One More To Go! Broadchurch S1e7

Hi readers,

Sorry this is behind as always, too much good telly this past Wednesday we got the second to last episode of Broadchurch (and the Dexter finale this past Sunday, the Broadchurch finale this Wednesday, and then the Breaking Bad finale the following Sunday… gonna be a crazy time frame of TV… and the Fall season is just beginning, what with Sleepy Hollow and others like SHIELD… but I digress).

It was a great episode, we got a lot of background information on quite a few characters, and I felt like the theme of the episode was that you never really know someone like you think you do.  So without further rambling, here’s my breakdown of Wednesday’s episode.

PDVD_010We open with Hardy, having another dream on the beach, seeing Danny, and who we assume to be the Sandbrook girl.  He wakes to see Miller in the hospital room, staring at him, she criticizes him for having withheld his heart arithmea, she tells him he’s “unfit for duty” and leaves.

Most of the time I disagree with the way Miller behaves, I’m on the fence with this one.

Broadchurch-Series-1-Episode-3-550x290Miller can’t really keep him away thought after holding an investigation briefing (which went way better than the one earlier in the season), Hardy shows up. Even the chief is asking why he took this job if he “couldn’t handle it”.  Now this I find a bit ridiculous considering at the beginning of the season the most vital case he was called on was the siphoning of a tractor’s tank (at least I think it was a tractor). With cases like that Steve our “village psychic” could have gone out on easy calls, filed reports.  Part of why Hardy was there was because it was a quiet coastal town, with out a lot of stress.

Speaking of Steve, Hardy actually goes to him, saying he’s run out of options and wants some kind of proof that Steve isn’t a “bullshitter”.  Steve somewhat proves it, based on Hardy’s reaction to some details, and tells Hardy that Danny’s murderer was “someone he knew, someone close to home” (this will tie into my theory at the end of the blog).

Anyway, Hardy’s heart problems have made their way to Maggie at the Echo, she passes the story on to Olly, who’s going to work for an exclusive.

While this is going on Miller has been interrogating Susan the lab lady. They know that she stood over the body of Danny, and smoked a few cigarettes before leaving.  We get background on why Susan doesn’t trust the police.  To sum it briefly, years ago her husband had been raping one of their daughters, and when he tried to rape the younger daughter, the older got herself killed, trying to protect her younger sister, when the police got involved they didn’t believe that she hadn’t known anything about it.  imagesHer daughter was taken, along with a baby she’d been carrying during this whole process, and her husband hanged himself in jail. She explained that she stood over Danny’s body because he looked so peaceful, and she wondered if her daughter had ever looked that peaceful. Now while I get that this does create sympathy for her, and I can understand her lack of trust, it still feels frustrating that she didn’t come forward with this sooner. Also I don’t understand fully how she couldn’t have known about her husband, or how she could have blinded herself like that.

Anyway, skipping past some other stuff (which I’ll jump to by the end of the blog) what they end up getting from her that she did see the person with the boat go onto shore, carry Danny’s body and arrange it there, and it was Nige, who by the way did NOT kill the lab Vince (hooray). Anyway, they bring Nige in, they still don’t have all the details on Susan and Nige (like why he dog-napped Vince)images2 until they keep pushing and it turns out that Nige is the son of Susan, and she moved to Broadchurch when she learned this. Now what she doesn’t want though is for Nige to learn about who his father was, which is something Hardy, not so subtly lets him know about, when after getting their information they need, passes a file to Nige with all the details on his mom, and his father.

As Susan leaves, Ellie tells her that she doesn’t understand how Susan could have not known about her husband, at which point I said to my TV: “I know right?!?!”

Now somewhere in the mix of all of this Beth and Mark go to meet with Reverend Coates for some counseling, it’s a little rocky, but healthy for the marriage that they’re seeking help.

Now after the interrogations Hardy goes to give Olly his exclusive, so that the Echo won’t publish his health problems and go further to paint him as an unfit officer. Olly ends up getting the scoop on why Sandbrook went wrong.  The short version it was Hardy’s wife, a fellow officer who had the key piece of evidence in her car stolen (while she was busy having an affair). And so the case fell apart, but he took the blame.  Which, like the lab lady’s history shows that you can never really know someone until you get the whole story.

Broadchurch -- Screengrab from exclusive clip.Speaking of Nige, he shows up at Susan’s place (looking SUPER creepy), and he tells her that if she doesn’t leave town, he’ll end up killing her dog.  He also mentions that he doesn’t understand why she told the police it was him with the body.  She says it’s because he’s who she saw.


Now another piece coming together is that Coates handed over Tom’s busted laptop to Hardy, telling him he found it.  He also tells Hardy about a fight Tom and Danny had, and says that he told the parents about it. Back at the station Hardy brings it up to Miller, who said she didn’t hear anything about a fight, and Hardy (having the lap top, and knowing Coates hasn’t told her about Tom destroying it yet), asks if they can have a look at it, she agrees and can’t find it that night.

What I think is a red herring is the fact that out at Chloe’s boyfriend’s farm, Nige had been going out with Danny, and poaching animals that he’d sell to the butcher… something that Danny’s parents hadn’t been aware of. I think it’s a red herring, because I don’t think Nige did it, every character has some how not been the killer.

Now Hardy said “everyone we’ve interviewed is capable, under the right circumstances”. But what if it’s someone they haven’t even interviewed?

So here’s my wild theory, there’s only 1 other character close to Danny that hasn’t been interviewed, it’s Miller’s husband.  Also from a distance he could look like Nige at the beach, and finally if that’s what they do Ellie will have to be asking herself “how could you not know” because she never saw it.  She’s grown as a detective (the briefing and her interrogation with Susan showed that, so if it is her husband, I think she’ll put the pieces together).


Sorry this blog has less screencaps there weren’t a lot for this episode.  Looking forward to the next tomorrow.  As always thanks for reading.


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