A Deep Breath BrBa S5e15

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So last night we got the second to last episode… ever… of Breaking Bad.  And it was, in my opinion, after Vince Gilligan squeezed our hearts and minds into a bloody pulp through ‘Ozymandias’ last week, like a nice deep breath…  which we’ll probably need as I anticipate most of us will find that we’re forgetting to breathe during the series finale.

Now that’s not to say that this week’s episode wasn’t as amazing as any others this season, but other than Jesse and Flynn there was little emotional devastation wrought by GIlligan and Co., and that’s ok, in fact it’s well done, and as I go through this post I think you’ll see why.

515-break3-23thowetru-e9uy209tgy3rotiywet2345wetf23-34thpeiot724tBreaking Bad Season 5 Episode 15 “Granite State”.

515-break1-23thwepot1-y4e0953-wdgkh2etiuywe5tydt-wetgThe episode opens at, go figure an actual vacuum store.  Saul’s guy who helps people disappear (Ed), is helping Saul disappear. Saul gets a new ID, is told he’ll be moving to Nebraska, and that as he waits to leave he’ll have a “bunk mate”. 01-not-fun

Saul knows he means Walter and asks “Oh yeah, is *he* still here?”, and wants to know how Walter is “holding up”, Ed tells Saul to “be the judge”. Saul is then directed to a monitor showing CCTV of another room, with a noticeably stir-crazy and frustrated Walter.

hqdefaultThe next scene opens with Marie in a federal vehicle being driven home, she’s barely listening as the officer is telling her that eventually they’ll find Hank and Gomez. As they get to the house though, it’s immediately evident that someone has broken in, two agents jump out to investigate, while the driver turns around and speeds off with Marie.

We don’t have to ponder who broke into the house.  It was Jack and his crew.  Back at their place their watching Jesse’s confession to Hank (doesn’t that feel like a million years ago?).  They even watch through Jesse explaining what happened to Drew Sharp (now that Jack has the confession, I’m fairly sad at the fact that as Marie will never find out where Hank is, Drew Sharp’s parents will never get closure or answers). At this point Jack has heard enough, and is ready to go out and get rid of Jesse. Once again Todd steps in, talking about the fact that with Jesse the purity went way up, and even when Jack reminds him that they’ve got millions now, and don’t need to cook, Todd still insists on keeping Jesse alive for more meth. Jack realizes that this is all about Todd’s crush on Lydia, but backs off, and Jesse is saved yet again.

1-600x399Back at the vacuum store, as Saul is waiting to be able to be transported to his new life in Nebraska (quite symbolically), Walter is leaning on his barrel of money to write down details about mercenaries he’s going to need Saul to get in touch with so that they can go hit Jack and get his money back. Saul tries to explain to him how things are over, and how even with the phone call that Walt staged was good, but until the feds have Walt they’ll keep the pressure on Skyler, and that they’ll never be able to see a cent of the money Walt earned, reminding him of Mike’s attempts to get money to his granddaughter and how it was repeatedly seized. Saul brings up how little time Walt has left , and that if he were arrested now he’d probably die before ever being convicted. Saul tells Walt that the best thing for his family would be to “Stay and face the music”. At this point Ed comes in and tells Saul he’s good to go, but Walt says he isn’t going anywhere, so Ed gives them a minute.  515-break2-230tgh23p9c23j09erut6o23iygHowever, Walt won’t hear any of it.  He backs Saul up against the wall just like he did before reminding him that “It’s over when I say – ” and Walt is cut off by his own coughing.  Saul get’s his suitcase, says “It’s over.”, and leaves.  At this point  We all know it’s over, why doesn’t Walt? It’s gotten sad at this point, his refusal to give in.

indexCut to Skyler, she’s sitting across the table from who we assume are federal agents. And everything is white noise, the men are speaking, and it’s muffled, we can tell she’s not present.  Finally one of the agents asks “Is she even listening?”. Skyler seems to snap out of it and says “I understand. I”m in a lot of trouble.  I understand you will use everything in your power against me and my children to get Walt.  But I can’t give you what you want, because I don’t know where where he is.” The entire scene mirrors when Walter first received his cancer diagnosis from his doctor, it was all white noise but when prompted, Walt had heard it all. Can I just say here that this kind of amazing storytelling is why I LOVE this show! Also I have mixed feelings for Skyler, I feel bad that Walt has left her high and dry, but at the same time, she was never the “blameless victim” he tried to paint her as with that phone call.

0 515-9-2igwe0958-2er9tu6-2e0u5w-9rteuwpdtyoh 7LdqJlkThat night we see a car with two officers outside the White house watching it, radioing in that there’s no movement.  Skyler is inside having a smoke, observing the officers.  The house is silent and she is so very alone. She gets up to go and check on Holly, as she hears her start to cry in down the hall.  As she gets into the nursery though, she sees three men in all black with masks standing around Holly’s crib, and one comes up behind her covering her mouth.  Once they’re sure no one else is there, and that she won’t scream, they uncover her mouth so that she can answer a few questions.  They’re specifically about if she’s said anything about the “lady at the car wash” (referring of course to Lydia). She tells them no, and they threaten to come back if she ever does say anything about her, or their little visit in the middle of the night.  This was a rough scene to watch, even Skyler’s biggest haters had to feel SOME degree of sympathy for her.

tumblr_mtk8r1MhM51qzpxx1o1_1280Speaking of Lydia she goes to meet Todd, and she’s finally successful at telling one of her contacts to speak to her back to back… which is WAY more suspicious than just meeting and speaking to someone… just saying.  Anyway Todd tells her that he went to the “White’s house” (there he goes, being an idiot and dropping names again) and that he thinks that the “message was received, loud and clear”. Lydia isn’t satisfied with just sending a message though, and isn’t happy with all of the investigations going on, and when Todd mentions he has meth to move, she tells him she can’t help, until he mentions that it’s now at 92%.  She refers to this a “Heisenberg level”. Todd tells her that he’s got Pinkman, and Lydia is obviously intrigued at continuing to make this business arrangement work

515-11-2398fh1o35i71-3508f23059723jd-134-2et2ep597324tg Next we see Walt climbing out of a transport trucks propane tank.  I’ll never be able to watch one of those on the highway now without pondering if there’s a person in there. He’s at a quaint little cabin (pictured at the top of this blog). Which if you asks me looks like the “Smoking Man’s” cabin from the X- Files (another Gilligan show)  They go in and Ed is going over the basics, like the propane, the wood burning stove, and that there’s not really any TV, so he’s left with DVD’s (of which there are two copies of Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium… and if you’re looking for connections this Article by Salon may help connect some dots… like a certain quote about how at the end of King Lear “He dies.”). When Walt asks about using a phone Ed tells him there isn’t one (storms mean phone lines go down, which means service calls, which means he’d be seen). Same with internet, cable, etc.

When Walt asks whats to stop him “going out the gate”, Ed tells him that his job is to keep Walt safe, but if Walt wants to go, there’s nothing he can do to stop him.  He tells him he’ll be back in a month with more food.  Shortly after he leaves, Walt gets dressed, including his Heisenberg hat and walks all the way down to the gate, looks down the snowy road before him, opens it, then pauses and says the words: “Tomorrow, tomorrow”, before locking the gate back up and turning around.

515-13-23g924761tvg2h-wet2ho2etw35h3405welitydlty6Next we see Jesse, who we saw working earlier with a paper clip has been able to unlock his cuffs and is standing on top of everything, trying to reach the bars above, he drops though when he hears Todd coming.  Todd’s come to thank him for the last cook being at 96% and sends down some ice cream.  Before Todd leaves, Jesse asks if tonight he’ll leave the tarp off so that he can see the stars, and Todd obliges.

200x200px-ZC-dd81de72_BU0DplGCQAA_sYiThat night Jesse is able to get out, by jumping from his tower of stuff, reaching and then unlatching the door.  He runs to get away, but doesn’t see the camera outside.  As he’s trying to climb the fence he hears Jack’s guys run up behind him.  He tells them that they might as well just kill him, “because there’s no way [he’s] doing one more cook!” Unfortunately rather than kill Jesse they decide to remind him of the kind of leverage they have over him.  515-break4-23thowe9751-r0y-39t72eptiy23-50824t60975

The next scene is Todd at Andrea’s, he says he’s a friend of Jesse’s and then tells her that Jesse is there in a truck parked across the street. When she steps outside to see the truck (which has tinted windows), Todd steps behind, pulls his gun, tells her this isn’t “personal” and then pulls the trigger.

Xs0ewzGJesse has seen all of this from the truck and is crushed.  When Todd gets in Jack tells Jesse to calm down, and “remember, there’s still the kid”.

19498-thumb-300x199Approximately one month later Walter has a beard, and  Ed is back at the cabin.  He’s brought Walter a stack of newspapers, food (including some Ensure that he says will help Walt keep some of weight on). As Walt skims through the papers (using some random prescription glasses Ed brought) Ed updates him on what’s been going on back in ABQ.  This includes that Skyler, who still has the kids, is using her maiden name and working at a taxi dispatch office. According to Ed her “public defender… looks like a deer in the headlights”. Ed also brings him up to speed that there’s now a fence around the house because of vandals.  He’s also brought an IV of chemotherapy, Walt offers to put the needle in, and can’t so Ed slips it in. Ed gets ready to head out, and Walt offers him ten thousand to stay for two hours.  Ed agrees to stay for 1, and play cards.  Then Walt says “One of these days when you come up here, I’ll be dead.. my money over there, what happens to it then, what if I ask you to give it to my family, would you do it?”. Ed replies “If I said yes, would you believe me?”. Walt is clearly depressed at this, and says nothing.

bbadthumbThat night as Walt sleeps his wedding ring slips off, and falls to the floor (reminding us of how much weight he’s lost), he wakes, tries putting it back on, noting how it slides off. 515-break5-20g84y3y-98235-98yt4p5iy He uses some string to tie it around his neck.

He then looks at the boxes of Ensure.  He goes to them, empties them and puts money in. We see him next bundled up, with the box wrapped in brown paper, and tied with a string.

tumblr_mtke099YOL1qzi80do1_500We then see Walt Jr. in school, he’s called to the office and that his aunt Marie is on the phone.  It’s not Marie though.  Walt paid a woman in a bar to use a payphone.  Once Jr. is on Walt starts speaking, telling Jr. how he “never intended” things to be the way they are.  He then asks Jr. if his friend Louis still lives at the same address.  Flynn tells him yes, and Walt tries to explain that he’ll be sending a box of money ($100,000.00), to Louis, but that it’s for Jr.  Flynn flips out at the mention of money shouting “YOU KILLED UNCLE HANK!” along with a few other things, and then shouting “WHY ARE YOU STILL ALIVE!!!”. Flynn hangs up.

515-17-23thwe9t6u10vwh1wp598y24trriytrwpigy24o35hrWalt is devastated.  He then makes another call to the ABQ DEA office.  He asks to speak to the agent in charge of the Walter White investigation.  When asked who’s calling he replies “Walter White”, then drops the phone leaving it hanging.

BreakingBadGraniteState-2295124We see him sit down and order a whiskey.  As the guy at the bar flips through channels, Walt asks him to stop and go back to one.  It’s an interview with Gretchen and Elliot (his long ago partners of Gray Matter), and they’re working very hard to distance themselves from the fact that one of their company’s founders became a meth kingpin.

Next we see sheriffs pull up and go into the bar…  but this is all they find:

walter-white-whiskeyI CANNOT WAIT for next week’s episode. I also CANNOT believe that it’s the end.

A couple of notes before next week:
First, my theory on Walt getting the ricin, that he got it for himself, he will take it, and then turn himself in, knowing he only has a few days to live, getting Skyler off the hook, and not spending anytime in jail, after all, at this point how would he be able to slip it to anyone?

Now the confirmation of the phone call being a deliberate act, which the fans caught shows how in tune the writers are with this show, and their viewers.  Keep in mind  how long ago these episodes were filmed. This Forbes article addresses how divided people were on it http://www.forbes.com/sites/allenstjohn/2013/09/19/walter-whites-phone-call-on-breaking-bad-514-what-you-caught-and-the-critics-missed%E2%80%A8including-me/

Going back to the Forbes article on the phone call, I believe it fully supports and leads into my mentioning of another Forbes article http://www.forbes.com/sites/allenstjohn/2013/09/16/why-breaking-bad-is-the-best-show-ever-and-why-that-matters/2/ and the fact that like the phone call Vince Gilligan knew what he was having Walter do, and like Jack killing Hank, or Todd killing Andrea, Gilligan’s mind is made up.  Next week Monday that as Allen St. John points out “The water cooler conversation after the finale airs on September 29 will be dominated not by head- scratching analysis, but by slack-jawed awe”.   Gilligan is going to perfectly punctuate things. We will get a conclusion. that’s it. Period. Or maybe, Exclamation Point… maybe, but certainly not Question Mark.

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Along for the Ride! Sleepy Hollow!


Hi Readers,

So as I mentioned in my blog about pilots I saw at SDCC, Sleepy Hollow was one that I was VERY much looking forward to. Now that it’s out and I’ve watched it again, I’ve a few thoughts to put down, spoiler warning, from here on out!

sleepy-hollow-1The episode opens in Hudson Valley, New York, in 1781. It’s the Revolutionary War and we meet Ichabod Crane (played by Tom Mison), who in this reimagining of the classic tale, is not some timid school teacher.  He’s a soldier, a medic, can take a slice to the chest, and still have enough adrenaline left to behead his attacker! His attacker… who is of course the Headless Horseman!

sleepy-hollow-2Next we see him emerging from a grave in a cave, amongst some creepy looking jars. Now,don’t get me wrong the show is called Sleepy Hollow, it automatically gets an automatic suspension of disbelief, but as he gets out of the cave it’s by stumbling and putting his hand on a rock that *conveniently* triggered an opening…  (emphasis on “conveniently”).

Anyway, he gets out and wanders through the woods for a bit, until he finds himself walking on a road, and nearly gets run over, twice, seeing a person emerge from a car, he’s immediately and realistically confused and scared.

Next we get to meet out other main character, Abbie Mills (played by Nicole Beharie), sitting and having pie with her superior officer, Corbin as he mentions all the unsolved cases (something he says she should know about) in the area, and laments that she’ll be leaving soon to go to Quantico.


Yeah… I wouldn’t let small children watch this show

They head out on a call (related to some spooked horses, which illuminates why Mills is moving on to bigger and brighter things) they get there and things get messy. The horses are spooked due to, you guessed it, the headless horseman, not only did he behead the farmer, but he’s in the barn that Corbin goes to investigate, and ends up beheaded, which Abbie is there to see.

She calls it in, and one of the officers on his way stops when Crane runs out into the street and (for what feels like no reason whatsoever) arrests him, when Abbie is asked to identify him, she says Crane isn’t the guy because the guy “was wearing a military uniform like a red coat” and Crane interjects asking if the man carried a “broadaxe”, and mentions a couple other identifying features, prompting Mills to ask when was the last time he saw him, with Crane replying “When I cut off his head”

Ichabod is not amused. Screenshot from www.kissthemgoodbye.net

Ichabod is not amused.
Screenshot (and others below) from http://www.kissthemgoodbye.net

After the commercial we get a tense yet delightful scene of Ichabod getting a polygraph test. He passes with flying colors, and it’s quite amusing as he describes how he came to be serving under General Washington, and fighting the (now headless) horseman, and being treated by his wife, before dying. He’s told at the end, when he demands to know where he is, with the detective telling him “The question isn’t where you are, but when. The good news is you won the war, the bad news is it was 250 years ago, Welcome to the 21st Century Mr. Crane”, as he slides a one dollar bill across the table.

The plan is to send him to a psyche unit, but Mills wants to interrogate him, which Captain Frank Irving, (played by Orlando Jones) won’t allow, but he will allow her to transport him to the psyche ward.


This, understandably is her face when he mentions that she must have been emancipated.

We then get a lovely exchange between Mills and Crane regarding the fact that she’s a lieutenant and a female, and black, which though he finds surprising, he mentions that he’d been an abolitionist, she agrees to play along.

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E01_Pilot_1080p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0694He has a special kind of snarkiness that makes what could have been awkward or somewhat flat dialogue, considering much of it is exposition, really enjoyable. Like when he’s told that he’s being transported to a psyche ward and he replies “This day continues to bear gifts”. We also watch the car ride where he’s amazed by powered windows, and seems a bit overwhelmed by the number of Starbucks locations. (Now I’ll digress for a sentence, but so far, even as I look forward to The Winter Soldier in 2014, I think Ichabod Crane may be my new favorite man out of time, over Steve Rogers). Even though he questions when it became “acceptable for women to wear trousers”.

Mills disobeying orders, asks Crane if he could show her the cave he says he came from, and he obliges, there finding among other things, a bible with a passage in Revelations marked “and there before me was a white horse… and his name was death” (Now this is Rev 6:2-8, the white horse, the bow and death are mentioned, but they skip a couple of bits… but hey the devil is in the details, right?). Ichabod is already certain that *the* horseman, must be one of the *four* horseman of the apocalypse, which Abbie doesn’t believe but the show wastes no time in confirming the “religious/prophetic” (which I say with quotes since they’re taking poetic license) storyline, as next we see the horseman kill the local priest, who won’t give up where something is hidden.

When Mills goes to investigate (with Crane still in tow), Captain Irving reprimands her for disobeying orders, and won’t accept that Crane may have answers they need, with one of Abbie’s fellow officers, Andy Dunn  (played by John Cho) telling her to just drop it.


This was my favorite, of many great lines Mison delivered!

Crane who did not stay in the car followed a hawk to a specific grave.  When Abbie catches up to him, frustrated that he did not stay, he reminds her that he’s regarded as “‘insane’ and therefore impervious to simple commands” (LOVE the dialogue in this show, Mison delievers these lines with just the right amount of sarcasm).

The grave though was Katrina’s (Crane’s wife), who was apparently burned for being a witch.

Crane at this point cannot understand why Mills won’t accept what’s going on, and she mentions that she can’t believe it and even if she did she’d be “alone again trying to explain something she didn’t understand”. Crane picks up on the “alone” and questions it, but Mills won’t give anything up, even though he tells her that she’s “been doubting her own perceptions from some time”


Ummm even his temporary jail cell was a step up from that cave… just saying

When they get to the asylum Crane regards it as “a measurable step up from the cave”. There he and Mills connect, and she opens up, saying that when she was younger she was walking home in the woods with her sister and blacked out after seeing four white trees that hadn’t been there, and a voice and a person or a “thing”. And everyone thought they were crazy, and after a while her sister believed it, (which Crane refers to as “battling demons”) and had spent her life “in and out of places like this”, and that she can relate to Crane because everyone thinks he’s crazy.

Now, here’s the best screenshot I could find, from the very creepy scene we got as Mills told her story:

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E01_Pilot_1080p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1074The creepiness isn’t so much in what we see, but what we think we *almost* see. Now this blog is not the place for theological arguments, or demonology, but since the show addresses demonic activity… a lot, I think it’s worth stating that if you can definitively know if something is real or not, it makes it less scary in a way, but if you’re not sure, and therefore cannot trust yourself (as Abbie cannot), then it adds a degree of fear, and I have known people like Abbie, who have dealt with this sort of thing. What this show at least does is acknowledge, even on a fictional level, that if demons/witchcraft etc. exist, then people should have human, and relateable reactions to them, and I think they’ve done a great job of showing that with Abbie.

Ok…. back into the recap, where was I???

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E01_Pilot_1080p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1186Ah, so, the next morning Abbie’s in Corbin’s office, because she found a key of his that didn’t fit anywhere, until he finds that it fits in a filing cabinet, which has a tape recorder, and files on occultism, witch covens (specifically two, representing good and evil) and tons of unsolved cases, which she suspects to all be connected. One of these cases is of Abbie and her sister, that they saw a demonic figure and four white trees, which a local farmer had also seen before, and supposedly those trees are tied to the four horseman, being raised. Corbin had (as per the tape recorder) wanted to tell Abbie, but had never felt that he knew who to trust, and felt like he was getting close.

Captain Irving catches Abbie, just as she’s putting everything up, and reminds her to go home, and let everyone else there do their jobs. My theory at this point is simply that he *may* be involved in a coven, but I’m thinking he’s on the good side.

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E01_Pilot_1080p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1236When Crane wakes up int he asylum… or rather “dreams up” the bird is there, and Katrina is there, in the mirror, speaking to him, she’s apparently been trying to reach him (through the bird), she tells him that her grave is not where she’s buried but is rather the location of the horseman’s head.  She apparently has been a part of a secret order protecting Sleepy Hollow, and that when Crane died, because of where he fell his blood mixed with the horseman’s, so that’s why he was raised when the horseman was. By now Crane is also in the woods with her (because it’s a dream), as she starts giving vital information. Such as: “Three more will follow and then it will begin [and] light is his weakness… Sleepy_Hollow_S01E01_Pilot_1080p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1292the answers are in Washington’s bible… [he is] the first witness” all of this is cut short though as she tries to give him information, because by now she’s shouting at him to “WAKE UP!”, and something demonic is rising from the brush.He abruptly awakes to orderlies trying to strap him down, but Abbie arrives just in time to get him out.

Though she kind of bent… well broke all the rules doing it… But that’s ok, because everything gets really action packed from here!

As the sun goes down we see the horseman rise from the river (which I assume will be important, since he could have just hidden in a cave…). Abbie and Ichabod are on the way to the church to get the head from Katrina’s grave.  Abbie calls Dunn to have him send support to the church… but Dunn makes a stop along the way… at his apartment, where his gun safe has been opened, and the horseman is there waiting for him.  Dunn tells the horseman (wondering at this point how he hears anything… but not really caring) where to find his head.

imagesSo, when Abbie and Ichabod get to the church, so do the Horseman and Dunn.  While Ichabod is trying to avoid getting killed, Abbie asks Dunn where backup is.  Dunn tells her he doesn’t know, knocks her out while she isn’t looking, and as he tries to get her in the back seat of his squad car, she bites him sleepyhollowhorseman(quite effectively to get away). Finally, Ichabod gets the head, and  backup arrives. The officers who arrived try shooting at the horseman to no avail, and just as they are about to be his next victims, the sun begins to come up, and the horseman rides off into the sunrise.

That morning back at the station, given Dunn’s actions, the head, and the fact that 2 other officers corroborated the fact that they saw a man with NO head, Captain Irving is much more prepared to let Abbie take the lead on the investigation into Corbin’s death, and is much more willing to have Ichabod (who he refers to as “Captain America”… a reference he doesn’t get), help. This is good considering two things, the first is that Katrina had told Ichabod that he was the first witness (and Revelation speaks of 2… though again they’re taking TONS of poetic license), and Ichabod believes the second is Mills.  The second good thing is  Dunn is willing to confess, but only to them.

SLEEPY-HOLLOW-GRABWhat’s not so good is just before Mills and Crane get to Dunn’s cell the demon gets there first… and let’s just say that he wasn’t pleased with Dunn’s performance. Crane and Mills get into the cell and see Dunn, just as the demon is walking away, into the woods through the mirror.


As they watch it leave we get one of the creepiest moments of the show, that definitely brings the “JUMP” factor… I remember people screaming during the pilot at SDCC! But I won’t spoil it here, you’ll have to see it for yourself, if you haven’t yet.


So there you go, the pilot of Sleepy Hollow, it was SO MUCH FUN! I cannot wait until next Monday.  Also and maybe this is premature, but since Star Trek had “trekkies” and Fringe had “Observers” as their fanbases… I’m pretty certain Sleepy Hollow fans may adopt the nickname “Witnesses”… but it’s just a theory.

As always feel free to comment below, and thanks for reading!

Pacific Rim, The Good, The Bad and The Eye Candy

pacific-rim-poster-bannerSo, while this is about two months behind the times, I finally saw Pacific Rim this past weekend, and I thought  I’d weigh in on all of the hooplah, considering it seems like’s destined to be (or already is) one of those films where you love it or you hate it.  What I hope follows in this blog is a very balanced approach after my viewing.  It’s broken up into three categories, The Good, The Bad and The Eye Candy, with some overlap between them.

The Good:

999491_534053723327596_982599501_nNow a lot of this, depending on the viewer would fall into the category of Eye Candy, but Pacific Rim’s plot was about giant robots (the epic Jaegers) fighting with and hopefully defeating giant monsters (the destructive Kaiju)!


And Pacific Rim delivered. The CGI was great, and the choreography of the battles made sense.  Conceptually and visually I have no problems with how imaginative this film was, and how well it was executed.


What I felt was also executed really well was the story arc and character of Mako. Starting with the backstory we got through her memories I thought EVERYTHING was well done, but especially the actress who played young Mako! I felt so small with her, and so scared and sad for her as we watched her memory of surviving a Kaiju attack. Everything about her admiration and devotion to Stacker was perfectly summed up as we saw him through her eyes after rescuing her.



This produced to what I thought was the unfolding of  a beautiful father daughter relationship, which though not the focus of this film, affected so much else. It also helped us to get a clearer picture of Stacker, without boring exposition.



The Bad:

Now I’m not going to go into major plot points, because this is just a review, not a recap, but my primary complaint in this area seems line up with other people’s complaints, though I feel like they’re going overboard with it. It just feels like while we got our fill of all the great jaegers and kaiju, that we didn’t get enough of everything else,

So what felt lacking by the time I left the theater was the lack of information, detail and growth regarding some of the other aspects in Pacific Rim. I know that many will say “but that’s not what Pacific Rim was about!”, and I agree to a point.

Taking the Kaiju specifically, and maybe this is because I don’t understand biology, or genetics or cloning to the extent that the scientists in the film did (by the way I really wish we’d gotten more time with the scientists… but I’ll address that below), but my *very* basic understanding of cloning is that you create a genetic replica of something… meaning it’s genetically the same.


So shouldn’t the Kaiju have all looked the SAME?!?! Don’t get me wrong I LIKED the variety of Kaiju, but also if they can be bred, and have offspring, why clone them, as Dr. Geiszler talked about the fact that the Kaiju flesh was always genetically identical.


PACIFIC-RIM-Charlie-Day-as-Dr.-Newton-Geizler Burn-Gorman-is-Dr.-Hermann-Gottlieb-in-Pacific-Rim-2013-Movie-ImageSpeaking of Dr. Geiszler and Dr. Gotlieb for that matter, I would have LOVED to get more time with them, and the things they did researching the Kaiju, either before the events of this film, or even during the 5 year period when Raleigh wasn’t fighting the Kaiju. They’re relationship was interesting, and it might have been nice to see them collaborating and disagreeing on work, and while most of the technobabble would have been WAY over my head, I still would have liked more of the science.

pacific-rim-ron-perlman-as-hannibal-chau-promoAlso, Ron Perlman’s character Chau felt like it just didn’t mesh well with the rest of the film. We have this very serious tangible environment, except when he’s involved, and I’m not opposed to comedic relief, or variety in a film, but I feel like it should have been toned down, or more smoothly introduced somehow, and so it felt kind of cheesy.


PACIFIC RIMFurthermore, am I the ONLY one who wanted WAY more focus on some of the other Jaeger teams? Especially Cherno-Alpha, they looked SO cool!!!!!!!!!

Finally, I know that most people expect Charlie Hunnam to be listed in the eye candy section, and since he’s not my type  I wasn’t going to place him there, but because I can see WHY he would be considered Eye Candy, I’ll address it… but it overlaps with “The Bad

The Eye Candy:

ows_137347243476985Now… why would Charlie Hunnam be in both the Eye Candy and Bad categories? Because I’m one of those horribly picky people whose suspension of disbelief can be rattled by the oddest things. Yes I accept that in this universe the global governments of the world have collaborated for the good of the planet to create giant robots (though global governments agreeing on anything is a stretch, don’t believe me here’s a great clip of Eddie Izzard’s from “Dressed to Kill” addressing the difficulties of just the European Union):

ANYWAY, that’s the premise, therefore I accept it, and movies should operate within the rules they create.

tumblr_mq34vm1pEZ1qchzv8o1_500 14So what I WON’T accept is that while Raleigh can look all studly and ripped at the beginning of the film, like the picture above, there’s NO WAY that after spending 5 years in construction (though a physical job) with cruddy food and low nutrition (he later makes a comment about not having had something as good a bread in a long time), would he be this much of a spectacle for Mako, or anyone else for that matter to oogle over.  You need a decent source of protein to maintain muscles like that, in addition to a good workout routine. So yeah… some days I wish I could just be one of those dumb girls to be all like “oooh abs… pretty” and just enjoy the movie… but sadly no.

DF-05237.DNGAll of that being said, this was the hottest scene in the movie! Which is good because while the relationship and chemistry, as related to the drift compatability and character growth were relevant to the plot, it wasn’t a romance, and for once it was nice that in an action flick it wasn’t the chick who was objectified (and while this could have gone in Good category, it made sense for this to follow the above)

To Sum Up:

So in conclusion, if the primary focus of “The Bad” is that I wanted more back stories of the other pilots, and more time for the development and relationships of other side characters, as well as an expansion on the Blue Market (because it’s a black market… for Kaiju… anyway), then I think the movie did well, and I look forward to seeing it again!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to post your thoughts on Pacific Rim in the comments below!

Broadchurch S1e6

Hi Readers,

So since this is a bit behind, I’m just going to throw down some reactions,

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 10.52.25We open with Hardy dreaming, and seeing 4 figures at the beach, the “psychic”, Nige, Reverend Coates, and Mark Latimer.

After the episode I’m leaning more and more toward Nige (but I’ll get to that by the end of this scanty recap/review.

PDVD_037As far as the papers and reaction to Jack Marshall’s death, I’m just annoyed, and find myself agreeing with Ellie, about how it was the reporters who hounded Jack Marshall, and now the press is trying to hold the police accountable for his death, declaring Hardy “WORST COP IN BRITAIN”.

Regarding the town’s response at the funeral, I found myself again just a bit irked, because, while the papers should not have been as disrespectful to Jack Marshall as Maggie (editor of the Echo) explained to Karen White (who… yeah it is tacky… to say the least when she left without speaking to Olly), it was as Karen countered, the town that was all to happy to turn on him.

broadchurch106And to add fuel to the fire, in terms of the town, the fact that they then honored Jack Marshall by having the Sea Brigade dress in their uniforms felt so hypocritical. Can you imagine the conversations that the parents had with these boys? I can only figure it went something like: “Yeah you know how we said you had to quit the Sea Brigade because Jack Marshall is a pedophile? Well…”.  That being said I thought Reverend Coates did a great job during the service, and so it was no surprise when Mark asked him to do a “proper” funeral for Danny when they’re finally able to bury him.

BC-E6Tom1After the funeral, we see Hardy trying to talk to Tom, but is interrupted by Tom’s dad, which makes zero sense to me, but what also makes little sense (but helps to put pieces in place) is when Chloe asks Tom to cover for her as she sneaks out with her boyfriend, that Tom lashes out saying he wasn’t Danny’s best friend, and that he’s glad he’s dead. Tom is the one character that hasn’t gotten enough attention, considering, if any one recalls he deleted texts and computer files, after speaking to his mom about Danny. But, more on Tom later.

Staying in line with who has been the focus of the investigation is Reverend Coates, who Hardy learns is a recovering alcoholic, who has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, in another town because (to no one’s surprise) he wanted to remain anonymous and we’ve already seen how this town reacts to anything “scandalous”. They had visited Coates again though, primarily because they got forensics back on the burnt boat, which had Danny’s fingerprints, blood, and paint from Danny’s skateboard. The discussion with Coates, and his choice to get sober involve the fact that he had once, BC-E6HardyPaul1when drunk “assaulted a kid”, Who Coates states was twice his size.  Now we dont’ have all the answers, but if Jack Marshall had at least started opening up this I feel like things wouldn’t have gone the way they did.

When they bring up the fact that Coates has no alibi for the night Danny died he asks: “What possible reason can you dream up for me to kill an 11 yr old boy?” (Still he consents to a DNA test, and we get a great scene with Coates telling Hardy that he’s meeting a need for the community that Hardy can’t).

I fully expect that the test will come back as no match for Coates. I just don’t think he did it. What he did do however is ask the big question, though he referred to himself, we still have no idea WHY Danny would be murdered in the first place, and until we have that it’s going to be tough to figure out who killed him.

Though to do so, they’re going to have to focus more on Tom, but instead they’re focusing on Susan “The Lab lady” Wright, for two very good reasons.  The second is that Maggie was able to find out more about her (though we don’t really get any details), and Maggie gave that info over to the police, who arrested Susan, at The Echo, for the first reason, that Tom went to feed her dog Vince, and while there Susan gave him Danny’s skateboard.

Broadchurch_Ep6-TomSkateboardNow, before I jump to Susan… What the heck was Tom thinking?!?!?!?! He knew Danny’s skateboard had been missing, his mom is a detective, how did he not think of it as evidence? I understand that he’s a kid, but it’s probably the only element in this episode (and perhaps the whole season) that felt unrealistic… but maybe that’s just me.

uktv-broadchurch-s01-e06-5 BC-E6Nige1Getting back to Susan, what did feel very realistic was how she acted when she was arrested, and realized that her beloved dog was missing.We know where the dog is, he’s with Nige who seemed nice as he untied the dog and walked off with him (by the end of the episode though the last we saw of either of them was Nige pointing a crossbow at the poor pooch!). Anyway, I feel like this was realistic (along with Susan’s refusal to cooperate, until she sees her dog) and I actually felt sorry for Susan, even though I really don’t like her character, considering I have three dogs, and was pretty panicked when I lost one on a hike (we got her back, but still I was a mess until we did).

Anyway, I’m feeling more and more like Nige killed Danny (for reasons still unknown), and that it was tied to something illegal Danny may have been helping him with, that Tom was aware of, considering after Tom found out that files can be retrieved he was caught in the middle of the night outside by Reverend Coates destroying his computer.

Broadchurch_ep6_14494_20130914-193757_1This further indicates Coates’ innocence, since as all this was going on there was a break in at the house where Danny was possibly murdered.  The person there got away though as whatever Hardy’s condition is kicked in, and he collapsed while he and Miller were chasing the suspect.

Regarding the family, despite a depressing scene between Beth and the “Sandbrook” mother, who is now divorced, and turned to drinking since Hardy (who she considers “toxic”) failed so badly that her daughter’s killer is still out there, and a brief panic for Beth when she finds out that Chloe left school, things seem to be going in a healthy direction. After Mark and Beth find Chloe with her boyfriend (in a barn that was essentially converted into a “happy” room for her, where she can just escape and not feel sad, or be “the sister of the boy who died”, Chloe actually opens up, and the next day they go to the arcade, just to spend some time together, having fun.  The conversation they have after is really heartwarming too, especially when Beth mentions one day they’ll have to bring the baby there.

So yeah, looking forward to tonight’s episode, we only have 2 left!!!

“And Despair” Breaking Bad S5e14

So Readers… last night was rough…. really rough…

In fact I didn’t even want to blog about it this morning, so as what’s probably an act of further stalling, here’s something that AMC released before this episode (titled Ozymandias):

Now I remember reading that poem in high school, and while I could comprehend it (and in fact was required to complete an analytical essay on it) I felt little about it. That poem held no personal attachment for me.  Even after reading and then watching Watchmen, while the name truly stuck at that point, the poem still did not. The point I’m making in all of this, is that like Luther, Dexter and other dramas, Breaking Bad isn’t just good because it’s a quality drama with wicked writing, stellar acting, and the oft disregarded breathtaking direction & cinematography.  Breaking Bad is what other shows for years to come will be measured against, because it is so intelligent, and the high expectations viewers have for it are always met or exceeded, because it has high expectations of its viewers.

So to all other shows out there (even those I also highly regard and love), its like last night Breaking Bad declared (without fear of eventual decay or obscurity) “Look on my works, ye mighty and despair”.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 14: “Ozymandias”

514-5-elgqp5o7hne5lk7ery2lj2tLast night’s episode began where everything began, the first cook, and what Aaron Paul on twitter (he did a live tweeting, isn’t he awesome!) referred to as the lie that started all lies, with Walt calling Skyler and having a sweet everyday conversation with her, to then tell her that he’d have to work late. As Jesse way in the background is throwing stuff and grunting… man I miss those days.

But it all slowly faded, Walt, then Jesse and then the RV.  What then faded into the shot is where we left off last week, the vehicles, riddled with bullets and the dust settling after the shootout ( I still haven’t completely forgiven Vince Gilligan for that cliffhanger).

gomieThe camera cuts to a shot of Gomez, who is quite definitely and most unfortunately dead. But we have zero time to grieve this, because Hank, who sees the gun beside his fallen comrade has to begin crawling (due to a shot in the thigh) to try and get to it, as the neo-nazis, who have quit firing begin to make their way to Hank.

Of course they get to it before he can, and this is where “Ozymandias” makes “To’hajiilee” look like a peaceful and relaxing hour of television.

shootAs Jack points the gun at Hank, Walt tries REPEATEDLY to get Jack to let Hank go, telling him that Hank is “family” and that he won’t be a problem.  Walt even then, does what I found to be one of the most surprising moments of the episode, offers up all of his money to Jack, all eighty million! Telling Jack “You can have any future you want!” (Which is definitely a non-existent future for Walt at this point).

514-9-2elkdfy2e508rltkywefpoy724lkeyHank however is being less than cooperative, and when Walt tries to tell Hank to shut up, and let him help.  Hank tells Walt he won’t beg Jack for his life, and then says “You’re the smartest guy I ever knew, but you’re too stupid to see he made up his mind ten minutes ago”. He then tells Jack to “do what you gotta do.” And with a single shot, that was the end of Hank Shrader.

article-2422199-1BDBE9A0000005DC-958_634x347images3In shock, Walt falls to the ground. i.0.breaking-bad-dean-norrisUnable to initially process what just occurred, as he lays there, Jack rightfully assumes that the coordinates Walt gave him indicate where his fortune is buried.  Jack has his crew dig it up, and to be honest, it kind of turned my stomach, to watch them easily dig up and take what Walt had earned.  I’m honestly fine if Walt ends up broke and alone, like we saw him at the beginning of these final episodes, and I could agree that the money was earned with so much bloodshed and pain, that Walt no longer deserved it.  But for Jack and his guys to get it with no effort, and take his legacy, as if all Walt had ever done was in vain, was downright painful.  The pain persisted though as they dragged Hank and Gomie’s bodies and put them in the hole that Walt had dug with all that toil.  All of which poetically pointed to the fact that even though Jack may have fired the bullet, and they may have all been there because of Jesse and Hank’s trap for Walt, it was literally Walt who dug Hank’s grave.

While this is going on, from his place on the ground we get a shot of his POV, which is in line with the ground beneath his car where Jesse (who Jack’s guys hadn’t found) was hiding this whole time.

After digging up all the cash, Jack tells Walt he’ll give him a barrel (which would have approximately 11 million in it), and that they had a deal, so he expects Walt to cook with Todd. At this point Walt says “Pinkman… you still owe me Jesse Pinkman”, Jack replies “If you can find him we’ll kill him”

Walt then does what I really thought was unthinkable (I thought he’d use Jesse as an excuse not to cook, and then get out of there with Jesse… oh how foolishly optimistic). In two words, Walt becomes nothing but a monster to me: “Found him”.

tumblr_mt7i9slFh51svyveho1_500The guys drag Jesse out from under the car, and we get yet another reminder of why Aaron Paul is the amazing actor he is. During this scene all I could do was slowly shake my head and mutter the word “No”, as  if my TV could hear me.

I kept thinking that Walt would change his mind, and then I got what was probably surprise number two.  It wasn’t Walt who saved Jesse, it wasn’t even Jesse who saved Jesse. It was Todd!

514-7-23490538g24p503-2g-346-h Yep that’s right, Todd the idiot stepped in and told Uncle Jack, that maybe they should keep Jesse alive just long enough to see what he knows, Jack checks to make sure it’s fine with Walt and then they drag him off, without any emotion from Walt, who before they leave finally tells Jesse “I watched Jane die” explaining how he was there, and how he could have saved her, but chose not to.

514-break2-23tkhjgp3e67923poug3priwdklty20957394857-2349724tNow I’ll be honest, I was still too busy trying to process everything, to even figure out why Todd would actually keep Jesse alive… but more on that later in the episode…

Walt then tries to leave with his money, only to have his car (which had been shot and leaking fuel) run out of gas.

Remember when he had Jesse to carry a barrel with? I miss those days.

Remember when he had Jesse to carry a barrel with? I miss those days.

So his only option at that point is to roll the barrel, until he can get somewhere with a phone. As we watch this sequence the song “Take my true love by the hand” by The Limeliters is playing and its lyrics, “Say goodby to everyone, goodbye to everyone” couldn’t be more perfectly fit for this episode. Also case you were wondering if those were Walt’s own pants he rolled past, well they were, here’s a set of screenshots AMC put up:

Everything is really coming full circle.

Everything is really coming full circle.

Walt makes it to a Navajo’s (I’m assuming Navajo, because that’s the tribe that owns the land, see map in previous BrBa recap) house, and buys his truck that wasn’t “for sale”, until Walt gives him ten grand. Back at the car wash, Skyler is trying to call Walt, as Jr. runs the register, and Marie walks in, telling Skyler they have to talk.

Breaking_Bad_05x14_Ozymandias_15_00_05She tells Skyler that “three hours ago” (giving us a time frame) Hank had arrested Walt, and that it’s over. Marie thinks that Skyler can still come back from all this, telling her “Hank will help you as much as he can and I will support you as much as I can”, on the condition that Skyler give up every copy of that terrible DVD she and Walt made.

Marie also insists that Skyler tell Walt Jr. about everything, she initially refuses, but gives in.

514-13-2eldkyt1-30reyt2p3572rpyhf1ept9735514-break3-23958-245howi5p123o5ug3lei5-2435oir76We now get to find out exactly why Todd kept Jesse alive, to help him produce a better cook.  As if the beating and being chained in the lab weren’t incentive enough, we see Jesse’s reaction to a picture of Andrea and Brock outside their home.

Screen-shot-2013-09-16-at-111613-2277323Back at the car wash, Jr. is definitely no longer having an “A1 Day”.  He won’t accept what his mother and aunt are telling him, calling it “bullshit”. Marie convinces Skyler to take the kids home, telling her she’ll meet her there later.

Walt has gotten back to the house first though, and has begun packing.  When Skyler and the kids get there she asks Walt “Why are you here?” and repeatedly over Walt’s attempt at an explanation keeps asking “Where’s Hank?!?!?” Walt finally breaks saying “I tried to save him!”.

tumblr_mt7dxaGp0C1qcc6lho1_250As Walt goes down the hall to keep packing, Skyler steps into the kitchen toward two very strategically placed items, I found myself realizing I had no clue whether she was headed for a knife or the phone (Well played Mr. Gilligan… Well played).

She grabs a knife.

Stepping between Walt and Jr. she tells him that they’re not going with him, as a surprised Walt steps towards her, she panics and slashes at him with the knife slicing his hand. Walt then tried to grab her and the knife, resulting in a scuffle that I thought would be the end of Skyler.

514-14-dlktyp2957lek52-45uwrltek2etoiwrte5As Walt gets the knife from her, Walt Jr. grabs him, and gets tossed on the floor, he remains there protecting his mother.  Walt can’t understand what’s going on saying “What the hell is wrong with you… we’re a family”. Jr. takes out his phone and starts calling the police.

514-break4-240358hlwrekt23059834o5i72-3402345095p5-2345983o4iAs he does so Walt starts to leave, but not before he grabs baby Holly, Skyler realizes what’s happening and runs out trying to stop him, but Walt gets into the truck and speeds off, leaving a shocked and distressed Skyler behind.

breakingbad_091613_1600We see Walt changing Holly’s diaper, and trying to speak softly to her, and keep her happy, when she responds though, it’s in a tiny and sad voice, as she repeats the word “Mama? Mama?”

phone1 phone2Back at the house Marie is there, and so are several police officers.  Walt calls, Skyler picks up, and she lies when Walt asks if there are cops there.  What transpires next is something that I later realized was a great con on Walt’s part. Skyler asks where Holly is, and he tells Skyler threateningly “This is your fault this is what comes of your disrespect… I told you that if you cross me, there will be consequences… You mark my words Skyler, tow the line or you will end up just like Hank”. Skyler then asks where Hank is, because they “need to know” and Walt tells her they’ll never find Hank and “Family or no, you let that sink in”.  Skyler then tries to get Walt to just come home, but he replies “I’ve still got things left to do.”. He then hangs up, and gets rid of his phone. It was only after this scene, when Walt drops Holly off at a fire station that I realized what Walt did.  He threatened Skyler like that, knowing the cops were there to get her as much off the hook as he could for her compliance. So despite what he did to Jesse, he’s not completely heartless.

Finally the episode ends with Walt waiting in the same place Jesse did, and then getting into the red van as it pulls up, and leaving.

1896035WOW! Cannot wait for next week!

Killing the Killing, and Calling Saul

Hi there readers,

So for those that pay attention to what goes on in TV Land, especially over at AMC, here’s a couple of updates about what to expect from them in terms of upcoming seasons. There’s some good news, and some bad news.

Let’s start with the bad,US-remake-of-The-Killing-007Once again, as detailed in this article ‘The Killing Canceled by AMC (again) by Zap2it.com, AMC has decided ‘not to move forward with a fourth season of ‘The Killing.’ and that is was a ‘difficult decision’.

To me this is really disappointing news, especially considering I felt that the third season was quite the comeback for the show, and was much more engaging than the second season. We got a closer look at who Linden was, saw how much Holder had matured, and then there was that amazing cliff hanger, which we’ll probably never get any resolution to (this is your cue to save the day Netflix)!

skeptical-baby-meme-1-516x340Now, I know what you’re thinking… haven’t we been here before… doesn’t this all feel a bit familiar, yeah we have and yeah it does. AMC did the same thing last year after the poorly rated season 2. But let’s look at what happened, a lot of fans didn’t watch season 2 because they had wanted answers in season 1. We got our answers in season 3, and now we want more…. I just feel like I don’t get what AMC was looking for, during and after this 3rd season…

But on to the good news!

BetterCallSaul-Banner-New-560According to this TV Line article, Saul Goodman is officially getting his own spinoff! AMC is going to “bypass the traditional pilot process and go straight to series”. So for any Breaking Bad fans out there, who are bound to want more after the series ends in just a few weeks, they’ll be able to get their fix with this prequel series centering on Saul Goodman, everyone’s favorite shady lawyer!

tumblr_m72bdmMwKi1qjlqxlNow we know two things about it, the first is that it’s a prequel, which means that Saul could still definitely die by the end of Breaking Bad (though I somehow expect he’ll know when to hide and/or weasel his way out), and second is that it’ll be a lighter more comedic show. I’m not opposed to that, Saul Goodman has long offered comic relief on the dark drama, but AMC hasn’t really done tons of comedy, being a television leader when it comes to dramas. Either way, I’m very excited about this news, and will look forward to watching the series.

What are your thoughts on AMC’s choices? Leave a comment below.


The Fall, Broadchurch S1e5


Hi there readers,

Sorry this is coming a bit later than usual, but blogging for Luther took priority last week… and I miss it already. Anyway here’s my take on last week’s episode of Broadchurch.

The episode opens with Miller’s son Tom, skateboarding at night on the route that Danny took the night he was killed with the town following, all as both a vigil and a way to keep Danny relevant and hopefully jog anyone’s memory of that night. The only members of the town NOT in the procession are Becca Fisher (in case you forgot, she runs the hotel, and slept with Mark Latimer), and Jack Marshall (the older man Danny worked for that has a previous charge for underage sex), who quietly recites The Lord’s Prayer as he watches the people pass.

Back at home Beth and Mark finally start talking about why Mark slept with Becca.  Beth is understandably hurt and seeking answers, saying that for 15 years and through 2 kids she feels like she just spins her wheels taking care of the family. Mark finally says that he was only interested in Becca because she wasn’t “prettier, or sexier…just new”. Beth tells him that if she’s “dull” it’s only because he’s the only man she’s ever been with, she ends up telling him that she’s pregnant, and Mark tells her she has to keep it. She replies with “I don’t have to do anything you tell me”, and unknown to them Chloe can hear everything just down the hall.

broadSo this week it seemed like Hardy and Miller had a small break in the case, considering that there had been some cigarette butts found near Danny’s body (and had they been there BEFORE Danny’s body was placed there they’d have been washed away by the tide), which happen to be high tar, which would narrow things down. Unfortunately they spend most of the episode on damage control, at least partially caused by Olly’s and his crush Karen White.

BC-E5OllyKaren1Olly and Karen are working hard on their story about Jack Marshall, trying to keep it all well balanced without sensationalizing anything.  Things get a bit sensational between the two of them though.  After sending off the story to Karen’s paper, Olly kisses her, and while Karen initially protests, they end up sleeping together.

The next morning though carries an unpleasant surprise for everyone affected by the murder and investigation.

BroadchurchEp5-JackNewspaper-200x200This is the headline that Karen’s editor decided to go with, along with a much more sensational story that he thought worked best for the front page of the paper.  While I appreciate that Karen and Olly have jobs to do, and I also appreciate the fact that they tried to keep things balanced, in no way, even on the local level did they try to print any retractions or corrections, and they should have.

When this is printed the whole town starts to get agitated, starting even with Chloe who’s seen talking to someone on the phone about starting a boycott of Jack’s shop.

BC-E5shopA boycott is the least of Jack’s worries though.  He’s got reporters crawling all around his shop, and so he calls Hardy and Ellie to try and get rid of them. Finally here Jack explains the charge of underage sex he carries. He had an affair with a girl just under the age of 16, when he was a music teacher and she was his student.  Her father came forward, and he spent a year in jail. After he got out, they were married, and had a child together.  Now I only feel so bad for Jack.  While I get that this was as he puts it “no one’s business but [his]” he could have saved himself a lot of grief, explaining this to the police, or to the press.

Bc-E5Beth1Meanwhile, Beth finally confronts Becca Fisher at her Inn, smashing glasses on the floor, turning on beer taps, all the while shouting about Becca about how she had no right to her husband.  I was kind of hoping she’d punch Becca… I probably would have.  Coates was there, and walked Beth out.  When Beth asked if he knew what Becca had done, Coates somewhat smartly replied “yeah, I’ve got the gist.”

broadchurch-136663820241Things go from bad to worse for Jack Marshall, when Chloe’s older boyfriend tells Chloe, and then Olly and Karen that Jack Marshall made him feel uncomfortable when he was younger, because Jack always wanted to hug the boys in the Sea Brigade, which of course is spun into another sensationalized story.BroadchurchEp5-AngryMob

So now a “posse” of fathers and other men in the town, show up at the head quarters for the Sea Brigade, primarily to tell Jack that not only will they not allow their sons to be in the Sea Brigade with a pedophile, but to also try and run him out of town,article-2312826-196F81B1000005DC-1_634x342

Mark is of course there, and when he tries to talk to Jack, things get a bit emotional, as Jack now tells Mark even more than he told the police.  He tells him about his young wife, and son, and when Mark asks where they are now, Jack tells him that his son, at age 6 died in a car accident, and that his wife was driving, and the grief drove them apart, so he moved to Broadchurch to get away from everything. article-2312826-196B5683000005DC-548_634x354

Mark then understands when Jack says that the only reason he ever wanted to hug the boys was because he missed his own son, and that he never could have ever hurt one of them.  Mark tells the rest of the men to leave, and tells Jack though, that for his own good it may be best to leave Broadchurch.

Sometime as all of this was going on Tom was walking around the arcade, and sees the Lab Lady and her lab who is apparently named “Vince”, she tells Tom that if he ever wants to he can walk her dog, and tells him where her RV is located near the beach.

Also going on, is Karen had questions about the burning boat, so Olly is going to take her out on the water, only to discover that his boat is missing.  He reports it to  Ellie (who’s already having a bit of family issues, since earlier in the episode, her sister went to her for money – apparently not something new – saying she knew something about Danny and would give it up in exchange for a loan).  Olly’s kind of a brat about it, asking if his boat is the burned boat, would Ellie give him the info on it first, she says she’ll look into the boat, but is a bit annoyed.

Turns out though it was Olly’s boat, and as the CSI guy is telling Ellie this, he tries asking her out, but she reminds him that she’s happily married.

Ellie then gives Hardy the updates about the boat, and the CSI guy asking her out. The conversation then gets a bit awkward though, as Ellie finally brings up Sandbrooke, wanting to know what happened.  Hardy doesn’t want to talk about it, but he assures Ellie that they won’t let Broadchurch down.

8628062524_30b267144f_zThat night, Beth and Mark make a few small steps toward healing, as Mark asks if they can have one night without insults or silence.  They spend the night looking at old pictures of Danny and the family, and we see a few smiles.  Unfortunately, all of this is occurring while vandals are spray painting “PAEDO” on Jack Marshal’s boat, and smashing in the windshield of his car.


Jack probably could have handled that, but he goes to his shop very early, where he sees the papers dropped off to be sold that day with his family photos and headlines like “child bride”




The next morning Hardy and Miller find his dead body on the beach, after having jumped from the cliff above.


At this point I’m at a complete loss for suspects, and while I won’t quit guessing, I just feel like i don’t have anything to go on.

So thanks for reading and happy watching!