The Fall, Broadchurch S1e5


Hi there readers,

Sorry this is coming a bit later than usual, but blogging for Luther took priority last week… and I miss it already. Anyway here’s my take on last week’s episode of Broadchurch.

The episode opens with Miller’s son Tom, skateboarding at night on the route that Danny took the night he was killed with the town following, all as both a vigil and a way to keep Danny relevant and hopefully jog anyone’s memory of that night. The only members of the town NOT in the procession are Becca Fisher (in case you forgot, she runs the hotel, and slept with Mark Latimer), and Jack Marshall (the older man Danny worked for that has a previous charge for underage sex), who quietly recites The Lord’s Prayer as he watches the people pass.

Back at home Beth and Mark finally start talking about why Mark slept with Becca.  Beth is understandably hurt and seeking answers, saying that for 15 years and through 2 kids she feels like she just spins her wheels taking care of the family. Mark finally says that he was only interested in Becca because she wasn’t “prettier, or sexier…just new”. Beth tells him that if she’s “dull” it’s only because he’s the only man she’s ever been with, she ends up telling him that she’s pregnant, and Mark tells her she has to keep it. She replies with “I don’t have to do anything you tell me”, and unknown to them Chloe can hear everything just down the hall.

broadSo this week it seemed like Hardy and Miller had a small break in the case, considering that there had been some cigarette butts found near Danny’s body (and had they been there BEFORE Danny’s body was placed there they’d have been washed away by the tide), which happen to be high tar, which would narrow things down. Unfortunately they spend most of the episode on damage control, at least partially caused by Olly’s and his crush Karen White.

BC-E5OllyKaren1Olly and Karen are working hard on their story about Jack Marshall, trying to keep it all well balanced without sensationalizing anything.  Things get a bit sensational between the two of them though.  After sending off the story to Karen’s paper, Olly kisses her, and while Karen initially protests, they end up sleeping together.

The next morning though carries an unpleasant surprise for everyone affected by the murder and investigation.

BroadchurchEp5-JackNewspaper-200x200This is the headline that Karen’s editor decided to go with, along with a much more sensational story that he thought worked best for the front page of the paper.  While I appreciate that Karen and Olly have jobs to do, and I also appreciate the fact that they tried to keep things balanced, in no way, even on the local level did they try to print any retractions or corrections, and they should have.

When this is printed the whole town starts to get agitated, starting even with Chloe who’s seen talking to someone on the phone about starting a boycott of Jack’s shop.

BC-E5shopA boycott is the least of Jack’s worries though.  He’s got reporters crawling all around his shop, and so he calls Hardy and Ellie to try and get rid of them. Finally here Jack explains the charge of underage sex he carries. He had an affair with a girl just under the age of 16, when he was a music teacher and she was his student.  Her father came forward, and he spent a year in jail. After he got out, they were married, and had a child together.  Now I only feel so bad for Jack.  While I get that this was as he puts it “no one’s business but [his]” he could have saved himself a lot of grief, explaining this to the police, or to the press.

Bc-E5Beth1Meanwhile, Beth finally confronts Becca Fisher at her Inn, smashing glasses on the floor, turning on beer taps, all the while shouting about Becca about how she had no right to her husband.  I was kind of hoping she’d punch Becca… I probably would have.  Coates was there, and walked Beth out.  When Beth asked if he knew what Becca had done, Coates somewhat smartly replied “yeah, I’ve got the gist.”

broadchurch-136663820241Things go from bad to worse for Jack Marshall, when Chloe’s older boyfriend tells Chloe, and then Olly and Karen that Jack Marshall made him feel uncomfortable when he was younger, because Jack always wanted to hug the boys in the Sea Brigade, which of course is spun into another sensationalized story.BroadchurchEp5-AngryMob

So now a “posse” of fathers and other men in the town, show up at the head quarters for the Sea Brigade, primarily to tell Jack that not only will they not allow their sons to be in the Sea Brigade with a pedophile, but to also try and run him out of town,article-2312826-196F81B1000005DC-1_634x342

Mark is of course there, and when he tries to talk to Jack, things get a bit emotional, as Jack now tells Mark even more than he told the police.  He tells him about his young wife, and son, and when Mark asks where they are now, Jack tells him that his son, at age 6 died in a car accident, and that his wife was driving, and the grief drove them apart, so he moved to Broadchurch to get away from everything. article-2312826-196B5683000005DC-548_634x354

Mark then understands when Jack says that the only reason he ever wanted to hug the boys was because he missed his own son, and that he never could have ever hurt one of them.  Mark tells the rest of the men to leave, and tells Jack though, that for his own good it may be best to leave Broadchurch.

Sometime as all of this was going on Tom was walking around the arcade, and sees the Lab Lady and her lab who is apparently named “Vince”, she tells Tom that if he ever wants to he can walk her dog, and tells him where her RV is located near the beach.

Also going on, is Karen had questions about the burning boat, so Olly is going to take her out on the water, only to discover that his boat is missing.  He reports it to  Ellie (who’s already having a bit of family issues, since earlier in the episode, her sister went to her for money – apparently not something new – saying she knew something about Danny and would give it up in exchange for a loan).  Olly’s kind of a brat about it, asking if his boat is the burned boat, would Ellie give him the info on it first, she says she’ll look into the boat, but is a bit annoyed.

Turns out though it was Olly’s boat, and as the CSI guy is telling Ellie this, he tries asking her out, but she reminds him that she’s happily married.

Ellie then gives Hardy the updates about the boat, and the CSI guy asking her out. The conversation then gets a bit awkward though, as Ellie finally brings up Sandbrooke, wanting to know what happened.  Hardy doesn’t want to talk about it, but he assures Ellie that they won’t let Broadchurch down.

8628062524_30b267144f_zThat night, Beth and Mark make a few small steps toward healing, as Mark asks if they can have one night without insults or silence.  They spend the night looking at old pictures of Danny and the family, and we see a few smiles.  Unfortunately, all of this is occurring while vandals are spray painting “PAEDO” on Jack Marshal’s boat, and smashing in the windshield of his car.


Jack probably could have handled that, but he goes to his shop very early, where he sees the papers dropped off to be sold that day with his family photos and headlines like “child bride”




The next morning Hardy and Miller find his dead body on the beach, after having jumped from the cliff above.


At this point I’m at a complete loss for suspects, and while I won’t quit guessing, I just feel like i don’t have anything to go on.

So thanks for reading and happy watching!




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