The End, Luther Series 3 Episode 4

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I won’t waste any space on this blog gushing over how amazing Luther is, at least not intentionally, for said gushing feel free to read my blogs from the past three days: Luther S03E01,  Luther S03E02, or Luther S03E03. Now then, lets dive in!

The finale started right where episode 3 left off.  Marwood breaks into Luther’s, but Merry manages to make a call on her cell, sneak out and hide in a shed. Just as Marwood is about to find her though we hear sirens, and know that the police have arrived, and Marwood runs off.

Luther IIIBy the time Luther gets there, Stark has been speaking with Merry,asking what happened, and why she happened to be waiting in Luther’s place, just when Marwood got there.  Merry explains that Luther said he’d be late, but told her to wait there, and Stark gives Merry a look, that all but tells her he thinks Luther had her stay there to be killed by Marwood.  Gray walks in and says “Man down, Justin Ripley”, and Gray is obviously broken up about it.

Luther arrives, and as he’s surveying the damage to his apartment, Stark walks in with Gray, Luther asks where Merry is, but Gray tells Luther that he’s “under arrest for the murder of Justin Ripley, and the attempted murder of Mary Day.”

Luther-S3E4-InterrogationWe then see Luther interrogated by Gray and Stark, who says that from his side of the table it looks like Luther tried to get rid of two people who could have ever  incriminated him, and that Luther must have chosen to let Marwood go, if in addition to killing criminals, that Marwood would also clean up Luther’s messes.

luther-idris-elba-david-ohara-600-370Luther is then being transported by Stark and Gray when the car rolls over a spike strip, popping all of the tires.  Before anything can be done about it, a gas can is thrown and a figure in a mask shows up, and begins smashing windows.


Watching this scene, my initial thought was that this attacker was Marwood, trying to kidnap Luther for some kind of grand gesture of making some point about the ineffectiveness of law enforcement.

58591Once Stark and Gray are both pulled out of the vehicle, the person gets into the car, and to everyone’s surprise… including Luther’s his rescuer is none other than the fans favorite sociopath…..

Alice Morgan!

Alice takes Luther to a flat, telling him she just got into London from Berlin, having seen what was going on there on the news. She talks to Luther about how dangerous he is for others stating that his “conscience has killed more people than she has”, and offers Luther a fake passport, but Luther declines, saying he can’t leave until he takes care of Marwood.

indexAnd Marwood by the way has been busy. He breaks into the home of a very pregnant woman watching the news.  She runs up the stairs, with Marwood following.

jpegMeanwhile, Schenk and Stark are at odds trying to figure out what happened the previous night, and where Luther might be.  Schenk wants to treat what happened as an abduction, and Stark wants it treated like an escape, in addition to that Stark wants more men looking for Luther, but Schenk is making Marwood the priority at this point.

In my opinion, it was a bit of both. And with that we jump back to Luther and his abductor/rescuer, Alice.

They talk about what’s been going on, such as where Alice has been.  She tells Luther that since she last saw him she’s been married, Luther doesn’t quite believe, but picks up on that Alice referred to her husband in the past tense.  Alice admits that her husband passed away, and follows that with the line “Some girls grow up wanting ponies, I always wanted to be a widow”, I swear Alice gets the best lines in this show!

tumblr_mqh35wT2LU1rxyd70o1_250They then discuss Merry, who Alice doesn’t exactly like, going as far to refer to her as a “pixie” and a “day-dream”, something that Luther wants to want, instead of what Luther truly wants.

Moving on to more pressing matters, Alice turns on the news, and Marwood is either live vlogging, or recorded a statement being aired trying to explain what happened with Ripley, and trying to make sure that the public doesn’t see him as just a cop-killer. Alice and Luther know that the man who killed Marwood’s wife is up for parole but still in prison, and know that what’s needed to get Marwood, and keep Luther from getting caught by Stark, is “leverage”.

Speaking of Merry and Stark… Stark and Gray are keeping Merry in a safe house, something she’s obviously not too keen on, but she doesn’t really protest that much either.

luthertumblr_mqf2stkVnk1ruf8u2o1_500What transpires next rivals, if not out does some of Alice’s best moments. She shows up at the police stations, speaks with Schenk and Deadhead about Luther.  Schenk tells her that because she’s a fugitive that by showing up at the station she has technically surrendered herself.  She points out then that Schenk can either be more concerned with getting someone who’s guilty or saving someone who’s innocent.  It’s really not that tough of a choice for Schenk.  Alice then knowing that Schenk is (if not on her), is on Luther’s side and she tells him that what she needs is a personnel file.  The next scene we see is of Alice happily walking back out of the police station, files in her hands and a smile on her face.

1374614644_Alice-Morgan-makes-a-time_1 Luther-S3E4-TraceAs Alice and Luther are driving Luther asks Alice why she really came back, she tells him that HE was the reason she came back, the two share an awkward moment, and then they park, so that Luther can call Merry.

When he calls her Stark and Gray are busy tracing the call, which doesn’t phase Luther at all, considering the whole time he’s on the phone with her, he’s having Deadhead back at the station trace the call back. After he hangs up he gets a text to where Merry is.

While Luther was making the call Alice was looking through the personnel file she got, trying to determine who Marwood would most likely try to apply leverage to, to get the man who killed his wife murdered in prison.  Alice, rightly guesses the prison doctor (who is the husband of the pregnant woman Marwood has abducted).

Luther and Alice track down Marwood, who is again in front of a camera, with his trusty shotgun, and in front of another dead criminal.  Marwood is saying that at this point he will kill a criminal a day, until the Prime Minister holds a referendum on the death penalty.

luther21Luther and Alice interrupt his video, with Luther distracting him, and Alice grabbing the camera, because they know he won’t kill another cop in front of an audience. Marwood pulls out another gun and gets Alice to put the camera down, but not before she gets the memory card out. Luther offers to trade it for the pregnant hostage, but instead Marwood shoots Luther in the leg, takes his phone, and tells him now (since he sees the same text about Merry’s whereabouts on Luther’s phone), he’ll trade the memory card for Merry… and the pregnant hostage has kind of fallen out of the equation.

Alice gets to the safe house before Marwood though, she makes some noise in the hall, getting Stark and Gray to check it out.  She sneaks into the room that Merry’s in, and as Stark and Gray are making their way down the stairwell, Marwood comes in and shoots Stark.

thumb_311Merry asks what Alice is doing there, Alice tells her that she’s there to offer proof that Merry doesn’t need about the kind of man John Luther really is, and as Alice goes to leave, she tells Merry “If you ever betray him like this again, I’ll kill you and eat you”

At this point though, they’ve just heard the gunshot, of Marwood killing Stark.

Switching between what’s going on in the stairwell, and Alice & Merry, Marwood in the stairwell is asking a blood spattered Gray if she’s Mary, Gray tries to lie and say she is, but Marwood sees through it. Alice laments that in their room they have bullets but no gun, she has Merry find a nail, and they get out just ahead of Marwood. Alice is even able to use said nail, and one of the bullets lodged in a doorway to fire a shot at Marwood.  Luther gets there just as Marwood catches up to Alice and Merry, and then Marwood forces them all up on the roof.

Luther-S3E4-ChoiceThere Marwood tells Luther that he can make choice and save one of them, but if he refuses to choose that he’ll shoot both of them.  After a couple of very tense moments, and after a very interesting glance from Alice, Luther tells Marwood to shoot Alice. When Marwood tries though Merry pushes the gun out of the way, and Alice quickly turns using the nail to slice Marwood’s neck. Luther puts pressure on Marwood;s wound.  Marwood just wants to die, and Luther says he’ll let him, if he gives up where he’s hidden the hostage.  Marwood gives it up, but by then the police are there, and Luther calls for the medics to save Marwood.

The hostage is found, and as everything is getting wrapped up at the safe house, Deadhead tells Luther that Alice was arrested, and Merry left.  Luther goes to the police van that “Alice” is in, only to see Merry, who explains that there’s been a bit of a “mix up”.  After they share a tender moment, Luther goes to catch up with Alice, at the bridge.

LUTHER Series 3ScreenShot2013-07-25at163757Luther and Slice share a tender moment, and she tells him that he really needs to “lose the coat”. He takes it off, kind of says goodbye to it, and then drops it into the river.

From there the camera keeps panning back as Luther and Alice walk off together, along the bridge,


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