Now What? Luther, Series 3 Episode 2

Hi Readers,

So last night, we got the second episode of Luther’s third series here in the U.S. And while it was a great episode, my main question is “Now what?”

The primary reason being, a lot of things were wrapped up pretty quickly, or seem like we can already see where stuff’s going, and while one primary issue is not completely resolved, I feel like the next couple of episodes will lack the suspense adrenaline we’ve gotten from one and two.

So, without going through too much detail, or scene by scene, because you should definitely watch this show if you’re not, here’s why I feel like this season may have already hit its climax (and here’s to hoping I’m wrong), which since we just had essentially half of our entire season, it wouldn’t seem too poorly paced.

4418317-high-luther-iii_FULLThe episode opens with a date between Luther and *Merry* (yeah I know it’s Mary, but she’s so darn cute and cheerful), things seem to be going well between the two of them… but I’m fairly certain she’s not going to last past the end of this season, so I already feel like I can see her death and Luther’s devastation coming… which makes it hard to get attached.

1065341859The main thing that’s already wrapped up are the murders, committed by, a man named Paul Ellis, a “pilgrim” of the original “Shoreditch Creeper” of the older cold case murders. Paul had apparently been visiting the original killer (a man named William Carney) at a nursing home.  They track him down after they try to get in touch with the original detective who’d looked into the murders (unfortunately they find him murdered at home… Paul’s been very busy). What they did find though is the detective had been making a few late night calls to said nursing home, and made the connection.

The man who’d be receiving the phone calls had been the detective’s main suspect in the Shoreditch murders, but he could never pin it on him, but the murderer had ended up spending 25 years in prison for a separate murder… anyway Luther just misses Paul when he goes to the nursing home, and after seeing the text correspondence (including pictures) between Carney and Ellis takes Carney into the station.

Luther-S3E2-CarneyWhile interrogating him they get to the bottom of the relationship between Carney (now too old and weak to murder) and Ellis, apparently one of Carney’s victims was Ellis’ “whore” mother, and Ellis witnessed the whole thing from a cupboard he was regularly forced into as a child (completely reminded of The Killing here… let’s hope the kid in S3 of The Killing doesn’t end up like Ellis.. but I digress).

Carney, feeling clever lets slip that even though they know who the killer is now, they’ll probably be too late to save the next victims, and makes some comment about the victims will likely be “getting home” right about now.

2013-07-10-luther-17 Luther-S3E2-Toothbrushes 2013-07-10-luther-21 2013-07-10-luther-23While all of this has been going on, the audience who’s been seeing what Ellis has been up to knows that the next victims are a few of the nurses from Carney’s nursing home, and while this episode didn’t carry the same level of suspense as episode one… there were some pretty creepy scenes.

It’s like the writers went out of their way to show us how sick and invasive Ellis is (those are the women’s toothbrushes to the right ————————————–>

And of course getting the killer’s hidden POV of a victim always gets to me (it’s a personal thing, when I watch something scary, seeing the killer never bothers me, but an undetected killer creeps me out SO much… ).

The killer is able to capture two of the women, and when the third gets home though, he’s waiting for her, but Luther was there waiting for him… having figured out Carney’s remark, contacted the other nurse, and went in with her, silently.  I had a feeling he was with her though, even though we didn’t see it, simply because the nurse called to her friends once and then went straight upstairs… now this might seem normal, except there was pots boiling, veggies half cut up, and two glasses of wine in the kitchen… she would have had to have been a ridiculously stupid victim to ignore all those warning signs… just saying.

Anyway, a fight ensues, Luther gets the knife away from Ellis, who chooses to jump out of a third floor window (crashing onto a greenhouse), as police are pulling up… which won’t look good for the IA investigation looking into the high correlation between Luther and dead criminals…

maxresdefault61Speaking of the IA investigation it’s not going well, not only does Luther pretty much already know, he’d met with Gray, and told her to keep Justin out of it, and not toy with his emotions just to get to Luther. Gray brushes him, off and because she now knows that Luther knows about the investigation, she and Stark (who without a warrant previously visited Luther’s apartment) push Justin to to go on the record about every lie Luther ever told, and every law Luther ever broke, offering him a previously requested deal, because Justin doesn’t want to be incriminated in any way as well. Now before we get to the awesome scene between Luther and Stark, let’s see what Justin’s been up to…

Luther-S3E2-Ken-Barnaby2013-07-10-luther-02Justin had been to visit the now right-hand-less Ken Barnaby in the hospital, and when Justin speaks to him he lets him know that he retrieved what was left of his hand while it was on the way to the incinerator, and that if Barnaby has anything to share, he should do it now.  Barnaby though basically tells Justin that until he’s been charged with anything he’s not saying anything.  He also mentions that his wife has MS, and that if he goes away, she’ll be all alone… pretty sure the writers had a meeting and said: “How do we make this guy as sympathetic as possible?”, now I’m not complaining… I’m kind of rooting for this guy, instead of Ripley….

Getting back to Ripley, who is just getting into his recorded statement on Luther, when Luther (who had been having Ripley’s cell phone tracked… which is at least borderline unethical… just saying) shows up at the IA base, takes the tape recorder, file of evidence, won’t even speak directly to Ripley, and before he walks out tells Stark that even if he goes down he’ll take Stark down “harder and faster” with him. LUTHER Series 3

Luther feels a bit differently about Ripley though as he listens to the recording, where Ripley went above and beyond defending him.

Finally the episode ends when Luther gets home, and Merry is there waiting for him, since they’d been playing phone tag, and they both agree that their date was really nice, and they don’t want to play games, and kiss (so sweet… but again I’m not getting attached).

So, what now… will we get more murders? Or will it all be about the investigations of Barnaby and Luther from here on out… and where’s Alice??????

So my final thoughts… I’m really happy Luther saved those women… but please tell me they find out about their toothbrushes before using them!!!!!!!!!

Any thoughts on last night’s Luther, please comment below! Thanks for reading, and happy watching!


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