Broadchurch S1e6

Hi Readers,

So since this is a bit behind, I’m just going to throw down some reactions,

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 10.52.25We open with Hardy dreaming, and seeing 4 figures at the beach, the “psychic”, Nige, Reverend Coates, and Mark Latimer.

After the episode I’m leaning more and more toward Nige (but I’ll get to that by the end of this scanty recap/review.

PDVD_037As far as the papers and reaction to Jack Marshall’s death, I’m just annoyed, and find myself agreeing with Ellie, about how it was the reporters who hounded Jack Marshall, and now the press is trying to hold the police accountable for his death, declaring Hardy “WORST COP IN BRITAIN”.

Regarding the town’s response at the funeral, I found myself again just a bit irked, because, while the papers should not have been as disrespectful to Jack Marshall as Maggie (editor of the Echo) explained to Karen White (who… yeah it is tacky… to say the least when she left without speaking to Olly), it was as Karen countered, the town that was all to happy to turn on him.

broadchurch106And to add fuel to the fire, in terms of the town, the fact that they then honored Jack Marshall by having the Sea Brigade dress in their uniforms felt so hypocritical. Can you imagine the conversations that the parents had with these boys? I can only figure it went something like: “Yeah you know how we said you had to quit the Sea Brigade because Jack Marshall is a pedophile? Well…”.  That being said I thought Reverend Coates did a great job during the service, and so it was no surprise when Mark asked him to do a “proper” funeral for Danny when they’re finally able to bury him.

BC-E6Tom1After the funeral, we see Hardy trying to talk to Tom, but is interrupted by Tom’s dad, which makes zero sense to me, but what also makes little sense (but helps to put pieces in place) is when Chloe asks Tom to cover for her as she sneaks out with her boyfriend, that Tom lashes out saying he wasn’t Danny’s best friend, and that he’s glad he’s dead. Tom is the one character that hasn’t gotten enough attention, considering, if any one recalls he deleted texts and computer files, after speaking to his mom about Danny. But, more on Tom later.

Staying in line with who has been the focus of the investigation is Reverend Coates, who Hardy learns is a recovering alcoholic, who has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, in another town because (to no one’s surprise) he wanted to remain anonymous and we’ve already seen how this town reacts to anything “scandalous”. They had visited Coates again though, primarily because they got forensics back on the burnt boat, which had Danny’s fingerprints, blood, and paint from Danny’s skateboard. The discussion with Coates, and his choice to get sober involve the fact that he had once, BC-E6HardyPaul1when drunk “assaulted a kid”, Who Coates states was twice his size.  Now we dont’ have all the answers, but if Jack Marshall had at least started opening up this I feel like things wouldn’t have gone the way they did.

When they bring up the fact that Coates has no alibi for the night Danny died he asks: “What possible reason can you dream up for me to kill an 11 yr old boy?” (Still he consents to a DNA test, and we get a great scene with Coates telling Hardy that he’s meeting a need for the community that Hardy can’t).

I fully expect that the test will come back as no match for Coates. I just don’t think he did it. What he did do however is ask the big question, though he referred to himself, we still have no idea WHY Danny would be murdered in the first place, and until we have that it’s going to be tough to figure out who killed him.

Though to do so, they’re going to have to focus more on Tom, but instead they’re focusing on Susan “The Lab lady” Wright, for two very good reasons.  The second is that Maggie was able to find out more about her (though we don’t really get any details), and Maggie gave that info over to the police, who arrested Susan, at The Echo, for the first reason, that Tom went to feed her dog Vince, and while there Susan gave him Danny’s skateboard.

Broadchurch_Ep6-TomSkateboardNow, before I jump to Susan… What the heck was Tom thinking?!?!?!?! He knew Danny’s skateboard had been missing, his mom is a detective, how did he not think of it as evidence? I understand that he’s a kid, but it’s probably the only element in this episode (and perhaps the whole season) that felt unrealistic… but maybe that’s just me.

uktv-broadchurch-s01-e06-5 BC-E6Nige1Getting back to Susan, what did feel very realistic was how she acted when she was arrested, and realized that her beloved dog was missing.We know where the dog is, he’s with Nige who seemed nice as he untied the dog and walked off with him (by the end of the episode though the last we saw of either of them was Nige pointing a crossbow at the poor pooch!). Anyway, I feel like this was realistic (along with Susan’s refusal to cooperate, until she sees her dog) and I actually felt sorry for Susan, even though I really don’t like her character, considering I have three dogs, and was pretty panicked when I lost one on a hike (we got her back, but still I was a mess until we did).

Anyway, I’m feeling more and more like Nige killed Danny (for reasons still unknown), and that it was tied to something illegal Danny may have been helping him with, that Tom was aware of, considering after Tom found out that files can be retrieved he was caught in the middle of the night outside by Reverend Coates destroying his computer.

Broadchurch_ep6_14494_20130914-193757_1This further indicates Coates’ innocence, since as all this was going on there was a break in at the house where Danny was possibly murdered.  The person there got away though as whatever Hardy’s condition is kicked in, and he collapsed while he and Miller were chasing the suspect.

Regarding the family, despite a depressing scene between Beth and the “Sandbrook” mother, who is now divorced, and turned to drinking since Hardy (who she considers “toxic”) failed so badly that her daughter’s killer is still out there, and a brief panic for Beth when she finds out that Chloe left school, things seem to be going in a healthy direction. After Mark and Beth find Chloe with her boyfriend (in a barn that was essentially converted into a “happy” room for her, where she can just escape and not feel sad, or be “the sister of the boy who died”, Chloe actually opens up, and the next day they go to the arcade, just to spend some time together, having fun.  The conversation they have after is really heartwarming too, especially when Beth mentions one day they’ll have to bring the baby there.

So yeah, looking forward to tonight’s episode, we only have 2 left!!!


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