Killing the Killing, and Calling Saul

Hi there readers,

So for those that pay attention to what goes on in TV Land, especially over at AMC, here’s a couple of updates about what to expect from them in terms of upcoming seasons. There’s some good news, and some bad news.

Let’s start with the bad,US-remake-of-The-Killing-007Once again, as detailed in this article ‘The Killing Canceled by AMC (again) by, AMC has decided ‘not to move forward with a fourth season of ‘The Killing.’ and that is was a ‘difficult decision’.

To me this is really disappointing news, especially considering I felt that the third season was quite the comeback for the show, and was much more engaging than the second season. We got a closer look at who Linden was, saw how much Holder had matured, and then there was that amazing cliff hanger, which we’ll probably never get any resolution to (this is your cue to save the day Netflix)!

skeptical-baby-meme-1-516x340Now, I know what you’re thinking… haven’t we been here before… doesn’t this all feel a bit familiar, yeah we have and yeah it does. AMC did the same thing last year after the poorly rated season 2. But let’s look at what happened, a lot of fans didn’t watch season 2 because they had wanted answers in season 1. We got our answers in season 3, and now we want more…. I just feel like I don’t get what AMC was looking for, during and after this 3rd season…

But on to the good news!

BetterCallSaul-Banner-New-560According to this TV Line article, Saul Goodman is officially getting his own spinoff! AMC is going to “bypass the traditional pilot process and go straight to series”. So for any Breaking Bad fans out there, who are bound to want more after the series ends in just a few weeks, they’ll be able to get their fix with this prequel series centering on Saul Goodman, everyone’s favorite shady lawyer!

tumblr_m72bdmMwKi1qjlqxlNow we know two things about it, the first is that it’s a prequel, which means that Saul could still definitely die by the end of Breaking Bad (though I somehow expect he’ll know when to hide and/or weasel his way out), and second is that it’ll be a lighter more comedic show. I’m not opposed to that, Saul Goodman has long offered comic relief on the dark drama, but AMC hasn’t really done tons of comedy, being a television leader when it comes to dramas. Either way, I’m very excited about this news, and will look forward to watching the series.

What are your thoughts on AMC’s choices? Leave a comment below.



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