 Marie’s fine with Jesse staying there, as long as it helps bring down Walt.

Cutting back to present time, we see Walt sitting by the hotel pool, and he has a heart to heart with Jr. who’s still very concerned about his dad.  I really have a bad feeling about what’s going to happen, when we see Walt Jr. finally find out about his dad… it’s going to be devastating. Anyway, after Walt Jr. goes back up, we see Walt make a call (but we don’t hear/see to who)

When Jesse wakes up the next morning, Marie offers him coffee (which Jesse apparently takes black), and as he steps into the living room, Gomez (Hank’s partner) partner is there, and Hank is setting up a video camera.  At first Jesse is hesitant, mentioning that there’s no physical evidence, it’d be his word against Walt’s and that Walt’s “retired” so it seems like there’s no point, but after some pushing from Hank, he reluctantly gets in front of the camera.

bb-sync-512-bb-4-02395jfwelo578vwp357ghw35Jesse confesses (everything we assume), and after Hank and Gomez talk outside.  Gomez agrees that there’s nothing physical, and there’s only so much to go on, even though he believes Jesse.  Hank pulls out Jesse’s phone though, and plays a message.

tumblr_msh93lygxu1qhuajdo2_250When Hank goes back inside, he replays the message for Jesse, which is Walt saying that he wants to meet in public at a plaza. Jesse doesn’t want to be bait, saying he thinks Walt’s going to hill him.  Hank points out though (going over some of what Jesse said, regarding the past 5 seasons) that Walt seems to have always had a soft spot for Jesse, protecting him, and keeping him around, even when he didn’t have to. Which is so true, but  Jesse doesn’t exactly buy it, injecting some of our favorite snarkiness into the conversation. Jesse tries reminding them, that when it comes to Walt “Mr. White, he’s the devil… he’s smarter than you, he’s luckier than you” and they’ll never catch him.

But he ends up agreeing to wear a wire, and show up to let Walt talk and “explain” himself, as stated in the message.


When Jesse leaves the room for a moment, leaving Hank alone with Gomez, it’s like Vince Gilligan and the writers had what a friend and I like to refer to as a “strokey beard meeting” (for definition see below the blog), where they decided that Hank just can’t be a perfect hero, because when Gomez points out that “the kid” is right about what could happen to him, Hank refers to Jesse by a string of insults about what a waste druggie he is, and that if they’re luck they’ll send him to the plaza and if “Pinkman gets killed and we get it all on tape”.

maxresdefaultThe very next scene is Hank putting the wire on Jesse, and Jesse walking through the plaza. Jesse’s adrenaline is running, high and in part due to the wonderful cinematography you can sense how he views everyone there as a potential threat of some kind. As he makes his was to the bench that Walt is sitting on, he sees a bald, beefy man in black standing about 10 feet from Walt, looking menacing.  Jesse, still assuming Walt wants him dead, turns around and heads for a payphone.

Jessethreat1He calls Walt, saying “Nice try asshole”, and even though Walt tries to tell Jesse he only wanted to talk, Jess talks over him, telling him that “next time I’m going to get you where you really live”.

rabid-dog-bald-guy tumblr_msi2nrJkIv1qivcpio5_500At this point Walt gets up and looks around and leaves, and the intimidating guy in all black wasn’t there for Walt or Jesse, but just to pick up his little girl.

Hank picks up Jesse around the corner, yelling at him for blowing their chance at getting him.  Jesse says that there’s a “better way to get at Walt.”

Finally the episode ends with Walt on the phone saying “Hey it’s Walt, I’m ok, I uh, Todd, I think I might have another job for your uncle.” (Todd’s uncle being the one that helped arrange the murder spree in the prisons to tie up loose ends).

Well all I can say is WOW! The pace will just not slow down, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just seems like the ending is coming at us like a train, and we still don’t know how things get to where they were at the beginning of the season.

Thanks for reading, happy watching, and please leave any theories or thoughts in the comments!

*Definition of a “strokey beard” meeting. A friend of mine (you can find his blog here http://www.valendar.com), who is currently serving in Korea coined that phrase to describe a meeting of writers and/or studio execs (likely stroking their beards), sitting around trying to make a plot or character decision (and not always good ones), for example, Lori in TWD, crashing the car, someone obviously had a “strokey beard” meeting where the objective was finding out how to put Lori in unnecessary danger.


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