Luther, Final thoughts on the final episode.

Hi readers, the past 4 nights here in the U.S. have had some of the best drama out there,  and now that it’s over, all that’s left to do is blog about it.

luther2So if you want my full (and albeit lengthy) recap of Episode 4, click the link. This last blog on Luther (at least until the movie comes out) is really just on my personal thoughts on the ending, specifically regarding Luther and Alice.

LUTHER Series 3I think that after everything, when Luther and Alice walk off together they’re not just taking a stroll to say their goodbyes I think that Luther left with her, fake passport and all.

I think this for a few reasons.               The first is that when Alice offered him a way out with the fake passport, he said he had to take care of Marwood, the vigilante first.  That’s been wrapped up.


Also, when she told him that he needed to “lose the coat”, why would he toss it, unless it’s tied up with shedding a part of himself, or his life that he needs to leave behind?

The other primary reason is that everyone close to Luther ends up getting killed, or severely hurt, his ex-wife, Justin, and nearly Merry, who barely made it out of all this alive.  I think Luther knows this, and it’s the only way to keep others safe.

So, what are your thoughts on the ending, please leave comments below as to what you think of the Luther finale, or of the fact that even though we’re getting a Luther film, it’ll be a prequel, which means no Alice.

Thanks for reading!


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