Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. take your own advice

everyeyeNow I was apprehensive to start Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a few reasons, one is I spend WAY too much time watching TV as it is, and adding another show that I wasn’t super stoked about just didn’t feel worth it, which may be shocking to some considering I’m a MARVEL fan (there may in fact be pictures of me in Ms. Marvel cosplay…). One main reason is after the first episode aired I got a lot of negative comments, with one friend and fellow blogger referring to it as “a trainwreck” and I said to him, (in so many words) surely it can’t be that bad… right?!?! Well I watched the first two episodes (I give any new show up to 3 to grab my attention, and have yet to watch the 3rd) and I have to say to my friend, and to others out there that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is in a “position to do some good” and “your frown will be on record”. However if ABC, MARVEL, and/or the show runners don’t take their viewers seriously, and learn to address their concerns, in the same way that these new different characters have to learn to get along, .. well new shows know no Fury (see what I did there.. if not you will) like that of scorned fans, and the stakes for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. were pretty high, but lets take a look at the complaints and how they stack up against those first two episodes, and characters.

entertainment-weekly-joss-whedon-shieldProbably the biggest complaint is that people saw Joss Whedon’s name and photo splashed all over the place, and didn’t look any further, and it was in fact his brother Jed Whedon really running things. Now for me (at least in the pilot… though Joss wrote it…) I really don’t mind that much with the exception that I think it was a poor marketing strategy in the long run. Most MARVEL fans didn’t see Avengers because Whedon was on board, I found it extra thrilling that he was, but I’d enjoyed the other MARVEL flicks, and I feel like I could dedicate a whole blog just praising their long term game plan, any way, samuelljacksonI think they over hyped Whedon, only to let viewers down, it’s a stunt viewers don’t easily forgive, and it’s not one that can be fixed by an appearance of Samuel L. Jackson. Therefore any drop in ratings tied to an expectation like that not being met, is their own fault.

Also in the realm of expectations not being met, one of the loudest complaints I’d heard when it came to this is the fact that the only other adaptation to so recklessly abandon source material was World War Z – which is peachy actually, if you went into the film already knowing the only bit of the source material really left (of what I considered a dang fine book by Max Brooks) was the title… and it seems we have something of the same thing going on here.

Now creating completely new characters and story lines though, is both good and bad. It’s good in that it leaves bigger and better characters (*cough* Carol Danvers *cough*) for the big screen, and it immediately gives ABC and MARVEL an opportunity for less criticism, instead of fans nitpicking about character details their complaint is simple: new characters, it simplifies the range of disappointment. It’s basically the same kind of thing ABC already did with Disney characters through Once Upon A Time. 2shield13When it comes to Coulson, I think it’s fine that they’re giving him some kind of back story, as long as it keeps making sense.

shield_1-2Regarding new characters specifically, I really don’t have any main complaints YET, I mean I’m not really attached to the new characters but that’s part of what they’re getting an opportunity to build. Also, let’s not forget as annoying as Fitzsimmons is/are, the fact that they were taking a selfie on the steps of an Incan pyramid that S.H.I.E.L.D. isn’t ever officially at, is definitely adorable.tumblr_mu1h66qL1z1qms9jto1_500









I loved this scene btw, there was something that reminded me of Mal Reynolds when Coulson gave WARD, not Skye the truth serum

Maybe the writers and the viewers just got off on the wrong foot. I think a lot of them were expecting awesome when awesome wasn’t really an option. Don’t get me wrong, as soon as I heard that there was going to be a show from Marvel coming called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I was stoked, but I never said “SQUEE!”… at least I don’t think I did, and if I did it was short lived. I think that this is because as much of MARVEL fan that I am I’m primarily a TV fan… a fairly devout TV fan at that, and I know that if someone had told me that Game of Thrones, or Darkly Dreaming Dexter was going to be done on network TV, and on ABC at that I would have rolled my eyes… and probably whined about it with the same gripiness as my reaction to Affleck being cast as Batman (but I digress) the point is as soon as I had some details about the show, the material, the actual show runners and the network Screen-Shot-2013-10-02-at-1.31.36-PMI felt like I knew what I was getting, and thus, no disappointment. I mean if other shows tried something like this that makes me (someone who honestly knows little about physics), question the physics of something, I’d likely ask someone on a message board if this were possible, 102ebut this is a show set in a comic book environment, so in addition to believing in weird tesserect-ish technology, emergency rafts can keep a plane from crashing in my book.

it_s_a_magical_place__by_engelha5t-d6nxhpiYou see by the end of the second episode, I’m actually hoping for a magical place… and by that I mean an excellent story arc for Coulson and less of Lola… or at least less of Lola flying… though hey, I guess with Lola the flying car they did keep more of the source material than just the title.SHIELD Lola

Anyway, it means with the mystery surrounding Coulson, and the fact that Skye is currently trying position herself on the most convenient side of the fence, “I’m in”. And that’s all a show really needs to do by episode two, so good for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I’ll be tuning in at least as long at they meet my expectations.

On to episode three, thanks for reading, happy watching and as always feel free to comment below!


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